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Country Contacts

If you need a contact in another country, the alumni listed below have volunteered to receive your inquiries. Many thanks to all who have volunteered to serve as Country Contacts and to extend the I-House spirit of welcome!

To volunteer to be a Country Contact or to update your listing with a short message, email ihalumni@berkeley.edu. The primary responsibility of Country Contacts is to receive inquiries from visiting alumni. Anything beyond that is up to you. Some have organized informal gatherings in their area and others have sent newspaper clippings (or web links) with news of I-House alumni in their countries.

For a listing of UC Berkeley Alumni Clubs and Chapters visit http://international.berkeley.edu/alumni-clubs/.

Maria R. Murmis, IH 1991-93
San Isidro, Argentina

Thomas McCarthy, IH 1948-51
Environmental consultant, Limal, Belgium

Sybil Climo Negrin , IH 1989-'90
Telecommunications Consultant
West Vancouver, BC

John Ashley Mooney, IH 1987

Dr. Cristelle Albaric, IH 1994-1995
Lawyer, Paris, France
Cristelle invites I-House alumni based in France or travelling there to contact her about gatherings in Paris.

Hans Loës, IH 2000
Ingolstadt, Germany
Hans invites I-House alumni in Germany to contact him about a get-together in Bavaria.

Nelson Fung, (IH 2004 - 06)
Tech and Social Impact Entrepreneur
I welcome I-House alumni visiting and working in Hong Kong for enquiry and reunion. Aim at uniting Hong Kong alumni with multi-cultural spirit of I-house.
Please quote "I-House alum" in e-mail title.

Puja Kumar Bhutani, AICP, IH 1991-'94
Urban Planner/Architect
Mumbai, India
I would be happy to organize a get-together or provide information to I-House alumni living or visiting Mumbai or the region.

Krishna P.Bhattacharjee, IH 1965-66
Author and former professor of architecture, Jadavpur University, India
I invite I-House alumni to contact me by e-mail while visiting India and will be pleased to arrange discussions and meetings.

Dewi Savitri Reni (IH 2007-08)

Lorenzo Gagliardi, IH 1995
Researcher, University of Milan, Milan, Italy
Many thanks to Lorenzo who helped organize a terrific gathering in Milan!

Dr. Nobuaki Kumagai, IH 1958-60
Past President, Osaka University
Osaka Center, 19 th flr. Aqua-Dojima East,
1-4-4 Dojimahama, kita-ku
Osaka 530-0004 Japan

Mr. Yo Nakahara, IH Former Board Member
Director & CAO Skandia Life Insurance, Japan
Tokyo, Japan


Michel M. Al Haddad,IH Summer 2009

Financial QC Consultant in Murex S.A.S
Beirut, Lebanon

I'm ready to receive any inquiries from visiting alumni, to help any Lebanese student apply for residence in I-House. If any I-House alumni plan to visit Beirut, for business or vacation, feel free to send me an email.

Prof. Ka Kheng Tan, IH 1982
University Tunku Abdu Rahman
I am especially touched by the support of Cal while I was detained in 1989 under the draconian Internal Security Act for two years for my campaigns to stop dumping of radioactive wastes, to question the construction of the controversial Bakun dam which removed the tribal peoples from their homeland, and human rights campaigns.


Enrique Pasta
Cerro de los Cañones #27 casa 4
Fraccionamiento Las Playas
39390 Acapulco, Gro. México
Mobile Phone Number  : 744.449.6262
Nextel ID : 52*979216*4

I live in Acapulco, Guerrero, México and could be of help to people travelling in the central and south part of my country. I got a M.Eng. degree in Earthquake Engineering and lived at I-House from September 1976 through June 1978.

Dr. Achyut Mani Acharya, IH 1975-76
Children's Specialist, Lalitpur, Nepal

Evelyna de Beer, IH 1997
Human Resource Manager, Fortis ASR
Utrecht, Netherlands

Dr. Bart Tkaczyk, MBA, IH 2006-07
Fulbright Scholar at UC Berkeley, 2006-07
You're welcome to contact me when you're in Poland for business and/or pleasure!

Marian Dent, Dean, Pericles
American Business & Legal Education Project
1st Miusskaya Ulitsa 22, bldg 3 Moscow 125047,
Russia (7-495) 649-2273
mdent@pericles.ru www.pericles.ru


Zheng Kaixi (IH 2014-15)
Renaissance Engineering Programme, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

International House has been a home we love, a place where our feet may leave, but not our hearts. If you would like to hold a gathering or just know more about this wonderful community, please feel free to drop me an email. Any I-House alumni visiting Singapore would be welcomed with the same spirit you feel back at home as well.

Dr. Andreas Schmidt, IH 2004-2006
National University of Singapore (NUS)
Division of Bioengineering
Block E3A, #07-02 7, Engineering Drive 1 Singapore 117576
Tel:(65)65166482 Fax: (65)68723069
Looking forward to supporting I-House in Singapore!

Col. Tito Moruza, IH 1939-40
511 Dwight Place
Berkeley, CA 94704

Todd Lethata, IH 1992-99
Interfaith Community Development Association, Soweto, South Africa
HIV/AIDS worker in Resettlement Areas
For visiting alumni and students Todd offers a tour of Soweto

Christina Boerner, IH 1999
Zurich, Switzerland

Taiwan, Province of China
Kang-Li Tony Wu, IH 1995-97
Assistant Prof. of Urban Planning
National Cheng Kung University

John Corley, IH 1953-54
Retired professor, Merced College
Vancouver, WA

Manuelle Jouhet Diamond, IH 1962-63
International Monetary Fund, retired

Lynn Erlich Erfer, IH 1981-83
Director of Marketing, Maui Visitors' Bureau, Maui, Hawaii
I would be happy to provide a list of special and cultural events of interest to folks who are planning to visit Maui, Molokai or Lanai.

Sandra Fu, IH 1994
Oakland, CA
IT Manager

Erik Osborn, IH 1990
Seattle, WA
You're welcome to contact me when you're in the Northwest!

Nick Polos, IH 1958-62
University Professor
34-02 Duke Ave.
Claremont, CA 91711

Sharlene Ratcliff-Korenica, IH 1991-93
Marketing Director, Oracle Corporation | United Nations Association of New York Young Professionals Committee Director
New York, NY
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you'll be in NYC!

Kelly Weichsel-Arya, IH 1985-90
29613 Trotwood Ave.
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275

Viola L. Wu, IH 1996-97
Bruce-Monroe Elementary School, Washington DC
I invite I-House alumni in Washington, DC or in the region for Burmese food at my house and to visit my class to meet my little third grade students.

Lan Ngoc Nguyen , IH 1994
Executive Director, Buss Company Limited
If anyone plans to visit Vietnam feel free to drop me a note. If there are any I-House Alumni in Vietnam or working in Vietnam, I would love to hear from them.