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International House 2016 Gala

Gala March 31, 2016

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

Thank you for a wonderful 2016 Gala!

Posted by International House, UC Berkeley on Friday, April 1, 2016


More Gala 2016 pictures coming soon!

Our 2016 Gala Honorees 


Dr. Marian Diamond

Dr. Marian Diamond (IH 1949-52)

International House Alumni Faculty Award, presented this year in memory of Dr. Glenn Seaborg (IH 1934-35)


Also Honoring:


I-House Alumni Faculty Members
at University of California Berkeley

Faculty and faculty emeriti of UC Berkeley who are also
alumni of International House


About the Honorees 

Dr. Marian Diamond, Professor Emerita of Integrative Biology
University of California Berkeley

World-renowned for her groundbreaking discoveries, including the impact of an enriched environment on brain development, Dr. Diamond started her love affair with the brain as the first female student at UC Berkeley’s Department of Anatomy in 1948. During her time as a Ph.D. candidate, Dr. Diamond discovered her passion for teaching. Fifty-five years and more than 60,000 students later, Dr. Diamond’s lectures remain some of the most revelatory ever presented at UC Berkeley. She would begin every year the same – by pulling a real, pickled brain out of her trademark hat box. Now a YouTube sensation, her lectures have been viewed almost one million times by eager learners around the world.

Her passion and enthusiasm for teaching is matched only by her contagious respect and excitement for the human brain. A pioneer in her field, Dr. Diamond was one of a handful of scientists granted permission to study Albert Einstein’s brain, and has made numerous contributions to the field of neuroanatomy relating to brain development, learning, memory, aging,
and disease.

International House is proud to recognize Dr. Diamond as the first-ever recipient of the International House Alumni Faculty Award for the tremendous impact she has had on the field of neuroanatomy, and the countless ways she continues to inspire the entire UC Berkeley community.

International House Alumni Faculty Members
at University of California Berkeley

For 86 years, International House at UC Berkeley has served as a launching pad for those who have become the difference-makers on UC Berkeley’s campus. Thousands of students have been the beneficiaries of learning from the over 100 alumni professors who have been I-House residents. From classrooms to lecture halls, offices to laboratories, our alumni professors are advancing the mission of I-House every day. We proudly shine a light on all I-House alumni who serve as UC Berkeley faculty for fostering a world of greater peace and understanding through their passion for education.