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I-House Celebration & Awards Gala

2018 Gala

It was an inspiring evening under the dome welcoming Chancellor Carol Christ and honoring I-House alumni Irving Tragen and WattTime.

2018 Gala Award Recipients:

The Global Ambassador of Peace and Public Service Award was presented to Irving Tragen.

The Young Alumni Initiative Award was presented to WattTime.

Irving Tragen

Irving Tragen (IH 1943-47) served over 55 years in Inter-American Affairs. He was in the Foreign Service with diplomatic and development assignments in Mexico, El Salvador, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Bolivia, Guatemala, and Panama. He worked with the Central American market and helped found the Inter-American Foundation. He spent 15 years with the Organization of American States, initially in its economic development program and then, for nearly a decade, as the first Executive Secretary of the Inter-American Drug Commission (CICAD) created in 1986 to combat drug trafficking and drug abuse from Canada to Argentina.


The idea for WattTime was sparked in the Dining Commons of I-House. It was founded by Berkeley students, including I-House residents: Executive Director Gavin McCormick (IH 2013-14); Margot Fried (IH 2013); Brenno Kenji (IH 2013); Vishwanath Bulusu (IH 2014-16); Giovanni Zenati (IH 2014-15); Sandeep Data (IH 2014-16); Allie Wang (IH 2015); Sebastian Benthall (IH 2013); and Justin Moon (IH 2014). WattTime is a revolutionary tech start-up and non-profit that produces cutting-edge technology to fight climate change, clean up the power grid, and empower energy users. Now it is a movement with over 200 activists, volunteers, and professionals that believe in giving people the freedom to choose their electricity provider. For more information, please go to watttime.org.


Discussion on inclusive global leadership and high-performing teams.
A meaningful discourse on inclusion with the WattTime team moderated by Jason Patent, Director of the Robertson Center for Intercultural Leadership.
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The Robertson Center for Intercultural Leadership (CIL) at UC Berkeley is a center of excellence for training and research to advance leadership, understanding, and collaboration across cultures. For more information visit cil.berkeley.edu.