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Philip Jonas
Philip Jonas, Stephanie Kodibede, and Soroush Aazami enjoyed a hiking trip near Lake Lucerne, Switzerland. Philip writes, "Even though I left I-House more than a year ago, my life still is deeply influenced by the I-House family and new experiences add to great memories of my stay in Berkeley."

Cindy Pang &  Cesare Gussago

Cindy Pang and Cesare Gussago write, "We are pleased to let you know of yet another union of two I-House alumni. We met at I-House in 2003 and will never forget I-House as the special place that brought us together. After spending years apart in different countries, we finally got married in Lake Como, Italy, in October. We would like to say a special hello to all our I House friends."

Fermin Reygadas is happy to be back in his hometown of La Paz, Mexico, where he is teaching ranchers to use a UV Tube to disinfect drinking water. 120 units have been installed with plans to install more in low-income communities. His research on the effectiveness of UV Tubes in reducing disease has taken him to Sri Lanka and Bolivia.

Allan Rosevear

Maria Terekhov Woringer (left) and Nicolas Woringer write from London, "After living the world apart for a number of years, we got married in France in 2008. Our wedding was attended by many of our close I-House alumni friends from all over the world! We are very happy to announce the birth of our daughter, Tatiana, in September. Born in England to a Russian-American mom and a French dad, Tatiana is a true citizen of the world!"


Wendy Treynor is the author of Towards a General Theory of Social Psychology Understanding Human Cruelty, Human Misery, and, Perhaps, a Remedy. She is the Founder and Director of Healing Consulting in Redondo Beach CA.

Marion Biermans

Marion Biermans writes, "After living in I-House for a wonderful semester in spring 2002, I've had the opportunity to live, study and work in a great variety of places! The Netherlands, Spain, Malawi, Belgium, the US, Chile .... I-House alumni are everywhere; it's great to have this shared experience! I started working for the United Nations in May 2008; after cyclone Nargis struck Myanmar, I spent a few months working for the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in New York. It was stressful and hard work, but I loved it! From there, I was recruited by the UN's regional office for Latin America and the Caribbean, based out of Santiago de Chile. At first I was a programme officer, responsible for the implementation of a variety of projects and programmes, donor relations and reporting. As of January 2010, I've been working on sustainable development issues, which is a whole new field to me, making it all the more challenging and interesting. Working for the UN is an amazing experience; I've been wanting to work for the organisation since I was little and I am fortunate enough to have been able to make it come true. And the best thing is, working for the UN is a little bit like living in I-House (without the Wednesday coffee hour though, unfortunately...)! It would be great to meet fellow I-House alumni that happen to be roaming around the end of the world, so please stop by and say hola when you're around."

Ilaria Bosso and Philip Jonas
Ilaria Bosso and Philip Jonas at Buckingham Palace. Philip writes, “As I attended Summer School at London School of Economics (LSE) this year and lived in a dorm I know now even more that I-House is really special and unique. I still feel very connected and am in contact with so many residents from last semester. At LSE Summer School I met Ilaria, she lived in I-House too. Even my lecturer lived at I-House! So you see that the I-House spirit keeps on going.”

Ilaria Bosso and Philip Jonas

Erasmia Kitou and Michael Surowiecki were married in Greece in June. Erie and Mike met at I-House during Coffee Hour. Erie, who received her Ph.D. in engineering in 2002, is working on climate change issues. Mike received his MFE in 2002 and works in the finance sector. They currently reside in Brussels.

David Sulitzer from France stayed in the I-House in the summer of 2008 and writes, “The adventure didn’t stop there! After meeting so many great people from all over the world, I was not going to let it all go away!” David created a Facebook group called “Califriends” and organized reunions first in Amsterdam and then in Madrid where 25 people from seven countries attended. “The International House Spirit was back, only it was in Europe!” says David. “Califriends Reunion No 3 ‘cause Berkeley is wherever we want it to be!” View Califriends videos on our YouTube channel.

Andreas Schmidt volunteered to serve as I-House Country Contact in Singapore and hopes to help alumni in Singapore connect. Andreas is Chief Scientific Officer of Living Health Technologies at the National University of Singapore, Division of Bioengineering.

Yang Yang was selected as a “Goldman Sachs Global Leader” and went to Beijing for the award presentation ceremony and other events last spring. The program identifies students who demonstrate academic excellence and leadership potential and provides them with opportunities for leadership development.

Zahra Makoui entertained the guests of the Norooz Persian New Year dinner and 2009 Gala with wonderful belly dance performances.

Duc Pham exhibited his photography in an exhibition at Foothill College’s Krause Center for Innovation.

Babak Tamadon returned to I-House to accompany current resident Usree Bhattacharya on the guitar for the song “Heal the World” at this year’s Gala.


Kamran Nemati is an associate professor in the Department of Construction Management and Civil Engineering at the University of Washington. He lives in Seattle where he enjoys sailing and world traveling. Kamran writes, ".... no matter how many years I have been away from Berkeley, the minute I step into I-House, it feels like being home again!" Kamran co-hosted a reunion of I-House alumni at the University of Washington in March 2011.


Ahmed Usmani and Maggie Cooper

"Maggie Cooper (IH 1996-98), my beloved sweetheart, and I finally married in Metuchen, New Jersey on May 27th, 2009, after 14 years together," writes Ahmed Usmani (IH 1993-95). "I saw Maggie the first time in Fall of ’95 when she came to I-House for Wednesday night coffee hour and just knew in my heart that this was the girl for me but I was too shy to talk to her. Fortunately, a common friend took pity on me and introduced us. We went on our first date to the Divali celebration in the I-House auditorium and since then we have been inseparable. Both of us remember our time at I-House fondly. I have been working as a research scientist for sometime on cancer therapies in the Bay Area. Maggie finished her Ph.D in 2008 in Neuroscience and recently started her postdoctoral training at Yale University. We have just moved to Orange, CT."

"We have dedicated a brick to demonstrate the affectionate place I-House will always have in our hearts since it was the place, which brought us together."

Xavier Casal

Xavier Casal visited in October soon after resigning his position as Minister of Transportation and Public Works in Ecuador. He will teach at the Universidad de Guayaquil as he continues his efforts to help the people of Ecuador. He writes, “My memories of my stay in I-House remain deep in my mind and my heart.”



Puja Kumar Bhutani

Puja Kumar Bhutani (left) returned to I-House with her husband, Nitin, and children, Ishaan, age 7, and Arnav, age 11. “It was a nostalgic trip for me, as I showed my kids around the campus. It brought back so many memories of the time spent talking, arguing, and laughing in the Dining Room and on the I-House steps.” They live in Portland OR where Puja has a planning and urban design consulting practice. Puja was a recipient of the Rafael Rodriguez/Golden Age Scholarship created by alumni from the Golden Age era.

Ruja Parikh Manghani and Raj Manghani write, “We met at the I-House and have been happily married since 1996 with two beautiful children - son Om, age 7 and daughter, Sonam, age 4. Our memories of I-House will forever be an integral part of our lives.”

Dinah Levy Groesser worked in cancer research at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) before moving to Sweden where she worked at the Karlinska Institute in Stockholm. She returned to Berkeley where she continued working in cancer research at LBNL and met Torsten Groesser, a German scientist, at the lab. In February 2008 they were married in Berkeley and were blessed with a baby girl, Katarina Maria in November of 2008.

Jennifer Nagel writes, “It’s hard to believe 16 years have passed since I graduated from Cal! So much has happened in that time. I married Robert Nagel in 1999 and have two beautiful children, Nicholas and Ann Marie. I am a private practice attorney in Flagstaff, Arizona, where my primary areas of practice are family law, estate planning, and immigration law.” Jennifer also serves as a judge with the Flagstaff courts.

Susanna Zaraysky returned to I-House in May to lead a workshop on foreign language learning and budget travel. She encourages people to become global citizens by traveling internationally and communicating in the local languages. Susanna is author of Travel Happy, Budget Low: 190 Money Saving Tips to See the World and Language is Music: 65 Fun & Easy Tips to Learn Foreign Languages.


Jacki Noh enjoyed a December trip to Egypt.

Alf Brandt is organizing a reunion of 1980s alumni October 28-29, 2011, centered around Sunday brunch at I-House. Details at the Facebook Event page.


K. Paddayya

K. Paddayya visited I-House with his wife (right) and family. He is the former Director of Deemed University in Pune, India, and writes, “Sweet memories reeled off my mind when I visited I-House in August. As a Fulbright Scholar in the Anthropology Department, I enjoyed and benefited from the spirit of camaraderie and friendship that permeated the House. It’s so nice to learn that the House continues to serve as an effective forum for promoting understanding among peoples and cultures across the globe. Still fresh in my memory are the friendly talks and discussions with students and scholars representing different nations and cultures.”

Kevin Renner is writing a book profiling 100 women from around the world, and how their life stories were shaped by their fathers. He welcomes inquiries or research volunteers, and can be reached at http://www.linkedin.com/in/kevinrenner. Publication is expected in 2010.

Margaret Andrews recently accepted a position at Harvard University as Associate Dean for Management Programs at the Division of Continuing Education. She loves it and welcomes anyone in Cambridge to stop by!

David Bratt lives in San Francisco where he is renovating a house. He is a marketing writer for a website company in Silicon Valley. His father, Lars Bratt, was also an I-House alum and died in 1997.

Cliff Ho’s video, Solar Energy is H.O.T. !!!, won the video contest of the Discover Magazine in both the official judging and the viewer’s choice poll. The video describes how solar energy can address the world’s three primary energy needs: heating, on-site electricity production, and transportation. View it at http://nmscience.ning.com/video/sandia-researcher-cliff-hos

Babu Rahman

Babu Rahman (left) visited I-House in April with his wife, Sophia, a fellow Cal alum, and their two “future I-House residents.” Babu founded AGAMI, a non-profit that promotes education among the underpriveleged in Bangladesh.



David Rosania is the medical director of the Acute and Chronic Pain Service at St. Joseph Hospital in downtown Chicago and also oversees seven outpatient clinics throughout the Chicago area. He still finds time to play competitive baseball and remains a Chicago Cubs fan.


Yoshiro Azuma enjoyed visiting I-House and learning more about the philosophy, programs, and management of the House. He is a Professor of Physics at Sophia University in Tokyo which is considering building an International House. He is also involved in the coordination of exchange programs for the University.

Burn Lewis

Burn Lewis and his wife Linda visited after taping the man vs. computer series for "Jeopardy!" a popular television quiz show. In case you missed it, "Watson," the computer, was the overwhelming winner. Burn, a computer scientist in the Research Division of IBM, was responsible for the system that interfaces the Watson/DeepQA system to the Jeopardy! game computers. The system manages the signals to all of Watson's appendages: the DeepQA brain, the hand that presses the buzzer, the voice that gives the answers, and the face displayed behind the podium.

Maura Mack served as a Senior Development Advisor for USAID in Afghanistan. She writes, "I enjoyed my job and felt like quite a bit of what we did was meaningful despite the serious challenges of trying to accomplish development in a war zone." In June, Maura was injured in a rocket attack and now writes, "I am feeling like my old self now, thanks to all the outstanding medical care I received in Kabul, Germany, and Tucson. I am looking forward to returning to work and resuming my normal life. My next assignment with USAID will be at headquarters in Washington, DC."


Alberto Alesina, Patrizia Bartolini, Franco Belloni, and Roblyn Simeon

From left: Alberto Alesina, Patrizia Bartolini, Franco Belloni, and Roblyn Simeon. I-House friends from 1977-1979 enjoyed getting together in Milan, Italy.



Lalit Roy and Sue Regan

Lalit Roy and Sue Regan attended Sunday Supper in October. Lalit writes: “I have fond memories of I-House. My wife and I met in I-House in January, 1973.”





Angelika Blendstrup, author of two books on international business communication, moderated the panel discussion at Internationally Cool and Plugged-in! A Gathering of Innovators and Entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, co-sponsored by I-House in February.

Bora Özkök

Bora Özkök (left), pictured with Martin Brennan, returned to I-House to give an interactive presentation on his native homeland of Turkey. An architect, musician, teacher of folk dance and folklore, he offers tours of Turkey and Central Asia. More at http://www.boraozkok.com.




Anthony Robinson writes, “It was a real pleasure to come back to I-House during Homecoming weekend for my 30th Cal Reunion. I-House was like a home away from home for me.” With two Cal friends, he publishes TRANSFORMATION: A Journal of Literature, Ideas & the Arts and notes that they welcome contributions from the international community. He also formed Axis Design which develops energy efficient architectural products.

David Seaborg is an evolutionary biologist and founder of the World Rainforest Fund, a foundation dedicated to saving rainforests worldwide. He was an alternate delegate for Hillary Clinton at the Democratic Party caucus and attended the Democratic National Convention in 2008. He has written his first book of poetry. To purchase a copy, contact David at 1888 Pomar Way, Walnut Creek, CA 94598.

Hidefumi Yamagami writes, “In October 2008, I finally obtained a doctorate in economics from Kobe University, following up on my MBA in 1977 from U.C. Berkeley. Thirty years has passed very quickly.”


Melvin Ching writes, "I met my wife, Jane Shia Ching, in the 1960s when I opened the door to the Dining Room with my crutches (having broken my leg). It was then I decided to marry her after she snubbed me and didn't say thank you. Now, two children and two grandchildren later, we're both retired and do what retired people do - travel, etc. I-House is a great place to meet your future spouse!"

Shishir Mukherjee writes, "Thank you for sending the newsletter which reminds me of friendships created during the period (1964-69) that I stayed at I-House. I returned to India in 1971 to teach at the Indian Institute of Management and came back to California in 1980. I have been working for the Electric Power Research Institute and the City of Palo Alto in the field of energy and climate change. My stay at I-House has enriched me in my international work, requiring travel to many countries including China, Mongolia, Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand. I-House is making giant efforts to fulfill its noble mission."

Allan Rosevear

Allan Rosevear (left, with "Thomas the Train") volunteers with the Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris, CA featuring historic trolley cars and trains. "I've worked my way up from trolley motorman to conductor and locomotive engineer, something I could only dream of as a kid! And half the fun is chatting with the museum visitors," he says. Allan and his wife, Kathleen, created the Rosevear Gateway Fellowship which provides tuition, I-House room and board, and a stipend with priority to students in physics or astrophysics. Allan enjoyed a career as a computer systems designer including work on the Electrostatically Suspended Gyroscope which became the heart of the navigation system for the Trident submarine.

Carol Trust enjoyed the article about I-House chefs introducing new flavors in the Dining Room in the fall newsletter. She writes, "I had my first Indian meal, tasted my first avocado, puzzled over my first artichoke when I lived at I-House from 1966-68. After growing up in Concord, NH where canned vegetables were the only vegetables we had, the exotic I-House meals were memorable." Carol is the Executive Director of the National Association of Social Workers, MA, Chapter.

Gwendolyn Bates Hickman writes, “I have just retired from 30 years of teaching French (and occasionally Spanish), the last 16 years of which were at Belleville East High School, in Belleville, IL. My husband and I plan to do lots of traveling and to move back to the West Coast, to Washington State. I have many wonderful memories of I-House and we’d like to attend an Elderhostel in the future.”

Architect Takuo Kanno performed at the Festival of Cultures in the spring and returned in July to lead a musical “fireside chat” and discuss the link between music, science and other fields. Taki played songs of Japan, Ireland, Russia, and other countries, interspersed with explorations of brain maps, world beginnings, and why the Japanese have incorporated so much music from other cultures into their own. The longtime radio host also broadcasted a radio show from I-House in October exploring the Universality of Music.

Hugo Tarazona & Slobodan Mitric

Slobodan Mitric, returned to I-House with his friend Hugo Tarazona and visited Martin Brennan. Slobodan is a traffic systems expert, retired from the World Bank, who studied at Cal under the mentorship of alumnus Wolf Homburger. Slobodan was visiting from Belgrade and also resides in Kensington MD.



Tiruneh Sinnshaw

Tiruneh Sinnshaw visited from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where he is retired from a long career with UNICEF as Senior Programme Coordinator. He is a consultant in public health and development.





Ann Reid Slaby enjoyed a visit with Gunter Witzsch in Germany where Gunter practices law after retiring as a law professor. He is on the city council of Fürth and serves as a delegate to United Nations Climate Change Conferences. He worked in Kenya for the U.N., created the environmental laws for Lesotho, wrote a book about the global warming entitled From Rio to Kyoto, and wrote numerous articles published law journals. Ann writes, “Gunter and I had not seen each other in 40 years. I found his address on the I-House website a few years back and we began exchanging Christmas cards.”

Nancy Stock Tivol is the second generation of a three-generation I-House family. Her parents, Morton Stock and Rita Breslauer Stock were I-House residents in the 1930s and her son, Steven Tivol lived in I-House from 1991-‘93. Nancy writes, “My parents and I attended a Sunday Supper when Steve was living at I-House. He may have been one of the first third-generation residents. Other relatives in my parents’ and my generations lived there as well. I-House was a marvelous experience for all of us.”

Arlene Blum, Himalayan mountaineer, biochemist, and founder of the Green Science Policy Institute in Berkeley, was awarded a $100,000 Purpose Prize for her work mobilizing scientists, government, industry, and consumers to protect health by reducing toxic chemicals in our homes and the environment. The award is given to people over 60 who are taking on society’s biggest challenges.

Gregor Dallas is a noted historian and author of several books including Metrostop Paris (2008), a collection of tales about the history of Paris inspired by travels around the city’s metro system. Other books include The War-and-Peace Trilogy and At the Heart of a Tiger: Clemenceau and His World 1842-1929.

Hong Liu returned to I-House with two friends to cook seven wonderful dishes that were served in the Dining Room for a very special Lunar New Year dinner. A native of Taiwan, Province of China, he is the president and founder of Quanta Laboratories in Santa Clara CA which tests products for high-tech electronic industries.

Bill & Kit Wills

Bill Mills and his wife, Kit, visited I-House in April during a trip around the world in celebration of Bill’s 80th birthday. Their home is near Port Elizabeth in South Africa where Bill is active with Rotary International.




Janet Willner Myers earned her Doctorate in Educational Leadership in December and will retire in June after a 40 year career in elementary education. What’s next? “Perhaps some college teaching, some tutoring, or some other new venture. But, part-time, so that I can play!”

Gail Reynolds Natzler

Gail Reynolds Natzler (left) returned to I-House to attend the 2010 Gala and stay in the House. A professional photographer, she is best known for photographing the ceramics of her late husband, Otto Natzler. Both, Gail’s and her husband’s inspiring works have been exhibited in numerous museums and appeared in several periodicals.



Andrew Tanenbaum writes, “I am still a professor of computer science at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam where I have been for over 30 years. My research is about making operating systems reliable and secure. I just received a grant from the European Research Council to continue this work for five more years.”

Carol Trust is the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers and enjoys many hobbies, including Argentinean tango. She writes, “We (husband Boris and I) went to Buenos Aires at Christmastime to refine our tango technique and our ‘ochos’!”

Susan Marmon Wagstaff writes, “I had a lovely visit with Consuelo Lopez Morullas and Enrique Merino (I-House 1967-8) at their home in Calig, Spain. Both are recently retired from the University of Indiana. I am working as a family therapist for the National Health Service in Reading, England.”



Marcia Garbus Burnam

Marcia Garbus Burnam visited with Martin Brennan before the L.A. alumni reunion in November (see article page 5).

Basil Hoare recalls, "I met so many interesting people from all over the world, a number of whom remained friends all my life. I worked with the UN for over 16 years, as well as with UK Aid – 18 years in Africa, teaching and training, and it all started at Berkeley, really. I also remember the hospitality at I-House - we were always invited to American homes. It was quite an amazing experience for me."

Carol Salin John and Walter John write, "Living in I-House was a wonderful experience and provided us with many happy memories. When our daughter, Leslie John, moved to I-House… I walked into the room and realized it was the very same room I had occupied so many years ago! Leslie met Greg Blackman at I-House and they were married in Faculty Glade. Happy 80th Birthday I-House!"

Klaus Netter writes, "Having celebrated my own 80th birthday, I feel that I cannot but comment on I-House's anniversary of the identical age. Although my first residence at I-House goes back 60 years, the imprint it has left on my life is indelible. The choice of serving the UN and other international organizations was in good part due to my I-House experience, where I was able to acquaint myself with different cultures … where language tables provided a forum for animated discussions for people from countries at odds with each other, and which provided foreigners (like myself at the time) contacts with American families eager to learn from us, while giving us insight into American family life."

John Taylo

John Taylor visited with Alumni Relations Director Shanti Corrigan in January at his law office in Pasadena, CA, the city where he lives with his wife, Elizabeth. A Haas and Boalt grad, he recalls his days "under the dome," his lifelong friendship with Charlie Clapp and lasting affection for his favorite team. GO BEARS!



Carroll Sheperd Hochschild and Richard Hochschild

Congratulations to Carroll Sheperd Hochschild and Richard Hochschild who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in July. The happy couple met at I-House in 1956 and now live in southern California.


Congratulations to Michael Parsont and Mina Raines-Lambe Parsont who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on July 5th. The couple met at I-House 55 years ago and were married in Paris. They recently moved to a senior apartment complex in Gaithersburg MD.

Isaiah Zimmerman, who is originally from Shanghai, is retired from his psychology practice and divides his time – together with his wife Susan Dowling – between Arlington VA and San Francisco. He recalls his days at I-House as a time of “warmth, great friendships, and a marvelous preparation for a multi-cultural world.”

Roberta Armenta writes, “This year, celebrating our 30th year of marriage, we travelled to Costa Rica and Alaska and cruised the St. Lawrence Seaway from Montreal to Boston. Looking forward to a trip to Italy to explore the ‘boot heel’ along the Adriatic!”

Parviz Azari and Harriet-Ann Coates Azari write from Fort Collins, Colorado, “We treasure our memories of I-House!”

Barbara and Leroy Kuehl from Utah returned to I-House with their family to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary – all wearing t-shirts created for the occasion. They expected to enjoy a typical dinner in the Dining Room and were delighted to discover that dinner was a celebration of Norooz, Persian New Year, featuring a special Persian menu.

Bal Raj Sehgal is an Emeritus Professor of Nuclear Power Safety at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and continues to teach, research, and consult. He also enjoys travel for committee work and visits to children and grandchildren.


Elliot Castello

Elliot Castello visited I-House recently with his daughter Jeanine Castello-Lin, seeking photos to supplement a project collecting 19 oral histories of I-House "Golden Age" residents, including both her Dad and Mom, Dorelee. The collection of stories will be available this summer and promoted in the next I-House Times. The project was shaped by Jeanine with Tonya Staros and the Berkeley Historical Society.

Barnet Cooperman writes, "My dear wife, Roslyn, passed away on June 22, 2008, one week short of our 61st anniversary. We met at I-House and had a wonderful marriage, 5 children and 9 grandchildren. We both loved I-House and are glad to contribute to others who will share our happy life."

Patricia Mathewson writes, "I remember often my years at I-House and the friends I made. I later served with the EOA (Marshall Plan) in Lisbon and Paris after receiving my BA in International Relations. I continue to live in an "active retirement" community in Huntington Beach."

Congratulations to Irving Tragen who was honored at Boalt Hall School of Law with the 2010 Citation Award in October 2010 recognizing his "outstanding accomplishments as a diplomat and tireless efforts to combat drug trafficking."
Anne Waybur writes, "I enjoy reading about former and current residents - their activities, interests, associations. The young ones are our future! Thanks for your efforts for peace."

Bernice Livingston Youtz says, "I have the best memories of I-House where I met my husband, Byron. I recently went to Iran where I had a wonderful time – everyone was so friendly. I am more convinced than ever of the need to get to know each other."


Gail Reynolds Natzler

Ingrid Bergstrom Borland attended the Golden Age tea and enjoyed seeing a photo of herself as Saint Lucia with a crown of candles on her head. She recalls, “Eugenie Carneiro, the Program Director, organized so many activities. She asked different nationalities to share their traditions and one Christmas I represented the Swedish tradition as Saint Lucia.” Ingrid came to the U.S. as a nanny to learn English. “But it happened that the grandmother of my American family was interested in education for women. She told me I could work my way through college and within six months, I was at I-House, studying at Cal. When I came to I-House, it was a whole new world for me. It not only opened me up as a person, I-House opened the world to me.

Elizabeth Hudson Boba writes from Seattle, “I-House is one of the best ways of promoting world peace. All best wishes for your success!”

Marcia Tillson Gedanken
Marcia Tillson Gedanken (left) recalls that she enjoyed her Red Cross work so much that she decided to come to Cal for her master’s in social work. At I-House, she appreciated living in an inclusive community with people from around the world. She fondly recalls the ski lodge built by I-House residents and alumni near Lake Tahoe, now part of Granlibakken Lodge. Marcia, who met her late husband Bernard at Cal, worked for several child welfare organizations. In her final project before retirement, she worked with adoptive parents on the first inter-country adoption handbook.

George Hildebrant writes, “I-House was and is a guiding force in the 88 years I have lived.”

Bonnie McPherson Killip writes, “Even though I lived at I-House for just one summer, it had such a great influence on me and the experience helped me win a Fulbright Scholarship to the Netherlands in 1951.”

Francois Pinson writes from France, “In 1949, my roommate and I lived at I-House and I did not think that we would live so long! Our friendship remains as solid as our bones were then.”

Isaiah Zimmerman, originally from Shanghai, is retired from his psychology practice. He and his wife, Susan Dowling, divide their time between Arlington, Virginia, and San Francisco. He recalls his days at I-House as ones of warmth, great friendships, and a marvelous preparation for a multicultural world.


John "Wally" Gerhart

John "Wally" Gerhart (left) joined in a fun afternoon program at his retirement community, Piedmont Gardens, in Oakland, CA, in December honoring the 80th Anniversary of I-House. Wally shared reminiscences about many happy times, including meeting his late wife, Ruth, at I-House, and good times with the friends he met "under the dome."

Masaichi Hashiba, a retired professor at the University of Tokyo, writes from Japan, "I enjoyed reading the newsletter and remembering that my whole life would have been completely different if I had not received the scholarship and resided at I-House. I enjoyed staying there, meeting students from the States and from China and Africa. May I-House flourish."

Betty Koehler Burton-Loop writes, "I-House should continue to be lauded for its progressive programs in providing scholarships and encouraging students and people of all countries to accept one another despite cultures, beliefs, and religions. My two years at I-House from 1937-39 were a highlight in my life in that I made friends with many foreign students and our friendships continued over the years."

Tito Moruza was interviewed by journalist Martin Snapp for an article about the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Paris. As an American intelligence officer, Tito landed in France the night before D-Day in a flimsy glider made of canvas and plywood. The French Resistance smuggled him into Paris where he later seized papers at the Gestapo headquarters that was used as evidence at the Nuremburg War Crime Trials. Tito recalls that his greatest honor was being chosen to deliver certificates of gratitude signed by General Eisenhower to the French and Spanish families who smuggled escaped American prisoners to safety.