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I-House resident Usree Bhattacharya

Fiscal Crisis Impacts I-House & Residents
In January, 2010, California Governor Schwarzenegger triggered headlines by citing a $19.9 billion dollar budget gap projected over 18 months...Students are dealing with the personal impact of the global economic downturn combined with unexpected tuition and fee increases at Berkeley. Full story, page 1.

Martin Brennan, Executive Director

I-House Bridges: Spanning Cultural Divides & Connecting to a Future of Promise
Bridges occupy my thoughts these days. Our residents find it increasingly difficult in this age of rapidly rising tuition to bridge the gap between means and expenses. One international resident (I could cite many!) told me: “I love living in I-House. The community and sense of friendship are like nowhere else. But, my circumstances have changed and I cannot afford to live here.” ... We are grateful to the alumni and friends, old and new (see Thanks to Berkeley article page 1), who are helping extend the reach of some residents as we witness the increasing importance of scholarship dollars. Full story, page 2.

Culture Bridge Scholars


New Steps Advance “Culture Bridge” Paths at I-House
Contributed by I-House Culture Bridge Scholars Lisa Kamino & Jennifer Jue-Steuck
On the heels of the unprecedented four-unit Navigating Cultures course last fall, new workshops reaching residents, campus, and the local community are expanding formal training in intercultural skills at International House. Full story.
I-House Residents Give "Thanks To Berkeley" I-House Residents Give “Thanks to Berkeley”
Several current and former residents of International House have joined in Cal’s “Thanks to Berkeley...” PhotoBooth project, expressing campus pride and gratitude through portraits and words. Full story, page 1.
Music For Peace

Music For Peace
I-House halls have been ringing with the sound of music and discussions about its ability to unite people across cultural divides. Events in January organized by the I-House Program Office addressed the theme Music for Peace and included Shai Wosner, Internationally renowned pianist, Mark Feldman, CEO of the Sacramento Philharmonic, Nader Abassi, celebrated Conductor of the Cairo Symphony and Michael Morgan, Music Director of the Oakland East Bay Symphony.
Full story, page 1.

Arlene Blum

Breaking Trail: Mountains & Molecules
Mountaineer, author, I-House alumna, and biophysical chemist Dr. Arlene Blum spoke at the March Lodestar dinner program attended by alumni, friends, and residents. Blum reflected on her deep ties to International House. Not only did she live in the House in 1967-68 but her parents met at I-House Chicago. Learn more.
Robert Reich International House Gala Soirée - April 7, 2010
UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau joined the I-House Board of Directors to host a Gala Soirée fundraising evening on April 7, 2010. Noted economist Robert Reich provided a keynote address to delighted guests. 250 guests mingled and sampled delicacies at eight cultural display and tasting stations highlighting the cuisines and cultures of native countries of I-House residents including China, Italy, India, Peru, Mexico, Japan, Spain, and the Mediterranean. See Gala 2010 photos

Also in this issue:

  • “Experience I-House” video contest, p.2
  • 33 Resident Rooms Named by Donors, p.2
  • Nobel Laureate Dr. Yuan Lee addresses residents, p.3
  • Strategic Planning Underway at I-House, p.3
  • Resident Bagassi Koura Reports for Frontline/World on PBS, p.3
  • Reunion Tea for Early Decades September 26, 2010 p.4
  • Saul Griffith at Fall Lodestar, p.4
  • Letter from: Marion Biermans (IH 2002) In Santiago, Chile, p.4
  • Alumni & Friends Are Invited to Exploritas Forum on the Middle East June 6-12, 2010, p. 5
  • Gala Soirée With Robert Reich, p.5
  • Board Member builds school in Egypt, p.5
  • News & Notes, p. 6
  • We Are The World, p. 8

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