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Charles Ferguson Charles Ferguson is Alumnus of the Year
Academy Award winner honored at 80th Anniversary Gala Soirée on May 4, 2011
Charles Ferguson, a resident of I-House from 1973-76, received the 2011 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature as director of Inside Job, a film that explores the 2008 economic crisis. In accepting the Oscar, Ferguson said, "Forgive me, I must start by pointing out that three years after a horrific financial crisis caused by fraud, not a single financial executive has gone to jail, and that is wrong." Full story.
Davis Peace Projects Residents Create Davis Peace Projects in Ethiopia and the Philippines
More than 750 children in Kaliti, Ethiopia, now arrive three hours before school starts to use solar-powered computers in a new learning center at a school with so few resources that there are no textbooks and electric power is sporadic at best....
In rural Albay, Philippines, Jacqueline Barin recruited local community "motivators" who, in turn, recruited women from the community to attend weekly classes on topics including nutrition, maternal health, family planning, mental health, child development, and disease prevention. Full story.
Because of I-House "Because of I-House, I've learned that friendship has no boundaries"
Because of I-House, students found lifelong friends, chose career paths, fell in love, found a home away from home, experienced a global community, built intercultural leadership skills, talked for hours over dinner with people from diverse backgrounds, broke down walls of prejudice and politics, found inspiration to make a difference in the world, and were, in short, challenged, enriched, enlightened, and changed. Alumni and friends are submitting "Because of I-House" reflections on the impact I-House has had on their lives. Full story.
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Lebanese Coffee Hour Programs Focus on Middle East
With hopes for democracy sweeping the Middle East, International House programs explored the politics and celebrated the cultures of the region. Traditional Wednesday night Coffee Hours are popular events for celebrating cultures. An Israeli-Iranian Coffee Hour observed the connections between Israeli and Iranian cultures at an event sponsored by Cal's Iranian Students' Cultural Organization and the Hillel Jewish Student Center. A Lebanese Coffee Hour featured Lebanese food, presentations, and dancing. Full story.
Martin Brennan, Executive Director 80 Years of Removing Barriers
One memorable moment of I-House history involves the night the House became unambiguously co-educational. For decades, imposing doors separated the genders at I-House, presumably for mutual protection. Then on the evening of December 3, 1968, the doors mysteriously vanished. Executive Director Sherry Warrick wisely treated their disappearance with benign neglect and the barriers faded into legend, thus ending a long tradition. In fact, change is our most enduring tradition. Change that takes place inside us as we remove barriers to other cultures and peoples... Full story, page 2
Helen & Raj Desai Resident Room Dedication Honors Remarkable Alumni Couple
Helen and Raj Desai met in the I-House Dining Hall. Recently, they celebrated their 55th Wedding Anniversary. Generous champions of International House and its mission - in word, voice, deed, and philanthropic support - International House is pleased to confer a resident room naming opportunity to honor the Desais. A mahogany-mounted brushed brass plaque engraved as follows will soon adorn the fifth floor hallway. Full story, page 2
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Emily Tung Meet I-House Residents
I-House is home to 575 residents. Ajay and Emily are representative of the diverse talents, backgrounds, and promise of I-House students, and are among 84 residents who receive full or partial room and board scholarships.
Emily Tung, (left) from São Paulo, Brazil.B.S. Business Administration with a minor in Spanish Language. Emily immigrated to the U.S. with her family in pursuit, as she says, "of the American Dream." Full story, page 3
Victor Pineda Cal Alumni Association Honors I-House's Victor Pineda
"I-House was the birthplace of the Victor Pineda Foundation," reported Victor Pineda on a recent visit to I-House. Victor was awarded the Mark Bingham Award for Excellence in Achievement by a Young Alumnus at the Cal Alumni Association's (CAA) 2011 Charter Gala in recognition of his leadership in international disability rights, including founding the Victor Pineda Foundation. The foundation educates and inspires young people with disabilities, particularly in poor countries, to help them overcome their challenges. Full story, page 3
Letter From Japan Letter from: Katie Bokan-Smith (IH 2007-08) In Takasaki, Japan
My experiences at I-House fueled my aspirations to teach overseas and immerse myself in new cultures. Living at I-House allowed me to converse with people from around the world and instilled in me a passion for international cultural exchange and global understanding. My time there will certainly inspire and positively affect the decisions that I make in the future. I will never forget my incredible year at I-House. It was the best year of my life. Full story, page 5

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