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I-House Gatherings in Australia

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IH Worldwide Leaders Meet in Australia

Executives from eleven International Houses gathered in Melbourne Australia in January, 2012, to discuss best practices and strengthen the bonds among the membership organizations that comprise this global network dedicated to intercultural friendship, leadership development, and peace. The five days of meetings included a special focus on Understanding our Global Gen Y World.

I-Houses Worldwide Leaders Meet in Australia

The association, known as International Houses Worldwide (IHWW), agreed to admit two new Houses to the group, Newcastle (Australia) and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (USA). Martin Brennan, I-House Berkeley Executive Director, briefed members on recent remodeling projects at International House and the development of intercultural training programs both internally and serving the local business community (see articles pages 1 & 10). "It is heartening to join with colleagues from I-Houses around the world to deepen commonalities within geographic differences." The members of IHWW are diverse in their facilities and histories but share the same purposes: the promotion of intercultural respect and contributing to future leaders to shape a world of greater understanding. The biannual meetings of IHWW are an important component of this work. The next gathering of IHWW leaders is scheduled for 2013. Visit ihousesworldwide.org to learn more.

Alumni Reunion in Sydney

Alumni Reunion in Sydney

In January 2011, Martin and Giovanna Brennan hosted a multi-generational alumni gathering in Sydney, Australia. Thanks to the generous support of I-House Sydney, who offered their wonderful facilities and helped to cater the event, alumni and friends enjoyed a fun evening catching up on their days in Berkeley. Among the 16 guests were Dr. Michael and Misuzu (Susie) Chow—I-House residents during the 1970s and 1960s respectively—with the happy news that their daughter had just given birth. Congratulations! We hope the I-House baby onesie fits!