Greg Rodolari, Director of Physical Operations

During the past year we continued our seismic safety program. In June, we completed ongoing seismic renovation of another 105 resident rooms; of the total 470 resident rooms, only 25 rooms still require work.

Seismic retrofit work includes the encapsulation of dangerous hollow-clay tile walls throughout seven floors of residential corridors serving residents, staff and visitors. These hollow-clay tile walls have also been braced to the structure to minimize any chance of collapse.

Under the guidance of historic preservation architects Carey & Company, the 105 resident rooms were also renovated and updated maintaining their historic character.

One of our top priorities is to enhance the safety of residents, staff and all visitors to I-House. By the end of the year 2001, we hope to have completed the seismic safety enhancement and renovation of each resident room.

Other completed projects include:
        Fleishhacker Library has been retrofitted with internet connections for 64 students/laptops. Demand for high speed internet connections at I-House is forever increasing.
        Public restrooms on the ground floor were completely renovated with new floors, tile work, partitions, lighting and fixtures next to the Chevron Auditorium.

Future projects:
        Seismic Safety and related renovations of office space
        Renovation and disabled access for the Clarence E. Heller Patio
        Enhanced disabled access throughout the building
        Renovation of resident toilet, wash and shower rooms
        Renovation of the Fleishhacker Library
        Overhaul of the two service elevators
        Renovation of East dining room
        Replacement of the 70 year old resident room door locks
        Ongoing replacement of old resident room furnishings