1930s Alumni

Margaret Linforth Beach
August, 2000

Barbara E. Bent
May, 2000
Her career as a librarian spanned 35 years.

Michael Joseph Coffield
January, 1999
Colonel, USAF. A survivor of Pearl Harbor, he was a commercial pilot and flight instructor.

Melvyn R. Cox
April, 2000

Tracy D. Cuttle
July, 2000

Ruth Bovyer Gerhart
May, 2000

George Hornstein
August, 2000

Paul G. Pinsky
June, 2000

Preston M. Schwartz
August, 1999
His wife of 69 years, Helen, recalls, “He loved every day that he went to work.” As an engineer with the State Department of Water Resources, he helped shape the landscape of California.

1940s Alumni

Jenness M. Keene
June, 2000
Retired Deputy Bureau Chief, McGraw-Hill World News.

James T. Moynihan
May, 2000
Professor, University of California

Winton Pettibone
June, 2000

Scott C. Ramsden
September, 2000

Cyril Reid
December, 1999

1950s Alumni

Phillip J. Donnelly
March, 2000

Claes T. Elfving
June 22, 2000

Donald C. Ludolph
September, 2000
Taught high school Spanish, German, Russian, and occasionally French.

Donald B. Schulz
April, 2000

1960s Alumni

Luis F. Baptista
June, 2000
Served as chairman and curator of ornithology at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. He turned a childhood fascination with bird life into a brilliant scientific career highlighted by expeditions to record the “dialects” of birds and laboratory research into their evolution.

1970s Alumni

Fereshteh Gharachedaghi
October, 1999
In memory of my wife, Fereshteh Gharachedaghi, 1970 I-House alumna, Ph.D., 1982, in political science. Survived by husband, Sudhir Chandratreya, son, Omeed, and daughter, Tara.

1980s Alumni

Clarke S. Elliott
June, 2000

Friends of International House

Anne Black Bonnet
April, 2000

William R. Edgar
September, 2000

Nathan Jay Friedman
April, 2000

Leslie Lipson
August, 2000
Scholar, author, and a favorite political science professor of Cal students for more than three decades.

Edith Loewenstein
October, 2000

Henry Mayer
July, 2000

Vivian K. Wilkins
September, 2000