An Honorary Society for Those Who Have Made a Bequest or Planned Gift to International House.

International House, Berkeley has established the International House Associates of The Benjamin Ide Wheeler Society to honor those thoughtful individuals who care deeply about the future of International House. As a member of the International House Associates, donors are recognized for expressing their intention to include International House in their estate plans through some form of planned gift. Planned gifts include bequests, pooled income funds, gift annuities, charitable trusts, and gifts of property.

Because International House holds a special place in the hearts of many alumni and friends around the world, planned gifts have provided essential funding support for building renovation and maintenance, residential services, and room and board scholarships.

A planned gift to the House may be designated for a specific purpose, or may be unrestricted and allocated to where it is most needed.

Benjamin Ide Wheeler served as the eighth president of the University of California from 1899-1919. He was chosen as the namesake for this honorary society because of his great love and commitment to the ideals of higher education in general and the University of California in particular. This designation is also fitting because President Wheeler was responsible for bringing the first planned gift to the University of California as a part of the exceptional philanthropy of Jane K. Sather. The gift took the form of what would now be called a “charitable remainder trust” also used by some current members of this society to benefit International House.

In gratitude for their support of International House, members of the Society will be invited to an annual appreciation event, receive a handsome bronze membership pin and the Benjamin Ide Wheeler Newsletter, and be listed on the International House and UC Berkeley Honor Rolls.

To become a member of the International House Associates of The Benjamin Ide Wheeler Society, please contact Kate McClintock, Director of Development at 510-642-0124 or e-mail