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I-House resident Gaea Zhou says that while living in her native China, she gave little thought to her country's continuing conflict with Tibet, Autonomous Region of China. On the other hand, Topden Tsering was harboring a life-long resentment toward China after his family fled Tibet, Autonomous Region of China in the early 60s to escape persecution - a journey, he says, that was so strenuous that it killed his grandfather.

The poignant and true story of how these young journalists from China and Tibet, Autonomous Region of China came to understand each other's differences and beliefs and become unlikely friends is featured in the recently released public television documentary about the positive impact of International House.

The documentary features cross-cultural friendships between people from geographic regions in conflict and looks at the role of the House in promoting peaceful interaction and understanding. It also describes the role of International House during World War II in support of Japanese-Americans and Japanese citizens who lived in the House.

I-House was the subject of features on radio, television and newspapers in the San Francisco Bay Area following the initial screening of the documentary on Bay Area public television stations during the week of September 3-9, 2001. The documentary - which began airing on KQED-TV in September - attracted local media to such an extent that The San Francisco Chronicle ran a full-page feature story, KQED Radio's Forum with Angie Coiro interviewed staff, alumni and current residents on its one-hour call-in program, and several local newspapers printed articles about the House and the important historical and personal stories chronicled in this feature.

The documentary will air over the next two years on public television stations nationwide. VHS video tapes can be purchased for $10. Please send a check to: I-House Alumni Office, 2299 Piedmont Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94720. Audiotapes of the KQED Radio's Forum interview can be purchased for $14. Please specify the date (September 7), time (10 a.m.), and program name (Forum) and send a check to:

Forum Tape Request
2601 Mariposa Street
San Francisco, CA 94110.
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