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Under the Dome...
As the world considers how to respond to the attacks on New York and Washington, residents were asked about their hopes for the future.
I hope that our world leaders have the wisdom to guide us with humility and restraint in these turbulent times and that the immediate response is not indiscriminate violence and vengeance. I wish that everyone in the world, including and especially world leaders of the future, had the opportunity to live in an institution like International House so that they would be able to see past stereotyping and propaganda and put a human face to previously unknown cultures and countries.

Everyone here in the I-House was deeply affected by the tragedies in New York and Washington. I felt an atmosphere of grief for the loss of people many of us did not know and had no connection with except for the most important of all connections, our humanity. I also felt support from my fellow residents, a hand on a shoulder from someone I might never have met. There was also anger at the senseless violence of the acts and towards those who jumped to conclusions about blame and urged immediate retaliation against the countries of our friends. The mutual feeling of sorrow and loss brought me even closer to my new international family.

Living here has allowed me to see the importance of sharing cultures as much of the violence in the world is caused by fear of the unknown. We at I -House have a duty to lead the way towards a brighter future of peace and understanding.
--Helen Boyle from the U.K.,
a junior in American and Canadian Studies

I wish I could say I am hopeful... Too much of what is happening now resembles what I have already seen and the conclusion of which was tragic for too many. My only hope is that the message of peace and mutual understanding I hear uttered all around me, in Berkeley and especially at the International House, can somehow reach those few who make decisions that determine the fate of millions. But I still cannot see how exactly that channel of communication is to be established in this atmosphere of media hype and political power games...
--Vlasta Vranjes Stejic from Bosnia and Herzegovina,
a Ph.D. student in English Literature

This tragedy has put many things in perspective for many people. Therefore, I hope that we can begin to realize how closely connected we all are. I hope that our political leaders can calmly look at these attacks in a peaceful light and see them as opportunities to set an example, to do good in spite of evil, and to reflect when labeling others as terrorists. I hope we, as human beings, can all recognize the evil within ourselves and, in turn, see that it can never extinguish the light of goodness we carry within. I hope to be part of that change, and I take heart in the fact that I am not alone in my hope.
--Camilo A. Romero, from Colombia,
a junior in Sociology & Latin American Studies with emphases in Journalism & Education

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