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Elderhostel at International House is a great way for alumni and friends over the age of 55 to return to Cal and enjoy a week of outstanding courses. The programs always attract a terrific group of Cal and I-House alumni as well as others interested in the courses offered. Programs for 2002 are:
June 2-8, 2002

Take a trip back in time to enjoy a rich variety of Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque music performed by world-class musicians. Lectures will provide insight into the lives of the composers of the masterpieces that we will hear performed, the instruments used, and the social history of the times.

This program is held in conjunction with the Berkeley Festival which is the leading early music event in North America. It has been designed as "theme" program with one course rather than three, yet the same number of lecture and concert hours (22 ½) as a program with three classes.

At least three concerts are included in the program fee of $560. Additional tickets may be purchased for Festival concerts as well as dozens of low-cost "fringe" events. Concert sites may be 3-4 blocks away so be prepared to walk.

Alumni enjoyed being students again during Elderhostel at I-House in June, 2001. Front row from left: John Morris (IH summer resident for many years), Betty Koehler Burton (IH 1937-39), Tyanne Paris Shein (IH 1952-54), and Joanne Coffey (IH 1964-66). Back row from left: Connie Fraser (volunteer and alumna, IH 1963-64), Executive Director Joe Lurie, Terry Maul (instructor and alumnus, IH 1965-67 & 1997) and Alice De Rycke Hurst (IH 1934-36). This year marked Connie Fraser's tenth year as a volunteer for Elderhostel at I-House!
June 9-15, 2002

As the country continues to mourn the overwhelming loss of life in the attacks of September 11, 2001, our annual international issues course was revised and expanded to offer an in-depth focus on the causes and consequences of those attacks.

Speakers from various disciplines will be drawn from the University community and topics will be selected to help us understand the political, historical, religious, diplomatic, economic, civil liberties and human rights issues related to the attacks.

We are grateful to Elderhostel for allowing us to make program changes after the cut-off date so that we can explore these timely issues. This is a "theme" program with two classes rather than three. The class described above is a double course with 15 hours of lectures. The program fee is $510. An afternoon field trip class, described below, is also included.

In behind-the-scenes tours, we will explore some of the hidden treasures of the campus including the Hearst Museum of Anthropology, the 61-bell carillon in the Campanile, art treasures, and special collections on campus.

Fees cover meals, accommodations, classes, and field trips or concerts. Some scholarships are available. You are welcome to participate in as much or as little as you wish.

International House programs are listed in Elderhostel's Spring, 2002, Catalog under "University of California/International House." Most libraries will receive the Spring Catalog in December.

To register or to receive a free catalog, call Elderhostel at 1-877-426-8056. Registration begins in January and our programs are often full by April.
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