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House Projects

· A new ramp and entrance greatly improves disabled access to the Dining Room, eliminating use of the service elevator.

· Major Dining Hall renovations will be completed over winter break.

· 64 computer connections allow students to use their laptops in the library.

· Air conditioning has been added to the Chevron Auditorium.

· Seismic renovations are complete in all resident rooms.

· Office renovations and seismic improvements will begin in November.

· 20 laptop computers are available to residents through the Laptop Loaner Program.

· E-mail stations were added in the library and laundry room.

· An in-House network access and monitoring system was created on a server donated by Sun Microsystems.

· A new room adjacent to the library is under construction to house color printers and scanners for residents' use.

· A new program of resident-taught computer workshops was initiated this fall to help residents utilize resources for communication and research.
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