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1930s ALUMNI
Clara Chan Chun, May, 2001
Retired from the San Francisco Department of Social Services, devoted to the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.
Claude Clark, April, 2001
His vibrant paintings reflecting the African-American experience are in galleries across the nation. An art instructor at Merritt College and Alameda County Juvenile Hall.
Maurine McKeany, May, 2001
Professor emerita at UC Berkeley's School of Social Welfare.
Mine Okubo, February, 2001
Wrote and illustrated a chronicle of life in relocation camps during World War II, Citizen 13660 which was awarded the American Book Award.
Wilbur H. Somerton, February, 2001
Professor emeritus of petroleum engineering at UC Berkeley who co-founded the MESA Program to assist minority students in engineering and science.
Harold Sugarman, June, 2001
First internal medicine chief resident at Mt. Zion Hospital.

1940s ALUMNI
Herbert G. Baker, July, 2001
Professor of botany and integrative Biology at UC Berkeley and former director of the Botanical Gardens.
Marybeth Branaman, February, 2001
Russell Bruzzone, June, 2001
Lincoln Constance, June, 2001
UC Berkeley botanist, served as Dean of the College of Letters & Science.
Robert R. Schutz, May, 2001
Economist and housing advocate, a co-founder of radio station KPFA in Berkeley.
Clara M. Swanson, June, 2001
Henry G. Weston, February, 2001
Professor emeritus at San Jose State University, Peace Corps teacher, naturalist in Yosemite, author of Handbook of California Birds.
Allan N. Wilson, June, 2001
A retired aerospace engineer, associated with International House from 1947 to 1994, enjoyed his association with students and kept in touch with many of them over the years.
Emory N. Yount, March, 2001
An engineer for 35 years, retired from Rockwell in 1986. Enjoyed hiking and rock climbing, a proud Berkeley alum who met his wife, Mary, at I-House in 1949.

1950s ALUMNI
Ladd R. Griffith, June, 2001
See article in Remembering Dear Friends section
Nancy Bray Kluck Hildenbrand, March, 2001
A social worker and adult education teacher.
Stephen A. Klein, December, 2000

1960s ALUMNI
Carole A. Kean, April, 2001
Paul J. Matzger, February, 2001
Charles J. Williams, February, 2001

1970s ALUMNI
Moheb Boutros, September, 2001

Leonard Berry, January, 2001
Margaret Stuart Graupner, April, 2001
Stephen Herrick, September, 2001
Jean Hyde, February, 2001
Cecelia Lewis, May, 2001
An accomplished pianist who shared her music with I-House and her community. Former secretary to the I-House Business Manager. Contributions may be sent to the Cecelia Lewis Memorial Music Fund, Community Credit Union, 757 Redwood Dr., Garberville, CA 95542.
Amarylis E. Lipscomb, April, 2001
Barbara Anne Lynch, August, 2001
See article in Remembering Dear Friends section
Jean Hoadley Peterson, September, 2001
Daughter of former I-House Board member, Walter Hoadley. Jean and her husband, Donald, died on the hijacked plane that crashed in Pennsylvania.
Eugenie Schutt, August, 2001
A founding member of the I-House Board who worked closely with John D. Rockefeller in bringing I-House to Berkeley.
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