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I have learned that such diversity as I-House represents is a perfect example of how our globe should be, uniting people, embracing each other's differences, cherishing each other's friendship.
--Maria Fernanda Egas from Ecuador,
studying journalism
The world is as large or as small as you want it to be and there are no borders to be crossed within these walls.
--Miriam Schroeder from Germany,
studying political science and Chinese
My experience at I-House led me to question and discard views I had held for my entire life on race... I have learned that racism could be perpetuated by its victims... Not only did the insights I gained from my peers help me to better understand the world around me, but to better understand myself.
--Daniel Fountenberry from the U.S.,
studying political science
What I-House seems to me to be all about is getting to know people personally, and not as a member of some kind of group.
--Kalinka Cichon from Germany,
studying law
The spirit of I-House tells me about its world. It talks to me about a future built not only on tolerance, but on an appreciation of our differences. It shows me a campfire with people sitting around it from every corner of the world, telling each other their stories and perhaps more importantly, people all listening.
--Tania Tam from the U.S.,
studying psychology and German
Living in I-House has changed my vision of the world. Be it people, places, or food - I am now more flexible towards everything...
--Asha Tarachandani from India,
studying computer science
I am thankful to those who thought about the concept of bringing together so many cultures and regions allowing them to find out what the world is all about.
--Shyamala Mani from India,
studying environmental health science
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