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You can make a lasting impact by providing for a charitable gift to organizations, like International House, that are important to you. There are several options that offer a variety of tax benefits to meet your personal needs. To learn more, please contact Development and Alumni Relations, at 510-642-4128 or e-mail ihalumni@uclink.






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Gifts that Teach the Lessons of Tolerance and Peace

Friends and alumni give to International House for many reasons such as supporting an institution that played a meaningful role in their lives; giving something back to a place that was "home" to those who were far from home; remembering a friend, family member of special staff member; or providing opportunities for Cal students to live in our global community. All these reasons and more share the goal of helping residents of International House learn the lessons of tolerance and peace by providing scholarships, funding intercultural programs, improving facilities, and supporting operating expenses. There are many ways to make a gift to fit individual needs and interests.

Memorial Gifts and Gifts in Honor
Barbara Lynch

Elfi and Hugo Tarazona were honored for their generous gift in memory of their dear friend, Barbara Lynch. Many friends and former students who benefited from Barbara's generous spirit remembered her with memorial gifts to I-House.

Barbara Lynch worked in the Program Office from 1966 to 1988 organizing activities, community visits, and cultural programs. Over the years, her caring, warmth, friendship, and laughter touched the lives of thousands of residents. And, she didn't hesitate to play the role of matchmaker! After Barbara died in August, 2001, Hugo and Elfi Tarazona wanted to do something to honor Barbara's memory. They established an endowment to support monetary awards for the top essays in an annual contest that challenges students to reflect on how their I-House experiences affect them. Go to Reflections on I-House where you can read excerpts from the 2002 essays which describe the personal and often powerful experiences of living in International House. In Barbara's memory, the contest will be named The Barbara Lynch Crossing Borders Essay Awards Program. The endowment will fund awards for the first time in April, 2003. This is a wonderful memorial for Barbara who genuinely cared for students and did so much to promote international friendship.

Estate Gifts
Charles Ramsden

Charles Ramsden in 1994. After a visit to I-House, he planned a bequest that would help students live in I-House who might not otherwise be able to afford to do so. This year, 33 students benefit from his generosity.

Charles Ramsden lived in the House in its early years, from 1931-32, and considered the experience to be one of the most meaningful of his life. He went on to a career in international oil exploration with ChevronTexaco Corporation. Later, after a visit to International House, he told Executive Director Joe Lurie that he intended to leave half of his estate to the House. Before his death in 1997, Chuck established the Charles H. Ramsden Endowed Scholarship Fund to provide I-House room and board scholarships to low-income students in the sciences, engineering, and economics. His gifts of more than $3 million have made a difference in the lives of scores of students. This year, 33 students are receiving scholarships thanks to this generous man with a heartfelt desire to help students. Through his estate gift, Chuck provided a legacy that will help students for generations to come.

Planned Gifts
Laura Schaefer White

Photo of the late Laura Schaefer White (I-House 1933-1937). As one might expect from an I-House Alum, Mrs. White's adventurous travel around the globe focused on learning about people and their cultures. Mrs. White established an annuity in support of International House and donated her award-winning travel films to the House.

An active member of her church for 51 years, Laura Schaefer White's lively intellect and love of life drew her to many people and causes from the Sierra Club to the Republican Party. She traveled extensively and began producing films of the people she met to share her experiences. Within a few years, she became an award-winning photographer specializing in human-interest travelogues. In 1977, she received a national service award by the Photographic Society of America for promoting photography and international goodwill. She used, as a thread of interest in her film, a particular family or child of the country being portrayed. International House Development Director Meike Weyrauch was invited by Mrs. White for a viewing of her films "Fiji and its People" and "Japan Unmasked." Meike found that the films leave one with a feeling of warmth and vitality and a greater understanding of people whose customs may vary from our own.

Mrs. White shared with Meike that making a substantial donation to International House was an important life goal. She finalized plans for her annuity to International House shortly before her death in August. International House will ensure that Laura White's legacy will be remembered in perpetuity. Her films will be displayed and available in the International House Fleishhacker Library.

Jacqueline Gain Sheldon

Jacqueline Sheldon visited in June for the Elderhostel Program. She has established an endowed scholarship fund for Asian students in appreciation for the many kindnesses she and her husband received in Asia.

Jacqueline Gain Sheldon arrived at International House in 1948 after traveling by ship and rail from Brittany. She had been hired as a teaching assistant in the French Department at Berkeley. Within a few days, she met Charles Sheldon in the Dining Room, a place where so many friendships (and marriages) got their start. She recalls, "The meeting with Charles changed my life forever! It opened up unexpected views towards the world - mainly Japan - which was Charles' life interest and became mine. What better preparation could I have had than staying at I-House?" They married in 1950 and lived in Japan before settling in Cambridge, England, where Charles was a lecturer in Japanese History. In appreciation for the many kindnesses they received in Asia, Jacqueline established the Charles David and Jacqueline Gain Sheldon Scholarship Endowment to help deserving students, preferably from Asia, to live at I-House. When fund reaches $25,000, the first scholarship will be awarded. A widow since 1985, Jacqueline enjoys traveling, including visits to Berkeley, and welcoming Japanese visiting scholars to Cambridge.

Building Fund
The Bernard Osher Foundation

The Bernard Osher Foundation's grant of $250,000 funded renovations in the east dining room. The much-needed renovation includes new tables and chairs, new chandelier lighting, a new floor, painting, and ceiling panels - all in keeping with the architectural heritage of the House. International House is proud to name the dining room The Osher International Dining Room in honor of the Foundation which has a long relationship with the House. The Foundation has also provided generous support for twenty years for financial aid for US and international students and emergency loans for international students.

Unrestricted Giving

The success of International House in fostering international friendship and understanding increasingly depends on the annual contributions of alumni and friends. Room and board fees do not even cover operating expenses, let alone financial aid or renovation projects. Because gifts to the Annual Fund are unrestricted, these contributions can be put to work where the need is greatest, for financial aid, building maintenance, students jobs, programs and much more. For example, when energy expenses took an unexpected jump, unrestricted giving helped meet the need. Last year, alumni and friends around the world made more than a thousand unrestricted gifts to I-House totaling more than $287,000.


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