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Adrian Kragen recalls the thrill of moving into the just-opened International House in There Was Light: Autobiography of a University, a collection of essays by UC alumni gathered into a book. "I enjoyed a single room with maid service for twenty dollars a month and had the opportunity to meet students from many foreign countries, a valuable experience for one who had never been east of Sacramento. International House was a very important part of the educational process at Cal." Adrian Kragen is a professor emeritus at Boalt Hall School of Law and former vice chancellor.

Carlo Anderson writes, "Still painting and thinking about I-House and the years there and graduate years at Cal." Carlo and Eleanor Anderson attended the gala Celebration and Awards Dinner in May.

1940s [Top]

Jane Hohfeld Galante wrote the preface and translated Darius Milhaud: Interviews with Claude Rostand. She worked with the great French composer when they were both on the faculty of the Mills College Music Department in the early 1950s and frequently planned contemporary music concerts with him. She also translated Paul Collaer's biography of Milhaud.

Karl Pister, professor emeritus of civil and environmental engineering and former dean of the College of Engineering, received the 2002 World Technology Award for Policy from the World Technology Network. The Berkeley engineer, who also served as chancellor at UC Santa Cruz and UC vice president for educational outreach, was honored for his leadership role in creating opportunities for students with educational disadvantages.

Joan Ponsford Hildebrant and George Hildebrant write, "Our experiences (we met at I House) were highlights of our life together. How we wish that many, many others could have this same introduction to the peoples of the world! During these current troubled days, we more and more often give thanks to the I-House for opening our minds and hearts to those cultures and ideas that differ from our own. How much better off the world would be if there were more I-Houses throughout the world."

Lou Ann Moynihan Hellmers and Henry Hellmers enjoyed a reunion with Jan Sharp Tichenor and Art Tichenor in Green Mountain Falls, Colorado.

Bishara Lawrence is President of B.M. Lawrence and Company, an international trading enterprise. He currently serves on the International House Board of Directors and its Development Committee.

John Forester (left) dressed for a Dickens Festival with Mason Gaffney in Riverside, CA.

Jacqueline Gain Sheldon visited from England and enjoyed the Early Music Elderhostel program in June.

Joan Williams Hoover writes, "Many years ago, I was the 'American Roommate,' so I was pleased to read about the American roommate who turned out to be courteous, thoughtful, and kind. I hope we were all like that. Then I realized that what you learn at I-House is that even though your roommate is an unpleasant person, it does not mean that all Chinese, or American, or Italian people are dreadful, just your unfortunate roommate. What an incredible gift that is! There are so many of us - The Ghosts of I-House Past - who are gathered behind you, cheering and urging your continued success."

Maggie Gee is a recipient of the "Women of Achievement, Vision, and Excellence Award" in San Francisco. One of the first Chinese-American women to fly military planes as a World War II pilot, she is a retired physicist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory where she is now a guest scientist. Maggie was also in the news for being an inspiration to the young women from GirlSource who interviewed her for a documentary that was shown at the October award ceremony.

1950s [Top]

Rajnikant Desai, originally from Mumbai, India, and Helen Crane Desai, originally from Santa Ana, CA, met at I-House over 50 years ago, celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary in June, and have three children and five grandchildren. They enjoyed a great Elderhostel trip to Turkey last spring.

Ronda Lapidus Furgatch writes, "I-House stands as a shining example of a peace that works! Congratulations on keeping that peace negotiated!"

Richard Lessler and Lillian Lessler enjoyed September's Sunday Supper at International House. Richard is an environmental scientist with the Environmental Protection Agency in San Francisco working on the EPA's Radiation Protection Program.

Egon von Kaschnitz is retired CEO of Zierer Visa Service, Inc. He currently chairs the Development Committee and is a member of the I-House Board.

Iraj and Sally Noorany visited the House in April and enjoyed having breakfast in the Dining Room where they had spent much time together as students.

Martin Rosen is co-founder and former president of The Trust for Public Land, a land conservation organization that helps finance parks and open space. Rosen has received numerous awards including the National Park Foundation's Horace Albright Medal.

John Heilbron was awarded the Hubert Howe Bancroft Award, honoring his achievements in the support of historical research and scholarship. He created the History of Science and Technology Program at the Bancroft Library and the campus's Office of the History of Science and Technology. As chair of the Academic Senate and as vice chancellor, he championed the acquisition of historical manuscripts, books, and oral histories of the American West.


Gene Hendrix recalls, "In the fall of 1961, I was a prejudiced white Southerner living at International House. I was as much a foreigner as the foreign students but I quickly learned that there were bright, friendly, capable students from all over the world. The master's degree from Berkeley is very meaningful, but the experience of living at International House overshadows the degree in the long run. Thank you for the learning experience of International House."

Kazuo Ninomiya enjoyed visiting the House and attending the gala Celebration and Awards Dinner in May. After retiring from Cyanamid (Japan), Ltd., he formed Wintonbury, Inc., in Tokyo to help American Companies looking for business opportunities in Japan.

Timothy Holt spoke to residents in October on Simple Living: Surviving the Global Age. He published a newspaper in Sacramento for almost 20 years before moving to Dunsmuir in northern California where he lives simply and writes. His latest novel, On Higher Ground: A Postmodern Romance, describes a time when climate-controlled cities fail and refugees from cities flock to the country.

1970s [Top]

Karen Greenberg McConnell, who was active as a resident in the Program Office and as a Graduate Resident Advisor, now serves on the I-House Board of Directors. She has served on the International Securities Regulatory Organization in London and now resides in Germany where she is Senior Vice President of Realty Capital Corporation.

Jeffry Canin writes, "I am enjoying life in Seattle area with my wife Susanne, son Matthew, 4 years old, and daughter, 6 months."

John M. Casey was named Superintendent of the Pleasanton Unified Public School District in California last spring. He and his wife, Jody, have two daughters, both students at Berkeley.

Paritosh Choksi is executive VP and Chief Operating Officer of ATEL Capital Group. He is Chief Financial Officer of the International House Board of Directors.

Jawahar Gidwani is Chairman and CEO of KARMA2GO, LLC, with special expertise in the field of seismic analysis and design of bridges and offshore structures. He is Vice President of the International House Board of Directors and Chair of the Executive Committee.

Larry Ludwig writes, "I'm about to retire after 35 years with U.S. Department of Labor including 15 years active participation in the International Association of Personnel in Employment Security. Highlights are service to United States migrant and seasonal farm workers and international technical assistance programs in Central and Eastern Europe." He hopes to resettle in Southern New Mexico.

Aurangzeb Khan is corporate vice president and general manager of Cadence Design Foundry at Cadence Design Systems. Cadence is the largest supplier of electronic design technologies. Aurangzeb and Mary Ireland Khan make their home in Cupertino.

George Kraw was appointed by President Bush to the Advisory Committee of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC). As a member of the Advisory Committee, he represents the interests of employees. He practices employee benefits law with the firm of Kraw & Kraw in San Jose.

Isao Matsuura is Board Director of Bank of the West and serves as Visiting Professor of Law at Osaka University. He also serves on the boards of the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, the Japan Society, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and International House.

Sharon Smith (left) from Montreal, Quebec, and Ellen Purcell Heneghan from Galway, Ireland, visited the House in September and enjoyed looking at photos in the 1970s student directories. They are planning a reunion of former residents who lived in the House in '72-'73 as part of the International House 75th anniversary in 2005. Contact Susan at to help plan or participate.

Amir Aczel explores the way some of humanity's wildest dreams, such as teleportation ("beam me up, Scotty") may be realized in his latest book, Entanglement: The Greatest Mystery in Physics. A Bentley College math professor who is noted for writing books that make the universe more understandable, he is also the author of Fermat's Last Theorem.

Rummi Nayar Sarin is a management consultant and CPA who has audited many non-profit organizations. She serves on the I-House Financial Aid Committee and the Board of Directors as well as on the boards of arts and arts education organizations.

Eugenio Frongia and Carmen Ochoa recall week-long Lodestar Programs in the Sierras, "Informal discussions on the patio drew Israelis and Arabs, Soviet and Yugoslav communists and western capitalists, Indians and Pakistanis. Debates often spilled over into international dinners, long hikes, and overnights in the high Sierras. Yet, there was never personal animosity and for a brief, glorious week, through Lodestar, the world was at peace, an Arcadia of reason, a confederation of unity in diversity, where many loves and friendships were born and have stood the test of time and conflict. Thank God for places like I-House!" Eugenio is Chair of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at California State University, Chico, and Carmen is Director of Health Education for Butte County.

Shrinivas Kulkarni is the MacArthur Professor of Astronomy and Planetary Sciences at California Institute of Technology. Recently, he provided evidence that gamma ray bursts (GRBs) are formed when stars explode and collapse upon themselves, sometimes forming black holes. "GRBs are the birth cries of black holes." He met his wife, Hiromi Komiya, at I-House when she was an exchange student from Japan working on her Ph.D. in biochemistry. They have two daughters, Maya and Anju.

1980s [Top]

Ted Brown writes, "I recently married a Thai national, aptly named Joy. After working at a charity hospital in Chiang Mai, Thailand, for nine years, we are moving to the USA. I'll be back at Berkeley for the Masters in Public Health Program in 2002." Ted is a physician and was Council Chair in 1983-84.

Richard Palmer serves as Executive Director of Private Wealth Management for Morgan Stanley Dean Witter in San Francisco. He serves on the International House Board of Directors and its Development Committee.

Margaret Collins Andrews writes, "I currently run the MBA program at the MIT Sloan School of Management and live in Medfield, MA, with my husband Chris Haley and three children, Connor, 7, Alec, 5, and Erin, 3. Go Bears!"

David Brock is the author of Blinded by the Right: The Conscience of an Ex-Conservative which created a stir in Washington political circles as well as "Confessions of a Right-Wing Hit Man" in Esquire. As a student he was a Daily Cal reporter.

Hamish Caldwell is Executive Director of Product Development at Cingular Wireless in Atlanta, GA, and celebrates his 15th wedding anniversary this year with his wife, Dalia Judovitz. Hamish writes that he is happy to make contact via email at

Kamal Duggirala is the CEO of the risk management technology company Barra, Inc.

Calvin Lam is president of Avus Systems and Peripherals in the City of Industry, a nationwide provider of computer systems, hardware, and software products.

Dwayne Meadows writes, "I have taken a new job as Director of Research for the Pacific Whale Foundation in Maui and have a 4-year-old son with my Japanese-born wife Christina Madoka."

1990s [Top]

Soe Win Than is a producer with the Burmese Section of BBC World Service, working with a team to produce current affairs and features programs broadcast to Burma twice daily. He will go on attachment to an English service (East Asia Today) starting early next year. His wife and son, who stayed in Burma while he was in Berkeley, joined him in London.

Roman Yorick works in Moscow with the American International Health Alliance. Roman writes, "Currently in Russia, AIHA is focused on transferring the country's healthcare from treatment-oriented, hospital-based care to cost-effective, prevention-oriented, outpatient primary healthcare. AIHA is funded primarily by the U.S. Agency for International Development and operates on a partnership basis between communities in the US and Central/Eastern Europe and the Newly Independent States."

Cliff Ho and Sylvia Salzstein write, "We have a new addition to the family! Emily Baukje Ho was born January 23. Big sister, Julia, loves Emily and is very sweet with her. Sylvia started working again part time. We both still work at Sandia National Labs in Albuquerque NM and enjoy our jobs!"

Thilo and Nicolien Maurer announce the birth of twins, Melissa and Sarah.

Anushka Drescher started House of International Scholars, a 'mini I-House' for visiting scholars in Berkeley. The house is home to scholars from diverse countries and, as Anushka writes, "Just like at I-House, the visitors find great joy in the interaction of housemates from different cultures." Learn more at

Wanda Raba Koehler writes, "We'd like to proudly inform you of the birth of our son Christian Kohler on November 9th, 2001, in Cologne, Germany. Christian already has a sister, Lilli, who turned three in June."

Hesham Kamel developed a software program that enables computer users who are blind to create and view graphics. He hopes to take this software prototype, called Integrated Communication 2 Draw, from its research state to a commercially viable product. Hesham, who has been blind since the age of 17, says, "More than anything, I want to change the way people think when they develop technology for the visually impaired."

Viola Wu was accepted into the DC Teaching Fellows Program which combines teaching in a Washington, DC, elementary school with classes at American University for a master's in teaching. Viola is also a "Country Contact," see the list at right for her contact information.

Lottie Williamson was a summer resident of I-House. "I have recently retired after a very long career as a Professor of Chemistry. I wish there were lots more of these types of institutions all over the world. Perhaps there would be more peace."

2000s [Top]

Craig Styris and Amanda Miller announce their marriage on July 28, 2002, in San Juan Capistrano, CA.

Shirley Chan writes, "I-House changed my life and I want to thank you for the privilege of spending two years there. Like many young people in the US, I didn't know one international person until I lived at I-House. I just returned from a one-month vacation in Paris because I could stay as long as I pleased with an I-House friend. The friendships I made there have opened so many doors and my perceptions, thoughts, and beliefs are better because of them. Actually, the biggest lesson I learned is not to see people as representatives of their country but just as people who have hopes and dreams and quirks like everyone else."

Frank Ling co-hosts the weekly science news program, Berkeley Groks on the campus radio station, KALX. And the meaning of "groks," you ask? Their website defines the term as the ability to understand something so deeply that it is almost second nature.

Brian Bircumshaw spent the summer in Korea on a National Science Foundation fellowship. His research resulted in his first patent filing this year. Brian is working on his Ph.D. in micro-electromechanical systems at Berkeley.



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