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"What better place to liev than at I-House with others, from all over the world," says Jennifer Haigh (above, with her mother). "Everybody has been so welcoming and friendly which is what I love about the House. This was brought home to me when my mother, who was visiting me from England, was able to join me at the first Sunday Supper of the academic year. Sunday Supper is a wonderful tradition which I hope will continue for many years to come." Jennifer is a graduate student in environmental engineering.

Board of Directors Transitions

Marion Ross, John A. Sproul , Jawahar Gidwani , and Michael Morgan were all celebrated at the May meeting for having completed nine years of service on the Board. Taking official leave for a year from full Board participation, Marion, John, and Michael have agreed to continue to work on committees. Jawahar was nominated to serve an additional year as an officer of the Board in his capacity as Vice President. With her family's move to London, Rummi Sarin has decided to step down from the Board but will remain a valued source of counsel as I-House plans further events in Europe next year.

"We are grateful for the expertise, leadership, and heartfelt commitment these Board members have brought to our I-House community," notes Executive Director, Joe Lurie, "and for their active service on numerous committees. Marion Ross has served as Chief Financial Officer and advocated for financial aid to broaden the diversity of our community. John Sproul also served as Chief Financial Officer and has been a valued member of the Executive Committee. Jawahar Gidwani has provided leadership on key decisions involving technological improvements and House renovation issues as well as serving as chairman of the Executive Committee. Michael Morgan has enriched programs at I-House and was honored by the House for his professional commitment to diversity at the 1999 Celebration and Awards Dinner. Rummi Sarin has been a member of the Scholarship Committee and with her husband, Arun, has been an enthusiastic and committed supporter of our financial aid program."

The Board of Directors elected four new members at its May meeting:

George Strait , UC Assistant Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs, is the former Chief Medical Correspondent with ABC News. He co-anchored, wrote, and produced Black in White America , a critically acclaimed documentary on race. He is a former chair of the Kaiser Family Foundation's Board of Trustees and last year led the foundation's on-line coverage of the International AIDS Conference in Barcelona.

Arthur Strock is an I-House alumnus who lived in the same room in the late 1960s as his father had in the 1930s. Arthur received his B.A. in Architecture from Cal in 1971 and went on to a distinguished career in architecture in Southern California, China, Idaho, and Vietnam. He is past President of the Board of Governors of the Bowers Museum of Cultural Art. Mr. Strock serves as the Co-Chair of the I-House Campaign Planning Committee with Richard Palmer.

Dr. Kwei Ü is also an I-House alumnus who lived in the House in the 1960s. Born in China, Dr. Ü received his B.A. in Physics and Biology from Cal in 1965 and went on to earn an M.D. at the University of Wisconsin. With externships in Germany and England, he completed his residency at UCLA's Department of Neurology. Dr. Ü recently retired. He served as the Vice President for American Bach Soloists and is keenly interested in the cultures of Polynesia.

Mitsunori "Michael" Umebayashi is President, Treasurer, and Secretary of Weatherford Motors, Inc., perhaps the best-known BMW dealership in America. Fluent in Japanese, English, French, and Spanish, Mr. Umebayashi received his B.A. from Sophia University with a major in French Civilization, Language, and Philosophy. Mr. Umebayashi has worked in Zaire, Canada, and Germany. For the past year, he has been an active member of the I-House Program Committee.


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