A four-year $8 to $9 million renovation project began this summer.














Festival of Cultures


Join a celebration of the cultures of the world on April 16 and enjoy music, dance, crafts, storytelling, and global cuisine at the Edith Coliver Festival of Cultures . For information about the annual I-House Festival, call (510) 642-9460 or visit http://ihouse.berkeley.edu . On the same day, the campus opens its doors to the community for Cal Day with lectures, tours, and special activities. For more information, visit http://berkeley.edu/calday






Stay in Touch

To learn more about 75 th Anniversary events send your e-mail to ihalumni@berkeley.edu to receive e-mail invitations.




























































Bay Area Hosts Needed

You can extend the hand of friendship to an international student far from home by offering visits to local attractions, a holiday meal, or a friendly connection through the International Friendship Program. For more information, call the Program Office at (510)-642-9460 or e-mail ihprogra@berkeley.edu .




























To Enter

Applications and guidelines are available in the International House Program Office or by e-mail to ihprogra@berkeley.edu. Essays explore prejudice and/or stereotyping experienced or witnessed in the U.S. or abroad.




Come Home to

June 9-14, 2005
Gather your friends for the 75 th Anniversary Reunion and reserve a table for a special dinner on June 11. You'll have the option of staying in the House and attending activities including a wine tasting tour in Napa. Invitations will be mailed in March. To be listed as a contact person for your era, send an email to Bethann Johnson and gather friends from your era. Include the years you want to gather in your e-mail.







Dev Singh Performs
for Divali

Dev Singh, son of I-House alumni Harriet Godfrey and Charan Singh who met at the House in the early 1940's, will perform for Divali, the Hindu Festival of Lights.

Singh's music is a mixture of his family's eclectic record collection of classical music, Broadway show tunes, and Punjabi songs combined with traditional folk and pop music. He performs blues, ballads, traditional, and contemporary songs accompanied by autoharp, mouth-bow, and dulcimer. A graduate of UC Berkeley, he is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and tours nationally.

Performances are November 13, 2 pm and 7:30 pm in the I-House Auditorium. A Divali dinner from 5 to 7 p.m. in the Dining Room is open to the public, $8.75 per person. Call the Program Office at (510) 642-9460 for details.




Renovations Launched By Major Gifts

Crucial renovations to the International House's facilities began this summer thanks in part to two longtime I-House supporters whose major gifts enabled the first phase of upgrades to commence on the building's 75-year-old plumbing. The entire project is so extensive it will take four years to complete, mostly during summer months, and will cost between $8 and $9 million.

The International House at 75 years: a dynamic global meeting place. Photo by Jim Block.

Greg Rodolari, Director of Operations, says, "The job is as delicate and complex as repairing a Swiss watch. Not only do we need to upgrade and replace several floors of interconnected pipes, we also need to bring all the bathrooms up to code for people with disabilities." Current residents are already benefiting from this summer's construction, but there is still a long way to go.

Fortunately, two generous gifts have jumpstarted the process. Wolf Homburger, Reserach Engineer Emeritus in the Institute of Transportation Studies at UC, has provided in his estate for a gift of $200,000 to name the House's Front Southern Terrace in honor of his late wife, Arlene Levinson Homburger. The family of the late William S. Jewell, UC Professor Emeritus of Operations Research and an internationally recognized expert in risk analysis, donated $100,000 to name the East Dining Patio and Garden in his memory.

I-House alumni Arlene and Wolf Homburger in 1984. The front terrace of International House will be named in Arlene's memory.

Wolf and Arlene Levinson Homburger met as fellow I-House alumni. Remembered as a vibrant and caring individual, Mrs. Homburger was a member of the Women's Interfaith Dialogue on the Middle East and worked tirelessly in support of Neve Shalom-Wahat al-Salam, a village in Israel where Jewish and Arab families have chosen to live together in a peace-building effort. The memorial celebration of her life at the I-House drew hundreds of friends and family.

A gift from the family of William S. Jewell, Cal Professor Emeritus of Operations Research, has named the East Dining Patio in his memory

William S. Jewell is remembered by colleagues and family for his tremendous intellectual energy, his musical talents, his infectious optimism, and his passion for Czechoslovakian beer-making. "He was unique," said a close friend. "He was the opposite of a cloistered intellectual: a passionate scholar with a zest for life."

Says Executive Director Joe Lurie, "We are deeply touched and honored to receive their gifts. Donations for our building are critical to making the I-House viable for future generations and could not have come at a better time." Those wishing to contribute to the I-House's Architectural Heritage Fund or interested in additional naming opportunities may visit http://ihouse.berkeley.edu or call Shanti Corrigan at 510-642-4128.


Celebrate 75 Years of International Friendship at I-House!

The academic year of 2005-2006 will mark the 75 th year that I-House has promoted cross-cultural understanding and lifelong friendships to bring about a more peaceful and tolerant world. Activities to celebrate this milestone began with recent European reunions and a Global Homecoming Barbeque at I-House in October. We hope you will join in the celebrations and attend one or more of these special events:

Valentines Celebration, February 12, 2005
Return to I-House for an evening with dinner, dancing, and reminiscing. If you met your sweetie at I-House or if you want to join in celebrating I-House romances, please save the date. Contact the Development Office at 510-642-4128 or ihalumni@berkeley.edu to help plan.

Come Home to I-House: June 9-14, 2005
Come home to I-House and perhaps even stay in your old room! Activities include a special dinner on June 11, a wine tasting tour in the Napa Valley, a walk down memory lane with an alumni panel sharing reflections on every decade, campus tours, lectures by alumni, and more. The last reunion with the option to stay in the House was 15 years ago so this is an opportunity you won't want to miss! Or stay in a hotel or with friends. Save the date and encourage friends to gather. For alumni from abroad, this is a great time to plan a trip to Berkeley and stay additional days in the House. Invitations with details will be mailed in March.

Seattle Reunion, spring 2005
Catch up with old friends and meet alumni from across the decades at a reunion at the University of Washington Faculty Club, hosted by Professor Kamran Nemati (IH 1984-'95). Executive Director Joe Lurie and Development Director Shanti Corrigan will show a video about I-House and give an update on 75 th Anniversary Celebrations. Send us your e-mail to ihalumni@berkeley.edu to hear about details.

75 th Anniversary Global Homecoming, October 1, 2005
Feast before football! Fill your minds and bellies by attending a special lecture and lunch at I-House before the rousing Cal-Arizona football game. In addition to celebrating this milestone with alumni from every decade at I-House, Cal's Homecoming weekend features lectures, tours, and activities across the campus.

Additional gatherings are in the planning stages for other possible locations including Spain and New York.

To help with planning, contact the Development Office at 510-642-4128 or at ihalumni@berkeley.edu.


Cabello Family Initiates Fellowship in Memory of Winston Cabello

The most moving acts of kindness and generosity are often committed by those who have faced terrible experiences and emerged triumphant. One of these historic occasions has come to I-House: the establishment of the Winston Dwight Cabello International House Fellowship.

Winston Cabello

The Cabello family recently pledged a gift of $500,000 to support two doctoral student "Gateway Fellowships" at I-House and Cal. When completed, this gift will provide recipients not only with I-House room and board, but UC will provide a "match" of free tuition, fee waivers, and a $5000 stipend. Even more remarkable than the size of this generous commitment, however, is the story
behind it.

Winston Cabello was an economist and engineer who served as the regional planning director with the Allende government in Chile. In 1973, after the Pinochet takeover, Winston was murdered by a death squad, and the Cabello family fled the country in fear of their lives. Twenty-five years later, they learned that the man responsible for Winston's torture and murder, Armando Fernandez Larios, was still alive and residing in Florida.

With the help of Sandra Coliver, Executive Director of The Center For Justice and Accountability, the family filed a civil lawsuit against Larios. Coliver calls human rights lawsuits essential to deter atrocities in the future and make sure the U.S. is not a safe haven for these kinds of abuses. Coliver is also the daughter of the late Edith Coliver, an I-House alumna and board member who promoted human rights during her distinguished career with the Asia Foundation, and for whom the House annual Festival of Cultures is named.

Larios was found guilty, and a few days later, the Cabello family joined the I-House community to celebrate their victory for humanity at a Sunday Supper featuring Sandra Coliver. Here they were inspired to do still more. Our family was formed on love, says Vernica Silva, Winston's widow. Hate, intolerance, and brutality took away the life of our beloved Winston. For these reasons, the family decided to endow a scholarship to promote tolerance, understanding, and respect across cultural and national lines.

Executive Director Joe Lurie says, "Winston's memory will live on in the global scholars whose experiences here at I-House will shape a more just, peaceful, and tolerant world. We know that he would be proud of these promising young people, whose dedicated pursuit of truth has been made possible by his family's generosity. I-House is deeply moved by this extraordinary gift, and joins the Cabellos in celebrating the life of Winston Dwight Cabello."

For more information, please see www.winstoncabello.org.


Executive Directors Message: Championing the Principles of International House in Troubled Times

At International House, especially in these times of trouble in many parts of our world, we practice everyday the reaching across boundaries of difference that is a foundation for understanding. As you, the alumni and friends of I-House peruse the news that this publication imparts, I welcome your recognition and enjoyment of this deeper message.

You'll find it in our cover story about the ambitious work we are undertaking to preserve our magnificent facility, and in the moving gestures some have made to support this effort in tribute to others. You'll see the wonderful sparks of possibility and promise in learning about our incoming residents of 2004-05. And, of course, throughout our news and notes segment, our fond remembrance of the late Dr. Wendell Lipscomb, and our traditional memorial remembrances - a wealth of appreciation for many unique individuals who embody the principles of this House.

Recently coming across these thoughts from the philosopher Isaiah Berlin, I was reminded of the critical importance of I-House today.

One belief more than any is responsible for the slaughter of individuals. It is the belief that those who do not share my faith or my race or my ideology do not share my humanity. From this equation flowed the Crusades, the Inquisitions, the jihads, the pogroms, the Holocaust - the blood of human sacrifice through the ages.

At International House, Berkeley, we take pride in everyday acts that combat this equation, and that first and foremost celebrate and respect our shared humanity. We invite you to engage with us in this work, and to participate in the range of exciting activities now underway to mark our upcoming 75 th Anniversary in 2005-2006. A detailed calendar is on the reverse of this newsletter and, of course, we welcome your calls, inquiries, and suggestions.

Joseph Lurie
Executive Director


R. S. V. P. We hope to hear from you!

Stay Involved in International House!

  • Sign up to be a contact person for the 75 th Anniversary, June 9-14, 2005 for your era at I-House.
  • Host a student through the International Friendship Program. Contact the Program Office at ihprogra@berkeley.edu for more information.
  • Organize an alumni event. Contact Shanti Corrigan at ihalumni@berkeley.edu .
  • Identify potential corporate/foundation sponsors. Contact Shanti Corrigan at ihalumni@berkeley.edu .


I-House Welcomes New Residents

Residents Assistants welcomed new residents at Check-in Day in August. From left: Estefan Ramirez Vasquez from Mexico is a senior in business administration; Sandra Lozann from Colombia is working on her masters in architecture; Ani Sarsyan from Armenia is a junior in biology; Yasmin Lambie-Simpson, Assistant Director of Programs; and Bao Bui from Los Angeles is a Ph.D. student in international relations who plans to be a Hollywood movie director.

In August, 426 new students and scholars arrived at International House to join 148 returning residents. With the House filled to capacity, graduate students and visiting scholars comprise the majority with 57%, undergraduates are 37%, and exchange students are 6%. There are more men than women at International House, 59% to 41%.

Soon after arrival, new residents attended overnight retreats in Sonoma County's beautiful Valley of the Moon. The retreats, hosted by Executive Director Joe Lurie, the Program Office and Resident Support Services, help residents learn about the mission of the House and its programs, services, and resources while meeting new friends.

Residents learned about the history of the House while meeting new friends from around the world during retreats at the Valley of the Moon.

September 19 th marked the first Sunday Supper of the year, an I-House tradition dating back to 1909 when founder Harry Edmonds regularly welcomed international students to his home. The event highlighted the spectacular talents and unique cultural diversity of I-House with resident performances ranging from Andean flutes to traditional Persian music and from Bach to a multi-national salsa performance. The new dean of International and Area Studies, Dean John Lie, gave a thought-provoking presentation on International Living and Learning.


From Dramatic to Romantic, Inspirational to Humorous

Close Encounters of a Cross-Cultural Kind may be ordered for $13.95. Proceeds go to the Annual Scholarship Fund in support of the 75 th Anniversary Campaign.

In Close Encounters of a Cross-Cultural Kind , essays and speeches from dozens of former residents testify to the unique, colorful, and idealistic atmosphere that altered the course of their lives.

Renowned economist John Kenneth Galbraith writes, "I thought it was a place of unimaginable splendor.. I experienced here an intensity of discussion beyond anything I have known since, in 60 years of public life."

A. Richard Newton, Dean of the UC College of Engineering, recalls, "...people I laughed with, people I cried with, and people I disagreed with over a myriad of issues. But in the end, these people were my friends, and they became part of my family."

And recent alumna Zahra Makoui writes, "If everyone knew what we learn at I-House, their fear of 'the other' would be shattered, and their hate would turn to understanding."

The book is dedicated to Barbara Lynch who helped create a sense of community through her work in the Program Office. Special thanks go to alumni Barbara Freeman, editor, and David Fleishhacker, publisher, for creating a book as eclectic as International House, and a tribute to the founders' motto: "That Brotherhood May Prevail."


$1000 Awards to be Made for Essays by Alumni, Residents, & Members

International House residents, members, and alumni are invited to submit essays for a competition entitled A Vision of Hope - Addressing Prejudice and Stereotyping in the Wake of 9/11. Ten winners will be awarded $1,000 each and an educational handbook with the winning essays will be published. The essay contest is funded by a grant from the ChevronTexaco Foundation. The deadline for all entries is March 27, 2005. Winning essays will be edited by best-selling author and alumna of International House, Firoozeh Dumas, author of Funny in Farsi: A Memoir of Growing Up Iranian in America.


1960s Alumni Gather at I-House

1960s alumni are in bold, from left, Back Row: Jackie Kirschbaum , Sho Ohkagawa, Linda Hallett Ohkagawa, Sherri Pierce Sawaya, Tanya Sansom Parker , Oswaldo Miño , Roger Simons , David Parker, Mac Stearns . Front Row : Peter Sawaya , Alan Kirschbaum, Stuart Pawsey, Glenda Powell Pawsey, Barbara Lambie Mi ñ o, Janat Fraser Parker, Jack Parker, Kazuko Kosugi Stearns. Not pictured: George Preston , Mary Preston, and Dale Bratton.

When Tanya Parker e-mailed Sherri Sawaya and Stuart and Glenda Pawsey announcing that she would be visiting Berkeley from her Scotland home, she planted a seed that grew into a reunion of 1960s friends last July. Twenty people came from across the U.S. for a weekend that included dinner at I-House and reminiscing at the door of the room where each had lived.


Remembering Wendell Lipscomb

Wendell Lipscomb enjoyed the I-House Gala last April where he was greeted by I-House resident, Mariah Hudler

We mourn the passing of our dear friend, Dr. Wendell Lipscomb, who lived in I-House from 1947-1948 and served as a Board member in recent years. Dr. Lipscomb is remembered as a Renaissance man, a physician who loved to sing, tell jokes, and play guitar and violin as well as for his service to the Berkeley community and to his country.

Born in Berkeley in 1920, he earned his medical degree at UC San Francisco in 1951 and was the first African American to complete a residency at Kaiser Hospital in Oakland, opening doors for future generations. He continued to pursue diverse interests in his work and retired from his private practice in psychiatry in January.

As a teenager, Lipscomb developed a life-long passion for flying and earned his commercial pilot's license at age 17. During World War II, he was a civilian instructor for the Tuskegee Airmen, America's first black military pilots.

After the war, Lipscomb came to International House where he met many life-long friends. Dr. Lipscomb's wife, Ellen Gunther, recalls, "He kept in contact with so many friends that no matter where we traveled, we always met someone Wendell knew from I-House. It made the world such a wonderful place to have such a connection everywhere." In recent years, Dr. Lipscomb brought Tuskegee airmen to International House to share their stories and build awareness of how they helped break down racist stereotypes at a time when many thought that black men lacked intelligence, courage, and patriotism.

More than 200 friends and family members gathered at a memorial service held at International House on August 15 to remember Dr. Lipscomb. Emmett Rice recalled, "When Wendell saw an obstacle, he also saw ways around it." Wendell was a man who followed his heart, his dreams, and his passions. Vangie Buell recalled her long friendship with Wendell and a group of interracial couples. Wendell helped them overcome barriers of racial discrimination while providing nurturing support for their children.

Executive Director Joe Lurie remembered Lipscomb as a "master of saying things in a short way that have enormous meaning." When Lurie once asked him what it was like to live at I-House in the 1940s, Lipscomb told of meeting a man who had recently come to the U.S. and hadn't yet encountered African Americans. Lurie said, "And one day, Wendell said this man turned to him and said, 'I didn't know.' That was Wendell's way of saying that this man had never heard of African Americans who studied medicine, knew about art, or spoke multiple languages. That was Wendell's life, changing people's perceptions and turning incidents of 'I don't know' to 'now I know.'"

The Wendell Lipscomb Scholarship Fund has been established at International House to help disadvantaged students. Contributions to the fund may be sent to the International House Alumni Office, 2299 Piedmont Ave., Berkeley, CA 94720. If you would like to send condolences to Dr. Lipscomb's family, please send your letters to the same address.


Alumni Celebrations in Europe

Alumni gather with Joe Lurie at the Savoy Hotel in London.

Ever dream of catching up with old friends over a good meal in London or Italy? In June, two hundred I-House alumni and friends had the chance to do just that as part of a series of celebrations leading up to I-House's 75th anniversary. On June 19th, more than 120 guests gathered at the Savoy Hotel in London for a special luncheon featuring alumnus and Vodaphone CEO Arun Sarin and his wife, Rummi. The couple met at I-House and have been married for more than twenty years.

Reflecting on his experience, Sarin recalled, "Since the world is turning into a smaller and smaller global marketplace, we need to have these very comfortable relationships across cultures. Each culture needs to be respected...each culture needs to have empathy...that's what the I-House taught me professionally."

Executive Director Joe Lurie, who attended both reunions, extended special thanks to Matthew Daines in London, and Lorenzo Gagliardi and Marc Lutoff in Milan, for their organizing efforts which made the reunions possible. He praised participating alumni for "keeping the mission of I-House so vibrant around the world."

To locate an upcoming reunion in your region or to find out more about I-House's 75th anniversary campaign, please contact Development Director Shanti Corrigan at 510-642-4128 or find us on the web at http://ihouse.berkeley.edu.


Vodaphone CEO Arun Sarin and his wife Rummi Nayar Sarin at the London event, where Arun Sarin was the featured speaker.


Andrew Knight of Australia and Liesbeth Mol from Amsterdam send molto baccios from Milan to fellow alumni. Andrew attended both the London and Milan gatherings.

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