Chancellor Robert Birgeneau follows Chancellor Emeritus Robert Berdahl as President of the International House Board of Directors. Calling Berkeley "the finest public university on the continent," Birgeneau took the helm in September.

















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To register or receive a free catalog, call Elderhostel toll free at 1-877-426-8056 or visit the website at . You will find International House in the June catalog under "University of California-International House." To receive a flyer or if you have questions, call the I-House Elderhostel Coordinator at 510-642-2664 or e-mail





















Board of Directors Update

Three new officers have been elected to the 2004-2005 Board of Directors.

Robert Birgeneau replaces Robert Berdahl as Chancellor of UC Berkeley and also serves as President of the International House Board. Prior to coming to Berkeley, Birgeneau served as President of the University of Toronto. An internationally recognized physicist, he also served as Dean of Science at MIT.

Martha Hertelendy was elected Vice President of the Board. She earned her bachelor's degree at Cal and master's degree from San Francisco State University with a focus on education in developing countries. Born in Peru, Ms. Hertelendy is a member of the Board of Trustees of the World Affairs Council and has been involved with many international organizations.

Mark Couchman was elected Chief Financial Officer of the Board. He is President of Silverado Properties, an investment fund that acquires vineyards and other agricultural properties. He earned his BS at UC Davis and MBA from UC's Haas School of Business.

Chancellor Emeritus Robert Berdahl was elected lifetime member of the Board of Directors. Michael Morgan returns to the Board following a one-year leave. Three new members were elected to the Board of Directors at its May meeting:

John Lie was appointed Dean of International and Area Studies in July and holds the C.K. Cho Chair in sociology. Born in Seoul, he also lived in Tokyo and Honolulu and is an expert in East Asian studies.

Andre Manoliu earned a Ph.D. in physics from Cal and lived in International House in the mid 1970s where he met his wife, Marie-Anne Neimat. He is Managing Director of GrowthPlans LLC.

Hamid Savoj earned a Ph.D. in computer-aided design from Berkeley and is Senior Vice President for Product Design at Magma Design Automation. He lived in International House from 1987 to 1991.


Alumni News and Notes
1930s | 1940s | 1950s | 1960s | 1970s | 1980s | 1990s | 2000s


Delee Staunton Marshall enjoyed returning to the House for Elderhostel, 66 years after she first came to the House as a Cal student!


Abe Etingen enjoys classical music concerts in the Taos, NM, area. He has been living in a retirement complex since the passing of his wife, Charmian Phipps Etingen, whom he met at International House.


Harold Gilliam, former environmental columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, is working on a new book on the care of the planet. His previous books include The San Francisco Experience , Above Yosemite , Above Carmel, Monterey, and Big Sur and Weather of the San Francisco Bay Region. He writes, "Professionally, I believe I have sharper perceptions, deeper understanding, more first-hand insights into other cultures and people because of my time at International House."

Marion Zehnder Jarrett writes, "What memories I have of I-House: the Spanish and German tables, the Sunday night Suppers of so long ago, the movie nights with Frank [Marion's late husband] running the projectors and me assisting. I-House certainly prepared us for meeting lots of strangers who became friends."

George Bemski writes, "After Berkeley, I worked at Bell Telephone Laboratories (Murray Hill, NJ) but a desire to get to know other countries took me to Brazil, Venezuela, and again Brazil where I settled definitely in 1979. I always remember the I-House years as an unforgettable experience, a kaleidoscope of most interesting and varied people. One realizes later on that this experience was unique in one's life."


John Conroy writes, "Many thanks for the opportunity to join others from across the years and across the world at the 75 th Anniversary Luncheon of I-House at the Savoy Hotel in London. When I came to Berkeley in 1952, the war with Japan was still very fresh in the minds of us Australians. However, I very quickly built up warm associations with the group of Japanese students resident at I-House at the time and these have never faded. I shall always treasure the I-House traditions and ethos. I even like to think that they have been passed on to my son who is now a senior diplomat."

Gianfranco Poggi is a professor of sociology at the University of Trento in Italy. A scholar of sociological classics and of theories of the state, his books are often required reading for sociology and political science students. Among his books are Durkheim, Development of the Modern State, Money and the Modern Mind and The State: Its Nature, Development, and Prospects .

Bonnie Ritzenthaler Wilson enjoyed a 50th anniversary celebration for Carol Salin John and Walter John at a very elegant lunch at the Berkeley City Club in January. Several other I-House friends also attended including Gloria Goldberg Kaplan , Professor Selig Kaplan, Esther Berger Alder, and Dr. Berni Alder .


Antonio Maria Costa is Executive Director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and Director-General of the United Nations Office in Vienna at the level of Under Secretary General of the United Nations. In the news recently describing the link between terrorism and organized crime, he says, "We can weaken terrorist groups by going forcefully after their profit-oriented activities." He reports decreases in opium production in Laos and in coca cultivation in the Andean region.

Thomas Bergstresser worked as principal member of the technical staff with Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, NM, from 1977 until his retirement in 2002. He is now working as a consultant.

Diane Williams Sommelet and Pierre Sommelet visited I-House in August and recalled, "All of our best friends are friends we met at I-House." They still see ten couples who live near their Paris home, all with I-House connections. Diane enjoys using ancient resources like Neolithic beads and antique seals to create distinctive jewelry.

Mike Kwatinetz is a founding partner of Azure Capital Partners, an investment advisory firm focused on technology. He specializes in software and related infrastructure technologies . Author of The Big Tech Score: Ten Secrets to Investing Success , he has been called "Wall Street's Super Sleuth."

Deena Zonlight Sortland and Lyman Sortland are both retired, living in Tucson, AZ, and write that they are "happy to be back in the western U.S."


Gianluca Rattazzi is President and CEO of BlueArc, a provider of network attached storage systems. He focuses primarily on product development and strategy. Prior to joining BlueArc, Rattazzi was president and CEO of Meridian Data.

Kathryn Anthony and her late husband, Barry Riccio are the authors of a new book, Running for Our Lives: An Odyssey with Cancer. The authors met at I-House and were married for 20 years. Barry's quiet struggle turned public when thrust into the national spotlight as an unexpected success story in a clinical trial. The book inspires those facing cancer and life-threatening illnesses, their families, friends, medical researchers, physicians, oncology nurses, and staff who work with terminally ill patients. For more info, go to:

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni's newest novel, Queen of Dreams , was published in September. The novel follows a divorced mother living in Berkeley who confronts a forgotten past and an increasingly complex life in post 9-11 America. Her works have been translated into 11 languages. For more info and a schedule of readings, go to:

Leslie Bary is an assistant professor of Spanish at University of Louisiana at Lafayette with particular interest in the Andean region, popular culture, media, and film. Her research focuses on modern Spanish American and Luso-Brazilian literature.


Peter Kennedy , a leader in the field of nonlinear dynamics and chaos, is now dean of the Faculty of Engineering at the University College Cork, Ireland. Last spring, he was honored with election to membership in the Royal Irish Academy, Ireland's most prestigious learned society.

Lynn Erfer writes, "Aloha from Maui. I would love to hear from any I-House alums who are island bound! I am currently taking hula lessons and my Lahaina-based hula group performs at various locations. I would be happy to invite any I-House alums who are visiting Maui, just contact me for the location." Lynn is Director of Marketing for the Maui Visitors' Bureau and can be reached at

Yew Khoy Chuah is Department Chair of the Air conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering Department of at the National Taipei University of Technology. He also teaches and does research on air conditioning systems and smoke management.


Photo Credit: 2003 Dave Feiling Photography


Edmundo Paz Soldan's latest book, The Matter of Desire , is his first work to be translated into English. The book is about a young Bolivian, much like the author, who comes to the U.S. only to refocus on Latin America. Author of six novels and two short story collections, he won the Bolivian National Book Award. He is an assistant professor at Cornell University.

Elizabeth Pollock won a Student Academy Award for Indiana Aria. The documentary, which takes viewers backstage into the world of opera training, is airing on PBS stations. She is now editing her next documentary about the effects of global warming on South Pacific islanders.

Marloes van Caspel and Neil Smyth , who met at I-House in 1997, were married in June in the Netherlands. They lived in New York before deciding to settle in London, "bang in the middle between our own countries: Holland and Ireland," says Marloes. "Many Irish family came over, as did friends from London and from I-House. It was a mini-I-House reunion! We hope to visit I-House in the future to remember the very start of our relationship. Coincidentally, my roommate is engaged to someone she met in I-House during that same semester as well. We must have been in the lucky room!"

Wedding guests included I-House alumni (in bold, from left): Frank Hoffman , Kerstin Schindelhauer, Evelyn de Beer, Jim Scully, Pieter Bolhuis, Simon Wakeman, and Thomas Canetti .


Todd Lethata writes, "At I-House, diverse cultures learn to embrace one another, learn from each other, transcend stereotypes, and tap expertise from diversity for the progress of humanity in a fast globalizing world. I-House has taught us humility, empathy and tolerance." Todd is a community organizer and researcher for Interfaith Community Development Association in South Africa and an I-House country contact. "Our newly founded democracy is unfolding, and people who were previously disregarded and disrespected are making amazing contributions in their own right to ensure our democracy." He can be reached at

Dariush Mirfendereski is co-author of Inflation-Indexed Securities: Bonds, Swaps and other Derivatives which examines the rationale behind issuance and investment decisions and details the issues facing anyone who designs indexed securities. Based in London, he is the senior inflation derivatives trader at Barclays Capital.

Sandra Chang married John Wang in March, 2003. They lived in Santa Clara where Sandra was a Clinical Advisor for the Alcohol and Drug Department at a nonprofit agency. She was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to complete an International MBA in Madrid at the Instituto de Empresa and is now in Spain.


Paniti Junhasavasdikul is a corporate attorney at First Bangkok Law & Practice Ltd.


Shinobu Takada is a professor at Meikai University in Japan .

Congratulations to Tan Vu and Shalini Shah who were married in September. The three-day wedding celebration was " predominately Gujarati with a touch of Vietnamese." They live in Philadelphia where Tan helps low-income residents access online social service resources and teaches technology skills to high school students and Shalini is in her final year of medical school at Drexel University. Their very first date was salsa dancing at I-House!

Olympia Kyriopoulos writes, "I had a great summer in Athens during the Olympic Games. I worked there as a volunteer in the Olympic stadium - this means in athletics, the soccer-final and both ceremonies - and the atmosphere was incredible!" She is now living in Gothenburg and interning with Volvo.





1930s Alumni

Maude Alexander Billy
August, 2004
Enjoyed writing, quilting, chocolate, travel and her beloved family. Maude returned to I-House for Elderhostel programs and shared the story of how she fell in love with Ignatius Billy at I-House and feigned illness so the handsome young student who worked in the kitchen would deliver a sick tray. Finding a minister to marry the Caucasian-Pomo Indian couple proved to be a challenge as they started their happy life together. From Glen Billy, "Your organization imparted to her a sense of equality of all people, a purpose of amity, and a lifelong dedication to others, seeking balance, and finding harmony."

Norman C. Hynding
April, 2004

Jeanne Rathgeber Price
September, 2003
Survived by her husband, Milton Price, in Carmel, CA. She once wrote, "I may not have become a diplomat or government official but wherever I traveled in over 100 countries, I tried to exemplify what I learned at I-House from my many friends and fellow students who wanted to make the world a place of understanding and sharing."

1940s Alumni

Lorraine Wolf Stephens Berry
April, 2004
Accomplished pianist, published poet, composer, and mother of four, she taught piano to thousands of Sacramento children and stayed in touch with many of them. She was intensely interested in international affairs and came to International House where she met her late husband, Jim Stephens.

John J. Fiske
March, 2004
A retired engineer and John Muir aficionado. His interests were his family, hiking and preserving local historic landmarks. Survived by his wife of 62 years, Ellen Fiske of Greeley Hill, CA.

Doris Hardman Hoover
January, 2004

Wilmot "Bill" Hess
April, 2004
A distinguished scientist whose intellectual turf included outer space, nuclear weapons, oil-spill impacts, weather modification, tornado detection and cosmic rays. He was a high-ranking NASA official during the Apollo missions to the moon in the late 1960s and served as Associate Director of the U.S. Department of Energy. Survived by his wife of 53 years, Winifred Lowdermilk Hess, an alumna of I-House.

Robert S. Levy
June, 2004
A former biochemistry professor at the University of Louisville's School of Medicine and founding chairman of the Louisville Emergency Medical Services Board of Directors. He received several awards for community service and established a program that provides stuffed toys for ambulance staff to give to children.

Wendell Ralph Lipscomb
May, 2004
See article

Elizabeth Wright Mills
April, 2004

Russell Fiddyment, Jr.
March, 2004
Raised turkeys on the family property in Roseville and was a real estate broker specializing in agricultural properties.

Ted Rusmore
March, 2004
Served on the faculty of San Jose State University for 35 years. His love of life, a good joke, travel, and good friends will be remembered by many, as will his sharp mind and contributions to teaching and research in psychology. Survived by his wife, Jean Heying Rusmore, also an alumna of I-House.

1950s Alumni

William "Bill" Jarrett
December, 2003
Survived by his wife Florence and four children, former president of Southbay Metallurgical Engineering. Bill's sister-in-law, Marion Alice Jarrett, was introduced to her late husband, Frank, by Bill and recalls the wonderful times they all had together at I-House.

Andrée G. Marr
May, 2004

1960s Alumni

Werner H. Schurter
January, 2004

1970s Alumni

Alfredo Anderson
April, 2004

Friends of International House

Laurance Rockefeller
July, 2004

A central member of one of the first families of American civic, social, economic, and philanthropic life who used his family's fortune to fund conservation efforts and aviation enterprises. His father, John D. Rockefeller, fostered a tradition of philanthropy which included funding the establishment International Houses in New York, Berkeley, Chicago, and Paris.

Georgiana Gerlinger Stevens
April, 2004
An expert on the Middle East and correspondent for the Atlantic . Sherry Warrick recalls that Georgiana was brilliant and scholarly and was a very active member of the I-House Board and several committees from 1964 to 1991. As a Cal student in the 1920s, she fell in love with the Bay area and returned after living in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and Washington, D.C.

Gifts in Memory

The gifts received below were received between March 20 and September 20, 2004. The name of the honoree is listed in bold followed by the names of donors.

Mr. Alfredo Anderson
Margaret Guheen Anderson

Please send information for In Memoriam to: I-House Times Editor, 2299 Piedmont Ave, Berkeley, CA 94720 or e-mail

Mrs. Lorraine W. S. Berry
Mr. Ronald W. Cox
Mr. John H. Paine
Robert Sertich
Robert G. West and Martha G. West

Ms. Toula Bogdanos
Dr. Robert W. Sherburne, Jr.

Mabel Chappel
Ms. Sherri Pierce Sawaya

Hashem Emami
Mr. Shahriar Emami

Mr. Arthur Flores
Ms. Carole S. Chamberlain
Dr. Susan L. Petrakis

Mr. Naranjan Heer
Ms. Patricia A. Heer

Eugene Horwitz
Wilma Horwitz

Frank Jarrett
Ms. Marion Alice Jarrett, RN

Mr. William W. Jarrett
Ms. Marion Alice Jarrett, RN

Clark Kerr
Professor Hla Shwe and Mrs. Sara Shwe

Mr. Kirk C. Lee
Robyn Lee

Dr. Wendell Lipscomb
Ms. Melinda A. Carmack
Dr. Ramona Davis
Dr. and Mrs. Edwin Gordon
Dr. Arthur Hollister
Jack and Grace Hubbard
Ms. Bethann Johnson
Gertrude and Rals Leven
Col. and Mrs. Tito Moruza
Mr. and Mrs. John Oshiro
Ruth Pierce
Dr. Marion Ross
Dr. Franz Wassermann

Ms. Barbara Lynch
Dr. Juliana Roth de Ordonez and Mr. Jaime Ordonez
Mr. Francois Schweizer

Mrs. Katherine Madin
Heinz and Trudi Frei

Mrs. Andrée G. Marr
Elizabeth Hudson Boba

Mr. Paul D. Marr
Mrs. Andrée G. Marr

Henry May
Nancy Baker-Manion

Ann McGiffin
Mr. Paul N. McGiffin

Mrs. Elisabeth K. Peterson
Vincent Peterson

Catherine Cline Pike
Dr. Anne Waybur

Dr. Barry Riccio
Ms. Carole Chamberlain
Ms. Kathryn Harrison

Rafael Rodriguez
Mr. Richard M. Diamond

Lottie Salz
Mrs. Bonnie Jeanne Killip
Mr. Klaus Netter

Diane Sawyer
Mr. Frederic "Ted" Sawyer

Mrs. Georgiana C. Stevens
Dr. Marion Ross

Mr. Arthur Strock
Mr. Richard K. Palmer

Mrs. Marilyn Vaught
Dr. Frederick A. Hagar

Dr. Allan Wilson
Bonnie R. Wilson, Esq.

Gifts in Honor
The gifts received below were received between March 20 and September 20, 2004. The name of the honoree is listed in bold followed by the names of donors.

Vangie Buell
Ms. Constance Fraser

Dr. Wilton S. Dillon
Rebecca E. Hayden

Mrs. Jeanne H. Griffith
Janet and Norman Pease

Paul and Mary Grunland
Mr. and Mrs. Roy H. Elliott

Martha Hertelendy and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Masonek
Janet and Norman Pease

E. Glenn and Gabriella Isaacson
Prof. Peter K. Maier

Mr. Motee K. Jagtianie
Peter J. Ruh

Bethann M. Johnson
Ms. Constance Fraser

Kelly McCartney
Ms. Constance Fraser

Dr. Michael Parsont
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Parsont

Mr. and Ms. W. Sheridan Warrick
Marna Feldt


China is the Topic for Elderhostel, 2005

International House alumni enjoyed returning to the House to be students again at Elderhostel 2004. Front row from left: Vern Haddick, 1950-51; Pat Bauer, IH 1950-1951; Delee Marshall, 1939-1940; and Executive Director Joe Lurie. Middle row : Paul Herman, IH1949-1951; Clifton Amsbury, 1930-1933; Alice Hurst; 1936-1938; and Julijona Fraser, 1948-1951. Back row : Connie Fraser, 1963-1964; Peggy Grunland, IH 1946-1948; and Betty Goren, IH 1951

International House will host an Elderhostel program from June 1 to 7, 2005, focusing on China. For adults ages 55 and better, participating Elderhostel is a great way to return to Berkeley while enjoying classes and activities with others who share your interests. The Program Fee of $629 includes accommodations, meals, lectures and activities.

China in the 21 st Century: Issues and Challenges
June 1-7 (Wednesday to Tuesday)

China has emerged from isolation and built a booming economy that could replace the U.S. as the capitalist engine of the world. The role China chooses to play on the world stage will have a profound impact on the global economy, international relations, the environment, and human rights. Explore these issues with University of California professors and other experts to gain insights into what's behind the headlines. International House has earned a reputation for exceptional academic programs. Two field trips are included in the program fee: a docent-led tour of the magnificent China Gallery at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco and a scenic outing to Napa Valley for two winery tours, wine tasting, and lunch on Sonoma Square with time to shop or visit the historic mission.

Participants stay in renovated rooms with one or two twin beds, with bathrooms "down the hall." Single rooms are available at NO additional cost. Cafeteria meals offer choices to please any palate. Stay additional days for $65 per night including meals, to explore the San Francisco area with easy access to BART and buses.


Country Contacts List

Many thanks to all who have volunteered to serve as Country Contacts and to extend the I-House spirit of welcome! If you need a contact in another country, these alumni have volunteered to receive your inquiries.

Ms. Maria R. Murmis, IH 1991-93
San Isidro, Argentina

Mr. Thomas McCarthy, IH 1948-51
Environmental consultant, Limal, Belgium

Ms. Sybil Climo Negrin, IH 1989-'90
Telecommunications Consultant
West Vancouver, BC

John Ashley Mooney, IH 1987

Dr. Cristelle Albaric, IH 1994-'95
Lawyer, Paris, France
Cristelle invites I-House alumni based in France or traveling there to contact her about gatherings in Paris.

Hans Loës, IH 2000
Ingolstadt, Germany
Hans invites I-House alumni in Germany to contact him about a get-together in Bavaria.

Puja Kumar Bhutani, AICP, IH 1991-'94
Urban Planner/Architect
Mumbai, India
I would be happy to organize a get-together or provide information to I-House alumni living or visiting Mumbai or the region.

Lorenzo Gagliardi, IH 1995
Researcher, University of Milan, Milan, Italy
Many thanks to Lorenzo who helped organize the terrific gathering in Milan!

Dr. Nobuaki Kumagai, IH 1958-60
Past President, Osaka University
Osaka Center, 19 th flr. Aqua-Dojima East,
1-4-4 Dojimahama, kita-ku
Osaka 530-0004 Japan

Mr. Yo Nakahara, IH Former Board Member
Director & CAO Skandia Life Insurance, Japan
Tokyo, Japan

Dr. Achyut Mani Acharya, IH 1975-76
Children's Specialist, Lalitpur, Nepal

Evelyna de Beer, IH 1997
Human Resource Manager, Fortis ASR
Utrecht, Netherlands

Todd Lethata, IH 1992-99
Interfaith Community Development Association, Soweto, South Africa
HIV/AIDS worker in Resettlement Areas
For visiting alumni and students, Todd offers a tour of Soweto

Col. Tito Moruza, IH 1939-40
511 Dwight Place
Berkeley, CA 94704
FAX: 510-848-2886

Taiwan, Province of China
Kang-Li Tony Wu, IH 1995-97
Assistant Prof. of Urban Planning
National Cheng Kung University

John Corley, IH 1953-54
Retired professor, Merced College
Vancouver, WA

Manuelle Jouhet Diamond, IH 1962-63
International Monetary Fund, retired

Lynn Erlich Erfer, IH 1981-83
Director of Marketing, Maui Visitors' Bureau, Maui, Hawaii
I would love to invite any alumni who are island bound to performances by our hula group. Contact me for locations.

Sandra Fu, IH 1994
Oakland, CA
IT Manager

Erik Osborn, IH 1990
Seattle, WA
You're welcome to contact me when you're in the Northwest!

Sharlene Ratcliff-Korenica, IH 1991-93
San Francisco, CA

Nick Polos, IH 1958-62
University Professor
34-02 Duke Ave.
Claremont, CA 91711

Kelly Weichsel-Arya, IH 1985-90
29613 Trotwood Ave.
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275

Viola L. Wu, IH 1996-97
Bruce-Monroe Elementary School, Washington DC
I invite I-House alumni in Washington, DC or in the region for Burmese food at my house and to visit my class to meet my little third grade students.

Lan Ngoc Nguyen, IH 1994
Executive Director, Buss Company Limited
If anyone plans to visit Vietnam feel free to drop me a note. If there are any I-House Alumni in Vietnam or working in Vietnam, I would love to hear from them.


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