Joe Lurie welcomes alumnus John Forbes and son, Michael Forbes, back to I-House. Mr. Forbes picked out his view room from the blue prints before the House was built and can claim to be the very first official resident of the House!

I-House Berkeley: More than ever Your Connection to the World
Just as those first International House friendships opened the window on the world for so many people, now I-House offers new ways to connect to a global community. Of course, I invite each and every I-House friend and alumnus to return for a visit but for those who can't trek to Berkeley, we are pleased to offer new ways to connect through video, professional networking, and our e-mail directory.

Leading Filmmaker Produces Impressive House Video
Lupita Aquino Kashiwahara, a leading filmmaker in the Philippines and an I-House Board member, has produced and directed a professional-quality video for the House. Interviews with residents, alumni reminiscences and talented performers reflect the mission and heritage of the House. We are deeply grateful to Mrs. Kashiwahara for countless hours of work and for her devotion to capturing the spirit and vitality of the House. See the VIDEO article for information on how to order your own copy.

I-House is working with the Haas School of Business and the College of Engineering to present the Asia Symposium in Hong Kong in April. For alumni involved in businesses with links around the Pacific Rim, this is an important way to network and to explore new trends in the global marketplace. In addition, a directory of alumni in Asia including professional information will be developed to promote networking.. We are also exploring ways to make our on-line alumni directory more useful for professional linkages. Your suggestions are most welcome!

Join the I-House E-mail Directory
Growing numbers of alumni have added their information to the e-mail directory on the I-House website. If you have access to the World Wide Web, please add your information. Our website has more than 500 visits per week. Alumni learn about events and re-connect with old friends while future residents "tour" the House and apply for residence.

Participate in a Program
Local alumni are invited to participate in programs and those from afar may wish to plan a visit around one of our special events:
SpringFest on April 18 is our biggest event of the year and a reflection of decades of memorable Festivals directed by Eugenie Carneiro. Held in conjunction with Cal Day, you can see performances from around the world and go to special programs on campus.
Folk Dancing, another popular tradition, has returned!
Elderhostel is a popular way to return to the House, enjoy outstanding classes, and meet a delightful group of people.
Cal Homecoming in September is now an annual event with special activities at I-House and on campus.
Sunday Supper is the oldest tradition of the House, started in 1910 by founder, Harry Edmonds. Let me know if you would like to attend.
Reunions are held at the House each year. On June 6, we will host a gathering for alumni from the 1950's scheduled in conjunction with Elderhostel.
Meals with a resident can be arranged with advance notice. Just call the Alumni Office.
Stop by for lunch or dinner in the Dining Hall. You may be surprised by the quality and variety of ethnic dishes now prepared by our award-winning staff!

These are just a few of the ways you can re-connect with the House and its global community. There certainly have been changes over the years, but I hope you will agree that the spirit is as exciting as it was when you first walked into the Great Hall. I hope to have the opportunity to personally welcome you back to the House!

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