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John Forbes claims the distinction of being First Resident of I-House since he chose his room from the blueprints before the building was built. He recalls making history by taking Yuriko Negi to a fraternity dance -- she was the first Asian woman to do so. "She was so popular that he could take only a few steps before being cut in on!" He is still in contact with Gale Herrick, Adrian Kragen, Elizabeth Reynolds, Walter Frederick Adeline Pardini Cassettari, Bish Lawrence, and Rudy Peterson.

Nathan Scott recalls that Mask and Dagger shows and campus musical activities were the springboard for his career as a composer-arranger-conductor of scores for over 500 television episodes and 100 theatrical films.

John Bergues gives piano and voice concerts, sings in three choruses, and composes daily.

Claire Barricks writes that she is becoming part Swiss after twelve summers in the Berner Oberland.

Lillian Wurzel was awarded the Betty Sellers Memorial Award by the Santa Clara County Human Relations Commission for her community service activities.

A friend remembered...
On a day in 1936 or 1937 Chien Shiung Wu Shanghai arrived at International House from Shanghai to pursue graduate studies in Physics. "Gee Gee" endeared herself to all who knew her. After Berkeley, she moved to the Einstein Center at Princeton University and later, to Columbia University. She married a physicist and they have one son who is at Los Alamos. Her brilliant career was noted in a 1957 issue of Time where she was pictured with two Chinese gentlemen who received the Nobel Prize in physics and with whom she collaborated. Chien Shiung Wu Yuan passed away in February in New York City.


From left, Elisabeth Peterson, Mary Frances Norman, and Helen Randall Nichols-Roy at a reunion of Golden Age friends that was held at the home of Galen Fisher and Mary Ann Fisher in June. The gathering was organized by Helen Nichols-Roy who was in the area visiting Claire Tapley Leaf. Helen and Claire attended the I-House Elderhostel program.

Miguel Jimenez is editor of the International Division Newsletter for the Institute of Food Technologists.

George Cherryhomes was a resident advisor in one of the four I-House residences during the war years when the "Big House" was used by the Navy and I-House moved to four fraternity houses. He served as a missionary in China and Thailand and then as a pastor in the US.

Wilton Dillon, Senior Scholar Emeritus at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, directed a symposium honoring the spirit of Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who saved Jews from the Nazis in Budapest in 1944. "Finding a new generation of young Wallenbergs is one of the aims of this symposium."


1950's REUNION
Save the date, June 6, for a reunion of alumni from the 1950's.
See article for more information.

Kian Kwan, professor of sociology at California State University, Northridge, edited a collection of original papers entitled Individuality and Social Control: Essays in Honor of Tamotsu Shibutani ( JAI Press, 1996).

Talib Haq, a retired criminology forensics professor, visited in April with his wife, Saleema, prior to their pilgrimage to Mecca.

Sampurno Kadarsan writes from Indonesia, "My years at Cal and I-House have contributed much to what I am today: a retired senior scientist of a government research institution with a full sense of satisfaction for being able to serve humanity, my country, and the world in the field of science."

Mina Raines-Lambe Parsont retired and is now teaching adult education classes and substituting. Michael Parsont is retired from the Nuclear Energy Commission. They recently became grandparents for the first time.

Marlene Nanus, formerly Bunny Guttman, writes, "My husband and I moved to Santa Cruz, California, and are hoping to reconnect with some I-House colleagues in Northern California." She teaches computer skills to high school students.

Ragnar Backström and Magnus Backström visited in April and enjoyed the annual Cal Day and SpringFest activities. Father and son are both alumni and gave each other the trip from Finland in celebration of their birthdays–70th and 40th. Ragnar volunteers as curator of the Langinkoski Imperial Fishing Lodge Museum in Finland and Ragnar works in commercial banking.


Martha Ann Atkins, Professor of English at Iowa State University and Director of the University Gerontology Program, retired in June. She continues consulting work, serves on the board of the Gerontology Society of Iowa, and works with hospice.

Barbara Lambie Mino is living in Missoula, Montana, where she is an artist and high school art teacher. At Berkeley, she met her husband, Oswaldo, originally from Ecuador.

K.R. Balachandran, "Bala," is a professor of accounting and operations management at NYU. He will be on a sabbatical leave in India during 1997-1998.

Frank Robl is an engineer for the Boeing Company and lives in Bellevue, Washington.

Graeme Orr calls all "joggers, bon viveurs, Francophiles, and chums of Louis Drouot" for their annual 20 km jog along forest trails south of Paris. This year's jog took place in October. Contact Graeme in Scotland by e-mail at to participate next year.

Karen Fanta Zumbrunn was cited as "a New Jersey notable to watch" for her ability to convey her love of music to an audience. She performs a wide range of music from blues to jazz to old standards and is an associate professor of music at Middlesex County College in Edison, NJ.


Cigdem Cizakca Kagitcibasi was honored by Wellesley College for her contributions to cross-cultural psychology and for her work promoting the well-being of mothers and children. She studied disadvantaged children in Turkey whose mothers were trained to enrich their children's development. The Mother-Child Education Foundation, of which she is a founding member, is now coordinating large-scale applications of the program in Turkey and other countries.

Peter Guttorp is a professor at the University of Washington and recently became the Director of an EPA-funded National Research Center for Statistics and the Environment.

Jonathan Petrak has been practicing law with the Los Angeles County Public Defender's office for the past eight years. He and his wife, Cindy, celebrated the birth of a daughter, Jessica, in April.

Laura Wong works with the Japan Documentation Center at the Library of Congress.


Jim Murdoch is Head of Department of the School of Law at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. "I keep in contact with many I-House friends, they were happy days!"

I-House friends gathered at the wedding of Kristen Pendleton and Vince Murphy in April. From left: Todd Whitehurst (completing his M.D. at UCSF), former Program Director Ann Helm (Director of International Services, College of Staten Island) Vince Murphy (staff scientist at Symyx Technology in Sunnyvale, Kristen Pendleton (training to teach in the Cooking School), Ami Doshi (working on Ph.D. at USC), Susie Reynolds (teaching bilingual education in Minneapolis), and David Giles (married to Susie and working as a chemical engineer).

Leave it to Kamran Nemati to joke with Mother Teresa! "Meeting Mother Teresa was one of the biggest events of my life, an honor I will never forget. I visited her home in Calcutta three years ago and asked her to bless me twice. She blessed me and then asked why twice. I replied, 'In case one of them doesn't go through, I am sure the other will,' and then we laughed."

Margaret Collins Andrews works as a management consultant and has two sons. "My husband, Chris Haley, and I are living in the Boston area after moving out here in the 1990 so that I could attend the MIT Sloan School."

Linda Liaw completed her EMBA at Chapman University and has been working at Wells Fargo Bank for 10 years.

Paula Elmore is a market analyst for the French Trade Commission in San Francisco, where she writes custom marketing studies for French high-tech companies and helps them find partnerships with US firms. After leaving I-House, she studied for a masters degree in International Relations at Cambridge University and an MBA in France.

Zolkipli Mohd. Aton is a learning consultant with Sarawak Shell Berhard in Sarawak, Malaysia, "married, blessed with a daughter and two sons."

Marco Pavone, an associate math professor at University of Palermo, Italy, writes, "I am 37 but still not married! I sing in a choir as I did at Cal. Thanks to e-mail, I am still in contact with many friends from I-House."


Giulia Guarnieri is finishing up her Ph.D in Romance Language and Literature at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Anders Yang has joined Harvard Law School in the newly created position of Coordinator of Externship Programs. After graduating from HLS, he practiced law in Los Angeles and Boston before assuming his current position.

Mike Zingg moved to Japan and is conducting audits all over Asia as a senior internal auditor for Novartis.

Niels Swinkels writes, "I miss I-House terribly and all the great people I met there. I really enjoy the I-House web page. It's a great way to find out what's going on in this special place. Hopefully, more alumni will add their information, so I will know how to get in touch with people I lost contact with."

Helcio Tokeshi is an economist at the World Bank and resides in Bethesda, MD.

Tetsuya Aizawa and Michiko Otani met at I-House and were married last year after returning to Japan from Berkeley. Tetsuya is a Ph.D student in engineering and Michiko is pursuing another master's in law. "Our friend who once lived in I-House said to us, 'I-House has a magical power to match people,' and we sure agree!"

Mikiko Murakami is the assistant director of technological affairs at JETRO San Francisco.

Jonathan Eisenberg practices civil litigation with the San Francisco-San Jose law firm of Jackson, Tufts, Cole & Black and serves on the Visual Arts Committee in Mountain View, CA.

Congratulations to Nicolien de Jager and Thilo Maurer who were married in July in the Netherlands. "We met in I-House in October, 1992, so it will always be a special place in our hearts."

Eric Olander is a producer of world news programs for CNN International and lives in Atlanta.

Bess Carolina Dolmo returned from Cuba where she was researching the economic situation. She plans to go to law school.

Anne Forbes writes that she had 13 foreign visitors over the summer in her house in Glasgow, Scotland, including Sarah Price, Rob Avila, Jan Johnson, John Latz, Urvashi Sahni, Carrie Beam, Mareike Claasson, Arturo Magidin, and Kevin Koeller. "It feels like the Glasgow I-House and I'm really proud of that!"


1930's Alumni

Vernon T. Archibald
September, 1997

William D. Gwinn
May, 1997

William R. Holman
June, 1997

Samuel I. Jacobs
April, 1997

Plato Malozemoff
August, 1997

George F. Moynahan
August, 1997

Charles H. Ramsden
August, 1997

Jean Macduff Vaux
March, 1997

1940's Alumni

Thomas Barber
June, 1997

Jeanne Bradley Ganahl
June, 1997

Robert F. Girard
July, 1997

Paul Marr
July, 1996

John Hunter Wright
January, 1997

1950's Alumni

Franco M. Nicosia
March, 1997

1960's Alumni

William S. Cooper
April, 1997

Helyn Louie Belton
March, 1997

1970's Alumni

Sara Bavousett Aleshire
May, 1997

Friends of I-House

Helyn Louie Belton
March, 1997

Dorothy Davis
September, 1997

Dorothy M. Duffield
August, 1997

Herbert W. Funk
September, 1997

Marie Louise Rosenberg
April, 1997

Donald Sandner
March, 1997

Robert Sinton
June, 1997

Richard Lewis Swig
September, 1997

Samuel Paul Welles
August, 1997

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