Scaffolding, cement trucks, and computer wiring wizards have been a familiar sight in and around International House during the past year. Projects include:

  • A ramp for wheelchair access replaced an unreliable outdoor elevator while maintaining the architectural heritage of the building.
  • Seismic safety improvements were completed in resident hallways.
  • 72 rooms were renovated in the first phase of a three-year plan to renovate all resident rooms.
  • Two of the three elevators were overhauled.
  • The dome was repaired, water-proofed, and painted.
  • Major roof repairs were completed, including seismic upgrades.
  • Electrical and fire safety improvements were completed.
  • Computer-dedicated lines to resident rooms were installed and will be in operation in spring '98.
  • Exterior painting is scheduled to begin in June, 1998.

Additional major projects in the planning phase pending funding include: renovation of 400 more resident rooms, restoration of the entrance to the House, renovation of Heller Patio including wheelchair access, and replacement of the floor in the Chevron Auditorium.

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