A special new award, the Kalpakan Award for Volunteer Work, will be initiated this year to recognize international residents who volunteer their time and energy in the Bay Area community. Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous I-House alumnus, outstanding volunteer work will be properly celebrated when this award is presented each Spring at the final candlelight Sunday Supper of the year.

Volunteerism in this case is defined in the broadest sense - one human being helping another - for no obvious reward. Whether it is tutoring a younger student, reading to a sightless person or participating in a fund raising "hike for the homeless," when we give of ourselves unselfishly, we receive great personal satisfaction but no tangible rewards.

To encourage residents to participate in such programs, a bulletin board next to the one for "fellowships and job opportunities" will list a variety of volunteer opportunities in the community. Information will also be available in the Program Office.

Anyone may nominate an international student or scholar for outstanding contributions through volunteer activities. Nomination forms are available in the Program Office.

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