Twenty-four alumni returned to the House in June to become students again for a week with Elderhostel 1998. Among those who attended were (from left): Ed Clark (IH 52-54), Clifford Wurfel (IH 51-52), Donald Roberts (IH 36-37), Mildred Stockton Roberts (35-38), Carol Meyer (52-53), Sally Cooney Underwood (56-58), Doug Underwood (56-58), Eva Lehman (63), Dick Lehman (60-62), Norma Garrigues Dobay (59-60), and Gabor Dobay (59-60).

The Elderhostel program is a great way for alumni and friends who are over the age of 55 to return to Cal and enjoy outstanding classes at I-House. A fee of $410 covers classes, meals, accommodations, and local outings. Elderhostel offers scholarships, based on need, that can cover these fees.

June 6-12, 1999

1. California History: A Cross-Cultural Overview from Gold Rush to the Present
Discover the contributions of immigrants to the development of California from the Gold Rush to the present day. We'll learn about the rich history of one of the nation's most diverse regions. Professor Charles Wollenberg returns to teach this fascinating class.

2. Multi-Cultural Riches: Berkeley and the East Bay
On field trips, we will explore historical sites, museums, and the contributions of immigrant populations to enhance information presented in the California History class. Most field trips require walking on hilly terrain.

3. Health, Happiness, and Longevity: Current Research
Examine the latest research on how we can promote wellness, energy, and happiness and reduce stress, illness, and depression. Taught by psychology professor and I-House alumnus, Terry Maul. Focus on how to apply scientific knowledge to enhance physical and mental health.

June 13-19, 1999

1. China Into The 21st Century
Examine the political, economic, and modernizing forces shaping China's future. Emphasis on current issues in US-China relations. We are honored to have Cal Professor Emeritus Robert Scalapino, Asia scholar and author of 38 books, return to teach again with new lectures.

2. Current Issues in International Affairs
Professors and other experts drawn from the university community will discuss recent developments in international relations. Topics will be drawn from the emerging issues of the day including current hot spots around the world.

3. Health, Happiness, and Longevity: Current Research
see #3 above.


Call Elderhostel toll-free at (877) 426-8056 for a free catalog or to register. You will find International House programs listed in Elderhostel's Spring Catalog under "University of California/International House." In recent years, I-House programs have been full by April so don't postpone registering until it's too late!

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