Mildred Stockton Roberts and Don Roberts

1930-1940 Congratulations to Mildred Stockton Roberts and Don Roberts on their 60th wedding anniversary. They returned to International House for the Elderhostel program and classes in the Home Room where they were married in May, 1938!

After attending the Elderhostel program in June, Alice De Rycke Hurst wrote, "It was interesting being back at International House again after so many years. So many changes and yet I felt at home. I was in my old room and saw how desegregation (men and women on the same floor) worked in my corridor. Everyone meets and talks in the hall -- standing, sitting on the floor. I joined them a few times. I like the enlarged Dining Room and the landscaping outside those great windows."

Catherine Fath Sherry and Stefan Riesenfeld

Catherine Fath Sherry (IH 1940-41) chatted with Stefan Riesenfeld at Sunday Supper. Professor Riesenfeld is in his 46th year as a Boalt law professor. Since taking emeritus status in 1976, he has continued to teach almost every semester at Boalt. "I want to make the students aware of future issues -- to have a small feeling of what is coming next."

Jane Hohfeld Galante

1940-1950 Jane Hohfeld Galante received the Presidential Medal of San Francisco State University in recognition of her commitment to chamber music instruction and performance at SFSU for more than 45 years and for her vision of enriching the cultural heritage of the University and the city. President Corrigan noted, "It is your joyous, generous, and creative investment of energy in the Bay Area community that we particularly treasure today. To knowledgeable music lovers, one of the real treasures of Bay Area music is the Morrison Artist Series here at San Francisco State, which places world renowned chamber music within the grasp of absolutely every music lover. And it is your sustaining heart and hand that have maintained this splendid series."

Ira Latour, professor emeritus of art history at CSU, Chico, wrote an article on Ansel Adams in the summer '98 issue of History of Photography, Oxford, UK. As part of the National Arts and Humanities Month, he was presented with the City of Chico's Mayor's Award for Achievement in the Arts in Memory of Joseph Kaveny.

Doris Jones Ralston and Joyce Meldrum

Doris Jones Ralston (left) had a wonderful visit with Joyce Meldrum (right) in Australia. She is "retired from test tubes and culture plates to the care and management of Mara and Nolan who provide me with a lively life-full of the mess and activities of incipient teenagers."

To commemorate the achievements of Albert Hirschman, Princeton's Institute for Advanced Study is creating the Albert O. Hirschman Chair in Economics in recognition of his "extraordinary contributions to the understanding of international economics, political economy, and the history of economic thought."

Clive Justice and Wanda Peckinpah Justice celebrated the 50th anniversary of their I-House wedding in June at a reception at the Vancouver Unitarian Church.

Jean Lamb Benson sends her greetings from New York to "Golden Age" friends. "Ray and I live quietly with plenty of books, music, and conversation about politics and international affairs. I hope to see you all at the next reunion!"

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