Charles Hedges sent greetings from Bulgaria to 1950's reunion-goers . Following retirement from the Department of Transportation, he is now teaching economics at Sofia University. In the second year of a three-year assignment, he welcomes visitors who can reach him through Sofia University or at

Elizabeth Hudson Boba recalls the views of Mt. Tamalpais in the setting sun, the arrival of the young Shah of Iran, the Nelsons' wedding at the Russian Orthodox Church. "I left Berkeley in 1952 to work with Radio Free Europe in Munich where I met my husband, Imre Boba. He was appointed to the University Of Washington faculty, specializing in Medieval Eastern Europe and I have shared his interests since. I-House was very good preparation for such a life."

Mike Corley enjoys periodic visits with several alumni including Ulrich Blass and Inge-Lisa Blass, Hans Kaiser, Mina Raines-Lambe Parsont and Michael Parsont, Gertrud Pietz and Leo Vuosalo. Mike is an adjunct professor of English at Clark College in Vancouver, WA and also teaches Italian.

Ruth Sandoval Marcondes, professor emeritus of public health at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, serves as a volunteer consultant with the Association for Thalassemics, a Brazilian NGO.

James Vedder

After a career as a research scientist, James Vedder (above) explored the use of multiple brush devices in ancient pottery and helped recover technology for painting concentric motifs.

Ann Slomer Foti writes, "While my stay at I-House was brief, it was the most significant decision of my life! It was May, 1958, when a young Hungarian Freedom Fighter turned master's candidate proposed to me on our first date in the I-House coffee shop!" The Fotis celebrated their 40th Anniversary during the summer in Budapest and in New York where they make their home.

Youn-Cha Shin Chey was honored by the Koret Foundation and awarded the 1998 Koret Prize, "For exemplary contributions to the resettlement of Jews from the former Soviet Union and other immigrants to the Bay Area."

A book by Renata Polt, A Thousand Kisses: A Grandmother's Holocaust Letters, will be published by the University of Alabama Press this winter. She also does film reviews for the Pacific Sun, cultural reporting for Hadassah Magazine and travel articles for a various magazines.

Angelica Benndorf Eisenhardt enjoys applying her concern for international understanding by teaching English to visiting scholars at Cal, working as a Spanish interpreter for Worker's Compensation cases, organizing a French conversation circle with Cal Alumni Singles, traveling extensively, and spending time with six grand-children.

Katsumi Tanaka is professor emeritus of physics at Ohio State University.

Donald Sherinian recently moved to California to open an immigration law office. "My experiences at I-House have been invaluable to my practice."

Robert Duffy retired from the Office of Legislative Counsel after 30 years as supervisor of the Public Resources/Environmental Law Section, responsible for drafting all state laws in that area since 1968 including the California Environmental Quality Act.


Would you like to re-connect with old friends from I-House? Send a letter addressed with his/her name,

c/o Development & Alumni Office
International House
2299 Piedmont Ave.
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We'll do our best to forward your message.

1960-1970 Alumni Contacts: Kyohei Sakuda, 2-507 1769-1 Fukazawa-cho, Nagaoka Niigata, Japan; Takeshi Ueda, 6-7-14-501 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 107 and Harvey Williams III, Dept. of Sociology, Univ. of the Pacific, Stockton, CA 95211.

Philip Kosky and Mike Ting

Philip Kosky (left) and Mike Ting renewed their 40 year friendship when Mike visited Philip's home in upstate New York. Mike is the vice president of an industrial equipment company in Singapore. He and his wife, Eugenia, have one son. Philip works on "things chemical" in a large research laboratory. He and his wife, Betty, are parents of two married daughters.

After 11 years in Beirut at the American University of Beirut, John Olmsted and Eileen Collins Olmsted now make their home in Fullerton, CA.

50th Wedding Anniversary

I-House is a family tradition! Celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, I-House New York alumni Prita (center) and Abdussattar Shalizi with New York's Director, Don Cuneo, attended the all-International House alumni gathering in Washington, DC. Prita and Abdussattar are the parents of I-House Berkeley alumnus Zmarak Shalizi, who served as the World Bank host for our party, and grandparents of I-House Berkeley alum Cosma Shalizi.

Charles Corman makes his home in London where, after 36 years as a corporate law partner with Titmuss, Sainer, Dechert, he is now a consultant, practicing corporate law and acting as a trustee for private and charitable trusts.

Former California governor, Jerry Brown won a landslide victory over ten rivals in Oaklandıs mayoral election. His term begins in January.

Roberta Taylor Shaw, who taught a class for I-House Elderhostel on Russian art and culture, led a grand fall tour of Moscow and St. Petersburg, highlighting art and history.

Chris Wills and Liz Fong Wills served on a committee to design an I-House at UCSD. Liz is a volunteer program advisor for the UCSD Friends of the International Center and Chris is a biology professor at UCSD.

1970-1980 Alumni Contacts: Laureen Chang, 2169 Adair St., San Marino, CA 91108; Hiro Kurashina, MARC, Univ. of Guam, Mangilao, Guam, 96923; Jeffrey Polovina, 196 Pauahilani Place, Kailua, HI 96734; Dave Seaborg, 1154 Glen Rd., Lafayette, CA 94549, and Toshiyuki Shigemura, 2-19-1144 Ikego, Zushi City, Kanagawa 249, Japan.

Louis Weiner is the Executive Director of the Marin Symphony in Marin County, CA.

Shrinivas Kulkarni of California Institute of Technology, was leader of a team that helped calculate the huge size of a mysterious explosion in distant space that was detected last December and rivaled the power of the Big Bang.

Arun Sarin, President and COO of AirTouch Communications and member of the Board of Directors of I-House, joined the Board of Cisco Systems, a San Jose provider of networking products.

Angela Gedye wrote a clinical book entitled Behavioral Diagnostic Guide for Developmental Disabilities, a practical guide for improving the diagnosis of many severe behaviors in people with mental retardation. "I love Vancouver but miss Berkeley at times."

Elaine Adler Goodfriend now lives in the San Fernando Valley with her husband Mark and four children. She completed her Ph.D. in Near Eastern Studies in 1990 and teaches at various institutions in southern California.

Emilio Haddad is a professor of urban planning at Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil.

1980-1990 Alumni Contacts: Laureen Chang, 2169 Adair St., San Marino, CA 91108; Hiro Kurashina, MARC, Univ. of Guam, Mangilao, Guam, 96923; Jeffrey Polovina, 196 Pauahilani Place, Kailua, HI 96734; Dave Seaborg, 1154 Glen Rd., Lafayette, CA 94549, and Toshiyuki Shigemura, 2-19-1144 Ikego, Zushi City, Kanagawa 249, Japan, e-mail

Andrea Metz Sankaran and Gopal Sankaran announce the birth of Alex Krishna, born June 29. Gopal is a professor of health at West Chester in West Chester, PA.

Simon Lewis began work as Queen Elizabeth's Communications Secretary on September 1. The former PR chief of Britain's leading gas company was called upon to improve the image of the royal family although a spokesperson denied that he was a "spin doctor."

Congratulations to Kamran Nemati who accepted a position as associate professor in construction management and civil engineering at the University of Washington in Seattle. Kamran was elected to the grade of fellow in the American Society of Civil Engineers. E-mail:

David Rosania graduated from the University of Illinois College of Medicine and will complete his internship and residency at Ravenswood Hospital in Chicago and at Stanford Hospital Medical Center.

Congratulations to Sjef van Erp on his June marriage to Beatrix Jacobs. He is professor of civil law and European private law at Maastricht University in the Netherlands.

1990-PRESENTAlumni Contacts: Maria Chavez, 925 Harliss Ave., San Jose, CA 95110; Prithvi Gandhi, 1500 Locust St. #3209, Philadelphia PA 19102 e-mail and Anders Yang, Harvard Law School, Austin Hall #204, Cambridge MA 02138,

Congratulations to Bjorn Poonen, assistant math professor at Cal, who received a fellowship from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation. He is one of 24 promising young scientists who will receive $125,000 a year for five years for scientific research.

Congratulations to Rafael Gaston Gelos who married Erzsebet Melczes in August. Gaston submitted his Ph.D. thesis at Yale in economics and recently started working at the International Monetary Fund in Washington, DC.

Everardo Pedraza brought more than 40 high school students from Roosevelt High School in southeast Fresno to I-House on a tour planned to inspire them to apply to Cal. "Memories of UC Berkeley and the I-House experience are reverberating through my soul as I think of my students visiting their future university."

Thilo Maurer and Nicolien Maurer-deJager announce the birth of Lucas Vincent, born on March 22. Both work for a Dutch nature conservation organization.

Jan Mark Noworolski received the top award in the Merrill Lynch Forum for inventing a way of making chip-sized power converters that could reduce the size and complexity of portable electronics. The award included a prize of $50,000.

Todd Lethata writes from South Africa that he welcomes correspondence from others involved in community development. He is working as a Community Organizer for the Interfaith Community Development Association in Braamfontein. "My stay in the I-House has been a valuable learning curve for me since I learnt about people coming together from diverse cultural backgrounds."

Jennifer Griesbach, harpsichordist, organist, and Baroque stage director, played harpsichord in the Home Room in a memorable and intimate performance for the June Elderhostel program.

Jang-Jay H. Kim received his Ph.D. at Northwestern University and is currently a senior research engineer at Sandia National Laboratory in New Mexico in the Department of Nuclear Safety.

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