1930's Alumni

Frank Hobbs died June 1, 1999.

Richard W. Jennings, professor emeritus of law and an internationally known expert on corporate law and securities regulation, died August 9. Jennings was a tireless advocate for investor protection and corporate responsibility. He served on the Boalt faculty from 1947-'83. He is survived by his wife of 64 years, Betty Jennings.

Wing Lew died April 2, 1999. He served as president of Sociedad Immobiliaria Norte America for St. Joseph's Minerals in Argentina.

1940's Alumni

John P. Carter, professor emeritus, Haas school of Business, died March 3, 1999.

Bart Cooper, philosophy professor at College of San Mateo, died March 10. Dr. Cooper was a talented pianist and amateur radio operator despite being totally blind since early childhood.

Caroline Paddock, a librarian at Louisiana Tech University, died May 18. She also served as a librarian with the Armed Forces Services in Germany.

William Russ died June 4, 1999. He was a sales manager for Kaiser Steel and an automotive journalist for 14 years.

Eugene Horwitz died September 21, 1999. He taught in Oakland schools for 25 years teaching government and economics at Skyline High. Gene was an inspiration to his students, with an expectation for high standards in academics and behavior. "Gene went the extra mile for his friends and his friends were legion," recalls Marion Ross. He is survived by his wife, Wilma Horwitz.

Peter Salz died August 1. Born in Czechoslovakia, he immigrated to the U.S. and settled in San Francisco. After graduating from Cal, he worked as an engineer, stock broker, and real estate developer.

1950's Alumni

Estelle M. Depper died April 1, 1999. She was Vice president and Managing Senior Counsel at Wells Fargo Bank.

Chiyoko Tokunaga died October 4. She was born in Hiroshima prefecture in Japan and served as a professor at Kobe Women's College and a professor of genetics at UC Berkeley for 30 years.

1960's Alumni

Anne Waltemade Partridge died June 10, 1999. She was manager of the Lafayette and Moraga Public Libraries.

1970's Alumni

Arpita Agrawal Mashes died August 1. A respected educator and leader in the Indian community, Mishra served as Dean of Instructional Services and Technology at Evergreen College in San Jose, CA. She earned a doctorate in linguistics at Berkeley and met her husband Ramesh Mishra at I-House. The couple married in 1977. Their daughter, Bhawana Highest, is a current I-House resident and Cal Student.

1990's Alumni

Allan Homsy

Friends of International House

Eve Freudenthal, an alumna of International House in New York and life-long social activist. She is survived by her husband, Dan Fruedenthal.

Kathryn Herrick McCrodden died July 27, 1999. She met and married Howard McCrodden in Istanbul where the couple taught for several years. After a career as a campus research librarian, she was a frequent auditor of classes in international relations including Elderhostel programs at I-House. Noted for her adventurous spirit, McCrodden climbed Mt. Whitney alone in he mid 70's, went paragliding, and was spotted jogging on Telegraph Ave. into her 80's. McCrodden loved the University and established an endowed scholarship fund to help Turkish students live at I-House.