Gedanken Annuity Benefits I-House AND Her Retirement Needs

When Marcia Tillson Gedanken first learned about charitable gift annuities, her main concern was planning for a secure financial future. "At first I wasn't thinking about how it would benefit Cal, but when I discovered that I could help the University- and I-House ill particular- I became much more interested."

Some of Marcia's fondest memories of I-House were at the ski lodge built by I-House residents and alumni. "I wasn't a skier, but I loved going to Lake Tahoe to take a break from my studies and see my friends," says Gedanken who lived in I-House in 1947-'48 and 1951-'52. "I 1ike the whole concept of living with people from around the world in an inclusive community. It fits in with everything I believe in," she adds.

At Cal, Marcia met her late husband, Bernard, who was getting his master's degree in mathematics. Marcia earned her master's degree in social work. After a career in child welfare, foster care, and international adoptions, Marcia is now retired and enjoys traveling around the globe.

"This charitable gift annuity has meant everything to me. Not only has it provided me with a monthly income, but the Office of Planned Giving has also been a wonderful resource for other matters." The annuity will fund the Tillson-Gedanken Scholarship Fund to help students live at I-House.

Financial security is a factor that affects everyone, regardless of retirement plans. Those who also wish to help I-House call benefit from several highly effective retirement income sources and take advantage of income tax deductions.

Charitable gift annuities are contracts between donors and the UC Berkeley Foundation. The donor gives cash or securities to Cal and receives fixed payments for life. Payments can begin immediately or may be deferred.

Charitable remainder trusts come in several different forms, including an annuity trust, which makes fixed payments or a unitrust which pays an agreed upon percentage of the trust's assets valued annually.

Pooled income funds are common funds in which gifts from many donors are combined for investment purposes. UC Berkeley offers four pooled income options to meet different financial objectives.

For more information on how charitable alternatives might fit into your own retirement plans, please contact I-House Development Director Kate McClintock at (510) 642-0124.

Based on an article in the Fall 1999 Cal Futures publication of the Office of Planned Giving.