As part of the planning process for International House, surveys were mailed to a representative group of 6,500 alumni. The most notable finding was the depth of alumni support.

Almost 90% had excellent or very good experiences at I-House, half have maintained contact with I-House friends, and an impressive 16% would be interested in volunteering. One third are interested in expanded online services. 18% felt that I-House influenced career choices and 86% the House broadened their perspective on the world.

There was interest holding alumni gatherings in Berkeley, Washington DC, and Los Angeles. Twenty-five percent of those who responded were interested in receiving e-mail updates on House activities.

Some comments…

"It was one of the greatest experiences in my life. I learned about myself and others from different cultural backgrounds. I met friends for life."

"The best part of my Berkeley education!"

"I-House was a home away from home."

"The opportunity to meet students from other countries is an education in itself."

"I learned tolerance, got rid of prejudice, and made many good friends."

"Although it will be 20 years since I first passed through I-House doors, the memories I have of that place and its residents are vivid and fond."