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As many in our community know, our sister institution in Chicago has been threatened with closure— in part because ongoing major maintenance and renovation work could not, to date, be adequately funded. I sincerely hope there is the time, will and financial support to enable I-House Chicago and its building to survive.

Aside from the possible positive effect of the outpouring of supportive letters from alumni and residents from Chicago, Berkeley and New York, the potential tragedy of the situation reminds me of the need to be absolutely resolute in our determination to fund and complete all of our remaining major renovation projects within the next five years, per our ten-year building plan. The estimated cost to finish this work is about $7 million. We will need to raise about $2.5 to $3 million as revenue from operations and income from reserves over five years can produce about $4 million.

We are blessed with generous alumni, a tenacious House Committee overseeing our capital projects, a deeply committed Board of Directors and a talented staff — all together as a family having contributed to our significant renovation progress over the past five years. During May and June, we will complete seismic safety work in all but a few resident rooms.

I am confident that there is the will for us to fund and complete our work so that the next generation of residents will come to know the beauty of our building and the richness of the experience it offers. I am very grateful to all of those in our community who have contributed in many ways to the strength and vitality of our institution.

Joseph Lurie

Executive Director