Anne Gu, current resident

Have you been puzzled about selecting stocks? Resident Anne Gu certainly knows how to make the right choice. She selected a portfolio of five stocks for an investment competition that outperformed portfolios of students around the state. Anne's portfolio return in just eight weeks was a remarkable 98.7 per cent.

Anne took First Place in “Investment Challenge” sponsored by Fisher Investments, Inc., competing against 400 entrants from five California universities to win $1,500 in prize money. She very generously donated a portion of her winnings to I-House noting, “I-House is a very special place to me.”

Originally from Taiwan, Province of China, Anne has lived in the US for 25 years and at I-House since 1998. Returning to school has taken great discipline. “My desire to attend the Haas School of Business was inspired by adversity. To find a better life, I moved my family from Taipei to Paris for two years, then to Toronto for a year, then finally to California. I started life again here with empty hands but great determination and streams of energy and enthusiasm.”

Returning to school at Haas is my dream come true yet having a chance to live in I-House is equally rewarding. At I-House I met my wonderful roommate Sevil Salur who is from Turkey. We will always be friends. Just having conversations in the Dining Hall with talented residents is pure joy and sometimes very inspiring. It is also fascinating to see the colorful cultural events which are blended so well in this quiet, peaceful and beautiful environment for learning and studying! I-House has a very special place in my heart.

Anne is completing her B.A. in Business Administration with an emphasis in finance and will graduate in August. When asked about future plans, Anne replied that she might start her own mutual fund. In addition to determination, energy, enthusiasm and soon, a Cal degree, Anne certainly makes the right choice when selecting stocks!