Executive Director's Message



        I am so pleased and proud to tell you that International House has been selected from among thousands of non-profit organizations for a documentary which will air on PBS television stations across the United States beginning early this summer. The House was selected for filming by The Visionaries “because of the vision that inspires tolerance and helps to create a more peaceful world,” notes Producer/Director Beth Murphy.

        The Visionaries, a non-profit organization which produces this innovative series for PBS, will focus on I-House friendships that transcend race, religion, and nationality. Interviews with alumni and current residents will complement footage from programs that capture the spirit of I-House.

        “Visionaries programs are positive, educational documentaries that highlight the work of non-profits,” says Ms. Murphy. “I-House's encouragement of cultural exchange to shatter stereotypes is exactly the type of ‘visionary’ mission that we seek to share with our viewers.”

        The half-hour documentary will be hosted by actor Sam Waterson who volunteers his time to host the acclaimed series. His Oscar-nominated performance in The Killing Fields inspired him to become involved with Refugees International and through this program, Waterson became interested in The Visionaries series. "I believe that the central idea of The Visionaries— doing what you can about huge intractable problems— is an idea worth encouraging," he says of his involvement with the series.

        Sun Microsystems is the Major Episode sponsor of the documentary. We are extremely grateful to Board member Michaele Rittenberg for securing Sun Microsystems’ pledge of $75,000 in support of this project to spread the message of International House throughout the country.

        It is an honor to be selected for this series about non-profits that make the world a better place. Over the past 70 years, more than 50,000 lives have been touched by the experience of living in International House. Our alumni do indeed make the world a better place— as teachers, engineers, attorneys, Nobel Prize winners, community volunteers, and government leaders who understand the value of building understanding, one friendship at a time.

        The documentary on International House will be aired on more than 125 public broadcasting channels over the next two years. For program schedules, watch your local listings and I-House publications, or visit the website at after June 15 and click on the link to I-House on Public Television.

        And to all of you who have been part of the I-House experience and have contributed in different ways to the growth and vitality of the House, this national testimonial is a fitting tribute to your commitment.

Joseph Lurie
Executive Director