$75,000 Needed to Reach Goal



        Considered by residents, alumni, and visitors to be one of the most inviting and attractive areas of the House, the Heller Patio provides a peaceful setting for meals, study, conversation and special functions. While the upper level of the patio is accessible to people with disabilities, the lower patio can only be accessed by steps. To enable disabled I-House residents and visitors access to the lower level of the Heller Patio, we will build an elevator tower in the southeast corner of the patio.

        “I have lived in the House for two years,” said Victor Pineta, a disabled resident from Venezuela, “and I have only been on the lower patio once, when my friends carried me down the stairs. I am looking forward to the day when I can go there on my own in my wheelchair.”

        Because of the very generous support of alumni and friends, we have already raised $111,000 toward our project goal of $185,000 for the disabled access elevator. If you would like to make a contribution in support of this project, please use the enclosed reply envelope noting “Disabled Access Elevator” on the envelope. For more information, contact Kate McClintock, Director of Development, at 510-642-1024 or email: kmcclint@uclink.berkeley.edu.