We'd Like to Put Your Experiences in Print!



        Do you have a story to tell about a meaningful I-House experience? In celebration of the 70th Anniversary of International House, stories that bring to life seven decades of I-House history will be published in Cross-Cultural Interactions: 70 Years of the International House Experience. The booklet will chronicle the interactions and events that have made a difference in the lives of thousands of residents, forever changing the way they view people from around the world.

        Executive Director Joe Lurie notes, “For many alumni, their years at I-House made a profound impact on who they are and how they view the world. All alumni and friends of I-House are invited to share those experiences by sending us their reflections on the events and interactions that were particularly meaningful.”

        Jim Gregg (IH 1950), retired Graduate Dean and Associate Vice-President at California State University, Chico, writes:

        Before moving into International House at Berkeley in 1950, I was told that my roommate would be Japanese. I had served in the Navy in World War II… Taro had been drafted into the Japanese army late in the war. He confided that he was fearful that his roommate would be a six-foot ex-Marine who had pulled fingernails out of Japanese prisoners. I responded that I had similar misgivings. The I-House experience allowed former wartime enemies to become close friends and overcome the powerful stereotypes each had of the other.

        Andrew Riggle (IH 1995-97) writes:

        The process of world-opening continues on both a personal and professional level to this day. It is my experience at I-House that I credit for my interest in, involvement with, and commitment to the international student community at the University of Washington. It is on the foundation laid by I-House that I have built a passion for international development work with a particular focus on disability and development… I may no longer live at I-House but I-House will always live in me.

        Please e-mail your stories to or mail to Development Office, 2299 Piedmont Ave., Berkeley, CA 94720. Be sure to include your name and years at I-House.

        The deadline for sending in your reflections on I-House experiences for inclusion in Cross-Cultural Interactions: 70 Years of the International House Experience has been extended until June 1, 2001.