A Trip Down Memory Lane



        Alumni from all eras joined with current residents to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of International House at a Lodestar Program on February 26. The celebration included a reception for 150 residents, alumni, and guests, dinner in the Chevron Auditorium, and a program featuring speakers from every decade who reflected on their own I-House experiences and the context of times. The result was a very personal view of seven decades of I-House history from the perspective of those who lived here.

        While experiences varied, appreciation for the House and for the values it represents was shared by all. Stories from the evening and from alumni letters are being gathered for the publication described below.


        Ten Rotary World Peace Scholars will be welcomed to the Berkeley campus in August, 2002. Rotary’s vision provides generous financial support for two years of master level degree study at seven carefully selected centers around the world, including UC Berkeley. The ten scholars will live at International House.

        I-House has long-standing relationships with Rotary Clubs including a community visit program sponsored by the Redding Rotary which has given students the opportunity to experience American life beyond Berkeley since 1952.

        General information about Rotary World Peace Scholars is available at http://www.rotary.org/foundation.

Speakers at the 70th Anniversary Celebration