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Jeanne Rathgeber Price enjoyed the I-House documentary shown on PBS stations across the country. "I may not have become a diplomat or government official but wherever I traveled in over 100 countries, I tried to exemplify what I learned at I-House from my many friends and fellow students who wanted to make the world a place of understanding and sharing."

Note: If you missed the I-House documentary, you can order a VHS videotape copy for $10 by sending a check payable to International House to the Development Office, 2299 Piedmont Ave. Berkeley, CA 94720.
Marya Welch, the first woman hired in the physical education department at UC Davis, played a key role in establishing sports programs for women. She writes, "True Blue and Gold, retired from UC Davis, and now I have a college named for me!" Marya was one of five faculty and staff members honored in the naming of Colleges at LaRue for contributions to the quality of undergraduate life at Davis.
Tito Moruza and Margaret de Longpre Moruza write, "One of our 2002 New Year's resolutions is to participate in I-House activities after our family visit to Spain in April. Our three kids and ten grandchildren have kept us traveling and absent from Berkeley since our recent permanent move back to our Berkeley home from the farm in Spain."

Barnet Cooperman, a retired judge, serves as a private judge and provides pro bono services to the courts. Roslyn Reisel Cooperman is a governor's appointee to the California Commission on the Status of Women and is a member of the L.A. County Commission for Women. She was awarded the Hannah G. Solomon Award for Outstanding Volunteer Community Service by The National Council of Jewish Women.
Marion Zehnder Jarrett and her crew of workers give blood pressure tests and flu shots, immunizing more than 500 seniors of all nationalities in Cupertino, CA.
Joseph Ehrman retired last March from being Scoutmaster of Boy Scout Troop 14 in San Francisco after serving more than 48 years. "I continue being active with the group but I don't have to sleep on the ground anymore!"
Estella Leopold is retired as Professor of Botany at University of Washington in Seattle and teaches part time.
Jack Davidson has been elected to the school board in Lawrence Kansas and Mary is Secretary of the Democratic Party of the Third Kansas Congressional District.

Marian Cleeves Diamond, UC Berkeley professor of integrative biology observes, "The ideals and reality of Berkeley's I-House are living proofs of people of all races being together daily in successful harmony."
Walter Crafford and Barbara Hyde Crafford write, "Our two-year stay at I-House led to our marriage and to many special friends around the world as well as to embarking on overseas jobs in Pakistan and Sri Lanka. To live among people of different cultures, nationalities, religions, races, and to learn to work together and to respect differences is such an incredible gift of the I-House experience."
Elizabeth Hudson Boba comments, "I am so moved by the expressions of the value of I-House in your November letter! I thank you for my experiences in 1949-52, and I wish you another 70 years of success!"
Joyce Killeen Czellecz writes, "After Sept 11th I am even more appreciative of the friends I met at I-House from 1949 to 1951. Thanks for your good work."
Mary Hansen Sandner recalls, "Living in I-House in the Golden Age, my memories remain golden. I especially look forward to a celebration and gathering for the 75th anniversary of I-House in 2005."

Note: The 75th Anniversary is in the planning stage and your suggestions for activities and other ways to celebrate are welcome. Please send your ideas to the Development Office.

Ida Rigby-Sturla takes groups of students to Japan to study art and architecture. "After September 11, my I-House experience was my constant point of reference for trying to continue to believe in and create the kind of world that I-House gave us a glimmer of."
Arthur Stonehill and his wife, Kari, are retired and live most of the year in Honolulu. After earning a Ph.D. at Cal, he taught at Berkeley, Oregon State, Copenhagen Business School, and University of Hawaii. "I was a program assistant with Rose Byrd in '61-62. That was a memorable year."

Denny Ko is a founding general partner of Los Angeles-based DynaFund Ventures which focuses its investments in emerging companies involved in microelectronics, telecommunications, and information technology.
Pam Routh writes, "I had my 15 minutes of fame this year. As a super numerary, I was the chestnut lady in three performances of San Francisco Ballet!"
Hans Ohanian's book, What Happened to Recess and Why is My Child Struggling In Kindergarten, was recently published by McGraw Hill.
Susan Baird Kanaan worked in the I-House Program Office in 1967-68 and is still in touch with many international friends. Sons, Jubran and Usama, (whose Dad, Adil Kanaan, was at I-House at the same time) are at the World Bank and in medical school. Susan, a writer and editor, is moving back to California with her husband, Benj Thomas, an educator.
Nicholas Polos was awarded a Certificate of Recognition for his service in World War II, The Korean War, and Desert Storm for services "in promoting peace and stability for this nation."
Lester Andrews has been a chemistry professor at the University of Virginia since earning a Ph.D. at Cal in 1966. He won the Lippincott Award in vibrational spectroscopy for 2001.
Johnathan Rodgers, President of Discovery Networks USA, has been elected to the Procter & Gamble Board of Directors.
Philip Kosky writes, "As a 'punishment' for retiring from the GE Research and Development Labs, I am now the Distinguished GE Research Professor in Engineering at Union College in New York. It's a wonderful change of pace."
Elena Vranich continues at Fordham University in New York as a budget administrator. Her husband, Stanko, retired from City University of NY. Her daughter Belisa is a psychologist and son, Alexei, is an archaeologist.
David Fleishhacker's book Lessons From Afghanistan, is a memoir of his Peace Corps service with "observations about geography, history, and culture and how those determine much of what has happened and is likely to happen."

Kathryn Anthony has a new book, Designing for Diversity: Gender, Race and Ethnicity in the Architectural Profession, published by the University of Illinois Press.
Suzan Hagstrom's book, Sara's Children: The Destruction of Chmielnik, records the remarkable survival of five siblings, Polish Jews, during World War II. Interviews, research, and writing spanned seven years while she worked for The Orlando Sentinel as a journalist.
Laura Siegel exhibited her acrylic landscape paintings in San Francisco. Her use of luminous colors prompted a reviewer to note, "Although the titles of Laura Siegel's paintings are geographic locations, the ambivalence of these works is paradisiac rather than geographic."
Chitralekha Divakaruni's latest novel, The Vine of Desire, was published in January. Her other books include bestsellers, The Mistress of Spices and Arranged Marriage. She is founder of a crisis helpline for the South Asian women called MAITRI and received a 1995 Women of Achievement Award from The Women's Fund.
Susan Reichmann and Michael Lee who met at I-House over two decades ago, happily announce the births of their sons, Mason and Gregory, who were born on October 7, 2001.
Regis Cabral is a jury member for the Information Society award and works with TEN, the Technology Empowerment Network, in Sweden.

Lawrence Cooperman will receive a Masters in Library Science from Simmons College this spring and is currently working at Fidelity Investments.
Vikas Bhushan is co-founder and chairman of Medsn, an e-learning company providing online healthcare educational services.
Babu Rahman started a non-profit charity called Agami focused on providing basic education to underprivileged childen in Bangladesh. The group is currently looking for volunteers, to help with fund raising and publicity. He can be reached by e-mail through the online Alumni Directory at
Balakrishnan Iyer is SVP and CFO of Conexant Systems, a Newport Beach semiconductor manufacturer.
Heather Keenan, President of San Francisco special event planning firm, Key Events, received a Westie award for best corporate event.
Tat Choi is VP of Design Engineering at Pericom Semiconductor, a San Jose-based provider of integrated circuits.
Peter Kennedy is professor and head of the Department of Microelectronic Engineering at University College Cork, Ireland.
Srinivas Iyer was visiting faculty at the Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, in Mumbai, India, where he taught applied stochastic processes and optimization theory.
Floris van den Broek and his family live in the Amsterdam where he is the managing director of Level3 Communications for the Netherlands.
Christophe Lamiot's book of poetry, Des Pommes et des Oranges, "includes several pieces evoking or even minutely describing I-House 1988-89."

Brian Current is an acclaimed composer whose music has been performed around the world. Fifty I-House residents and staff enjoyed hearing This Isn't Silence performed by the Oakland East Bay Symphony.
Rajesh Manghani and Ruja Parikh Manghani met at I-House and married in 1996 in a wedding that lasted a week. Rajesh writes, "During our travels, we looked back at the I-House and our times there with great joy. We always talked about returning to the Bay Area and did in 1999 when I got into Berkeley's MBA program and Ruja started her residency at Kaiser."
Robert Cosgrove married Jemetha Clark Cosgrove on October 6, 2001. Their home is in Tokyo where they enjoy an endless number of restaurants, clubs, and cafes and weekend trips including Nikko, Hakone, Kawagoe, and Kamakura.
Jayde Lin Roberts writes, "Planning the Spring Fest in 1992 was a turning point in my life. It helped me realize that I wanted to serve as a bridge between cultures rather than practicing architecture. I felt so fulfilled and energized creating an event to celebrate people and cultures."
Peter Thottam is a corporate attorney working for O'Melvery & Myers in San Francisco. He was recently married and he and his wife spent their honeymoon in England and in India.
Max Cheng enjoyed adventures in the Middle East including floating in the Dead Sea, visiting the ancient city of Petra, seeing Roman ruins in Jerash, and driving wildly around the desert of Wadi Rum with a Bedouin boy at the wheel.
Juliette Le writes, "I credit my I-House experience with making me more open minded and aware of cultural differences and similarities. In addition, I gained many close friendships with people from numerous countries. Thank you I-House."
Lisa Anna Mabli married Arend Jan de Jong in September, 2001.
Louis Hsieh is a partner and regional head of the technology, media, and telecoms group at UBS Capital in Hong Kong.
Christy Kim Boscardin married fellow I-House resident John Boscardin in 1997. She writes, "We were deeply inspired by the recent I-House PBS documentary."
David Fischer is Managing Director of Pressplay International, a joint venture between Vivendi Universal Music and Sony Music. "It is an exciting time for us as we've just launched our digital music service in the United States!"
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