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Under the Dome...
During the 2001-2002 academic year, 112 residents received financial aid for the International House room and board. Scholarship recipients represent 25 countries as well as the broad diversity of the U.S. The number of recipients has steadily grown in recent years. This year, 19% of all residents reeive partial or full awards thanks in large part to the generous gifts of alumni and friends. We asked three scholarship recipients to reflect on their experiences at I-House.
I really enjoy living at the International House. I feel most comfortable in a diverse environment. This includes diversity not just along ethnic or religious lines, but also diversity of opinion. Hearing different points of view over dinner reminds me of how large and beautiful the world is. A common thread of kindness permeates through all of the friendships I have made here. As an immigrant to the United States, my family has struggled to make financial ends meet. Being a recipient of I-House scholarships has had profound effects on my ability to focus on my academic goals. I hope to one day apply my legal background to international humanitarian crises. I am particularly concerned with human rights violations against women.
--Roya Massoumi from San Diego, California, born in Kabul, Afghanistan,
Boalt School of Law, J.D. '04

I will never forget the evenings that I hang out in my room along with my roommate, Julia from Poland. These are the evenings when we squeeze into our small double room with the beautiful bay view and talk, laugh, sing, dance, and just enjoy our time together in such a wonderful place. I remember one evening when I looked up and was so pleased to see faces from Italy, Singapore, Spain, France, Iran, and Switzerland. I know that the memories we've made will last forever! Without the I-House financial aid, I probably wouldn't have had the opportunity to experience this wonderful place. Because of I-House, I feel that I have grown into a more cultured, open-minded, and caring person in so many ways.
--Angela Liao from Rowland Heights, California, born in Taipei, Taiwan, Province of China,
American Studies, B.A. '02

With the generous Rafael Rodriguez/Golden Age Scholarship, I don't need to worry about room and board and can focus on my field of study. The scholarship has allowed me to live in the I-House community, which is a fun and exciting experience. I appreciate diverse perspectives of viewing the world. Whenever I pass by the cafe, attend the parties, or watch the Sunday movie in the Great Hall, I can talk to people from other countries which I could otherwise see only on a map. The other important thing for me is that I can be with a lot of friends, either from China or whatever country, at the important Chinese festivals of a year. I just feel at home and I like my foreign friends to know more about Chinese culture.
--Liang Guo from Gui Zhou province, People's Republic of China,
Marketing, Ph.D. '04

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