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It has been heartwarming to hear that so many alumni look forward to the 75th Anniversary as a time to come back to the House and celebrate with close friends. We have received many suggestions for celebratory activities including a 75th Anniversary Sunday Supper, a reunion week with lectures and opportunities to stay in the House, a poster, renovation of the front entry, and gatherings of alumni in other cities. Please send me YOUR suggestions to add to the list that a planning committee will consider.

Proposed 75th Anniversary Capital Campaign
In recognition of the many challenges ahead, the Board of Directors is planning a 75th Anniversary Capital Campaign. As part of the planning process, I would appreciate your reactions to the proposed priority projects intended to have a lasting impact on the growth and financial stability of the House:

Financial Aid Endowment
In partnership with the UC Berkeley Graduate Division, we hope to raise funds to offer full academic year room and board scholarships to match university tuition waivers for 25 first-year graduate students from under-represented overseas and U.S. backgrounds. For each match, I-House and the Graduate Division propose to raise an additional endowment for stipends.

To keep Berkeley competitive with other top universities, Chancellor Berdahl has made financial support for incoming graduate students one of his highest priorities. I hope you will agree that this endowment is an exciting partnership of University and International House resources. Together, we can offer a package of tuition, room, board, and a modest stipend that will bring the most promising graduate students to our International House community and to Cal.

New Wing Evaluation
In addition to the four priority goals described above, a separate study is underway to determine the feasibility of building a new wing across the back of the House at the edge of the property. UC Berkeley's student housing, especially for graduate students, is inadequate to meet the current, not to speak of the growing, student population. The proposed wing would increase the overall capacity of the House by 50 to 100 new beds. Studies are currently being conducted to assess the feasibility of building an addition in a manner that is consistent with the purposes of the House.

I should emphasize that we do not aim to add beds if such an undertaking will undermine the mission and programmatic vitality of the House.

As various financial and programmatic feasibility studies move forward, the input of alumni and friends will be equally critical to the ultimate design and scope of the campaign. Please send your recommendations to me through the Executive Director's address or e-mail listed on page 2.

Your candid comments will be meaningful as we plan together to strengthen and enhance the founders' vision for International House. I look forward to your comments and to celebrating the 75th Anniversary with you!
Architectural Heritage Fund
The preservation and renovation of International House is paramount to our mission and purpose. This fund will ensure a minimum of $100,000 of income per year to enable ongoing progress on major renovations and significant improvements in keeping with the architectural heritage of this magnificent building.

Technology and Computer Systems Endowment
Funds generated from this endowment will provide maintenance and development for the International House Online Community. The community provides an electronic gathering place for alumni and friends around the world. Those relationships are key to the nourishment of alumni support for generations to come. The Online Community site can be viewed at

Intercultural Program Endowment
Resident and community programs are integral to the mission of International House. Three key programs would be sustained for future generations by this campaign: International Spring Festival involving 65 booths and 20 performing groups, the Crossing Borders essay competition, and the Online Intercultural Library, a resource for residents, the campus, and local schools.

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