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1930s ALUMNI
Quentin Griffiths, November, 2001
After a career at Chevron, he studied medieval history and became a professor at California State University, Chico, where he taught for 17 years.
Juliette Kinley Dunham, August, 2001
Taught 31 years with Oakland Public Schools.
Robert Nahas
An enthusiastic promoter of the East Bay who brought major-league baseball to Oakland 36 years ago. Chariman of the R. T. Nahas Co. of Castro Valley and affiliates in Idaho and Nevada. Survived by his wife Eva, children, and grandchildren.
L. Clark Nattkemper, May, 2001
Taught Life Science at Santa Rosa Community College from 1944 to 1974. He was Nature Counselor for the Boy Scouts and volunteered at local state and county parks.
John Russell, November, 2001
Professor emeritus of astronomy at USC.
Helmut Wakeham, October, 2001
Retired vice president for research and development at Philip Morris, active in Boy Scouts, the Science Museum of Virginia Foundation, and the Richmond Symphony.
Heinz Weber, December, 2001
Retired Senior Research Engineer with Chevron, survived by his wife, Jeanette.

1940s ALUMNI
Edith S. Coliver, December, 2001
See article.
Ellen Bennett, August, 2001
Robert C.F. Gordon, June, 2001
Ambassador to Mauritius in the Carter and Reagan administrations and career Foreign Service officer whose posts included Baghdad, Khartoum, Dar es Salaam, Rome, and Florence. Survived by his wife of 52 years, Nancy Schettler Gordon, two daughters and four grandchildren. Memorial gifts may be made to the Rafael Rodriguez/Golden Age Scholarship Fund at I-House.
Edith Hom Newhart, October, 2001
Elizabeth Petit, December 2001
A teacher in the Paris schools until her retirement although, as Marcia Gedanken recalls, "her main interests were her home in the country, her flowers, writing, and feeding her friends wonderful meals. I was honored to be her friend."
Allan N. Wilson, June 2001
Physicist, mathematician for General Dynamics, taught at SDSU Extension. Associated with I-House from 1947-1954. Kept in touch with friends for many years.

1950s ALUMNI
Margaret Logee, November, 2001
Worked for the U.S. government after World War II in Washington DC and was later a teacher.
Donald Reay, January, 2002
Professor emeritus of architecture at UC Berkeley. He collaborated with other firms to create winning designs for the UC Berkeley Student Union and Zellerbach Hall.
Rein Silberberg, August, 2001
An astrophysicist at the Naval Research Lab.
Richard Steinmetz, January, 2002
Executive Director, Family Services Agency, County of San Joaquin.

2000s ALUMNI
Rabah Renee Friedman, January, 2002
Cal student and clerk in the I-House Residents' Service Center for the last two years, survived by friends who will miss her greatly. Donations may be made to the R. R. Friedman Memorial Fund which will provide emergency funds to students who grew up in foster care through University Relations, 2440 Bancroft, Berkeley, CA 94720.

Mary LeCron Foster, December, 2001
Linguist, anthropologist, activist in the international peace movement, together with husband of 64 years, George Foster, they have been two pillars of the anthropology program at Berkeley.
Ann Lawrence Gilliam, February, 2002
Teacher, principal, devotee of the de Young Museum. "In all of my writing," recalls her husband, Harold Gilliam, "she was my muse, inspiration, researcher, coach, and editor. The books we wrote together were the product of a creative collaboration that extended to all aspects of our lives in our 45 years of marriage."
Yvonne Louis, April, 2001
Together with husband, Howard Louis, they ran the historic Ah Louis store in San Luis Obispo.
James Isao Yano, November, 2001
Survived by his wife, Chiyoko Yano, who worked in the I-House Business Office for twenty years, two daughters, and two sons.
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