Executive Directors Message
Building on our Proud Past for a Fantastic Future

No matter where you were born or where you live, every culture celebrates important life milestones and transitions.  The mood and the method to these events can vary tremendously, but joyous occasions like births or birthdays in most regions of the globe frequently spark festive gatherings of family and friends.  These events are also often cause for reflection on time - and change - and the need always to embrace the ever- fleeting moment.  

In the fall of 2005, International House will reach a momentous milestone.   August 16, 2005, marks the start of our 75th year of service to Cal, the local community, and the world at-large, in helping advance international understanding, cross-cultural friendships, and leadership skills for a more peaceful planet.  Homecoming 2004 and 2005 are among a series of events, including several profiled herein (see Southern California Reunions article on page 5 and For Your Calendar on the back page) that will shape our anniversary celebration and gather support for significant House needs without which we would be unable to serve the next generation of residents.

Lee Bridges, a former I-House resident, recently wrote to me and shared a message that resonates with many who know the meaning behind International House: "The Future Lives Here." Indeed, our daily work helps shape the individual futures of all those who make their home here, and, through their lives and work beyond the House and in every region of the globe - our mission contributes to personal, and sometimes political, international relations infused with understanding and often friendship.

As our anniversary and correlating fundraising campaign move ahead, we are cognizant of the tremendous responsibility we have as leaders and friends of International House to safeguard the future of this institution and the means by which we contribute to the futures of so many others. Specifically, we will endeavor to address four critical areas on which our very future depends:

•  secure immediate funds to address critical shower and restroom overhauls so our building will remain serviceable to the next generation of residents.

•  establish endowed fellowships to ensure access to the I-House experience to worthy scholars who might otherwise be unable to live here or attend Cal.

•  garner financial support for the cross-cultural programs that educate and enrich our residents, the Cal campus, and our local community.

•  acquire the means to establish and maintain an effective internet-based community that will engage and connect our alumni and friends worldwide in service to our mission.

We hope you'll participate actively in helping make certain we together maximize the opportunities and rise to the challenges of our anniversary plans. We welcome your support in helping shape the future of this institution - and the influence we provide to promote a more peaceful and tolerant world.

Executive Director


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