Remembering Art Flores
By Susan Mihaly Klee

Art Flores passed away in March. He had been an engineer at International House from 1974 to 1986, at which point he left I House to pursue a career in auto racing photography. His success was such that when he died, he was Executive Vice President of the Motor Sports Press Association.

Art was especially fond of Ireland, and visited that country with Barbara Lynch, another I House staff member, who died in 2001. His attachment to Irish music was obvious to all who played, sang, and lifted a pint with him at The Starry Plough in Berkeley. A memorial for him was held at that pub a few days after he died.

Art was a friend to all who came to International House: princes, cooks, PhDs and undergraduates, senior staff and not-so-senior. His humor, wit, and openness made him special to generations of I House residents.

Whether wielding a camera or a wrench, Art did a great job, satisfying to everyone concerned. He worked hard, he played hard, and his friendship could be relied upon in any situation across the years and around the globe.

In Memoriam

1930s Alumni

James Cason
November 2003
An emeritus professor of chemistry at Cal who taught organic chemistry for almost four decades. He served as dean of the College of Chemistry, authored four college textbooks and published more than 100 articles in major scientific journals. Survived by his wife of 68 years, Rebecca Marsden Cason, whom he met at I-House.

Heinz Eulau
January, 2004,
Internationally recognized political scientist and former department chairman at Stanford University. His wife of 58 years, Cleo Eulau, died five days after Heinz.

Verna L. Hanson
November, 2003

Ross T. Shoaf
November, 2003
Retired Assistant City Engineer for the City of San Francisco.

1940s Alumni

Jesse C. Rabinowitz
September 2003
UC Berkeley professor emeritus of molecular and cell biology.

1950s Alumni

Robert L. Burmister
August, 2003
Enjoyed a long, varied career as composer, writer, musician, singer, teacher, stage director, critic and playwright.

1960s Alumni

Robert M. Macnab
September 2003
A native of Scotland and Yale professor for 30 years, he played a major role in developing the Yale microbiology department. With his wife and colleague May Kihara Macnab, he studied how bacteria swim and find food. Robert Hauser writes, "Bob was a terrific friend, teacher, and human being."

Arthur Strock
December, 2003
See article.

Anja-Maija Tuhkanen
December, 2003
In Helsinki, Finland. Anja-Maija used her social work training in helping people with alcohol problems and adjudicating juvenile cases. Anja-Maija, Alice Rosenthal Markham, and Katharine Diack enjoyed a reunion by attending an Elderhostel program at I-House. Alice writes, "I remember Anja-Maija as the vivacious center of the Finnish group at I-House. We developed a close friendship and have kept in touch for 41 years. I will miss her always."

1970s Alumni

Masako Nonomiya,
August, 2003

Friends of I-House

Sally Bellows
October, 2003
Manager of student services for the School of Public Health, leader of the Berkeley staff assembly, Sally was admired for her professionalism and loved for her caring friendships throughout the campus community. Survived by her husband, Hellmut Meister, I-House Manager of Information systems.

Art Flores
March, 2004
See article above

A. Carl Helmholz
October, 2003

A nuclear physicist, former chairman of Cal's physics department, and member of the team of pre-World War II atomic researchers at Berkeley. Survived by his wife, Betty Helmholz, a Board member from 1979 to 1988.

Florinda Fong Huang
November 2003
Survived by her husband and I-House 1940s alumnus, Ray Huang.

Clark Kerr
December, 2003
As president of the University of California, he was the architect of the master plan that guided California public higher education for four decades and continues to be a national model. Former Chancellor and Chairman of the I-House Board of Directors.

Rudolph A. Peterson
December, 2003
Former president of BankAmerica Corporation, who advised presidents and served on the I-House Board from 1976 to 1985. He received the 1968 UC Berkeley Alumnus of the Year Award and the 1992 Berkeley Foundation Chancellor's Award. The I-House Hall of History is named in his honor.

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