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Von Kaschnitz Gift:
Music to Our Ears for Years to Come

On January 27, as three outstanding classical musicians ended their third encore, the International House audience roared with applause. But the biggest applause of all is deserved by Board Member Egon von Kaschnitz, the concert's organizer.

Mr. von Kaschnitz, the Board Chair of the I-House Development Committee and a member of the 75th Anniversary Campaign Planning Committee, together with his wife Joan has made I-House the beneficiary of a $77K charitable gift annuity. The gift, to be split equally between the Architectural Heritage Fund, the Arthur Strock Memorial Fund, and the von Kaschnitz Classical Music Fund, has been made in recognition of I-House's upcoming silver anniversary. His donation gives a significant boost to I-House's ongoing efforts at preservation, and to the expansion of its cultural offerings. The recent concert promises to be one of many to come thanks to this special donation.

Egon and Joan von Kaschnitz

"I love beautiful places and beautiful music," says von Kaschnitz. "The International House is a gorgeous landmark and a unique global meeting place. I wanted our gift to contribute to keep the building viable for future generations, and to enrich its vibrant cultural programs."

"We're thrilled and delighted to receive this gift," says I-House Executive Director Joe Lurie. "It's a major contribution to the I-House's quality of life. The designation in memory of Arthur Strock is particularly touching, and I'm honored Egon and Joan have entrusted me to designate this to where Arthur would have wished". (See article about Arthur Strock on page 4). "Arthur was a fine architect and a warm and generous person," says von Kaschnitz, "and I am happy to honor his memory with this gift. It's fitting that Joe has chosen to designate it to preserve this building that Arthur so loved."

The January concert that effectively debuted the von Kashnitz Musical program, featured cellist Adalbert Skocic, mezzo soprano Gabriele Sima, and pianist Miles Graber. Regarding the evening, von Kaschnitz says, "It was a glorious night. Their performance was exquisite, with works ranging from Beethoven to Mahler, and it raised over $1,500 for the Architectural Heritage Fund. My hope for the von Kashnitz Classical Music Fund is to found a series of annual concerts that will also raise money for I-House."

"Classical music is one of my great loves," he adds. "It is dynamic and uplifting, and inspires the human soul." I-House is equally inspired by the von Kaschnitz family's generous contribution, and will benefit from their legacy for many years to come.

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