T his year 65 residents received partial scholarships for room and board. They represent 19 countries as well as the broad diversity of the U.S. We invited a few of the scholarship recipients to talk about how they participate in the life of International House.

W hen I was awarded an I-House scholarship, it made me very happy. I wanted to give something back to I-House and got the idea of presenting a special form of entertainment at Sunday Supper. As a child I had learned a folk dance called the Bamboo Dance. Versions of this dance are performed by ethnic minorities in many parts of Asia. To perform the dance, I needed to find the poles and other equipment, re-learn many of the steps, and teach the dance to a group of residents. The steps are complex and the pattern needs precision and coordination. The challenge is fun, though, and I'd like to present another program later this year.

- Athena Yeung, Hong Kong, accounting and economics major

B erkeley has been a wonderful learning experience and I-House a wonderful living experience! I am able to pursue my graduate work here thanks to scholarships from Cal, which helps pay my tuition, and from I-House, which contributes to my living expenses. I was invited to present a program for the Chicano/Latino celebration. I thought of constructing a pinata. Pinatas are great fun. I had learned the basics of building them as a kid in Mexico. Luckily, some other Mexican friends helped me. We filled it up with little toys and candies. It was a big hit at the celebration! Everybody got into the act and had a great time.

- Alejandro Guevara, Mexico, graduate program in public policy

A few years ago, I met a student who used to spend time at International House. He invited me to come to the I-House Cafe and it was love at first sight! Not with him, but with I-House! When I transferred to Berkeley, I received an I-House scholarship and was also hired to be a part-time Program Coordinator. So I'm busy, but happy! For Sunday Supper, I performed a Burmese dance that I had learned when I was nine. For the performance I wore the traditional costume: bright golden color, with a train and headdress. I was quite nervous but once I got up there, everything was fine. The experience was so much fun that maybe I'll take part in the next Sunday Supper, too.

- Viola Wu, Burma, anthropology major

W hen I came to live at I-House, I began meeting people and making new friends - more than I had made in my previous four years at Berkeley - and I wanted to share my experience and interests with the people here. For two and a half years of my graduate studies, I was studying primate ecology in Pico da Neblina National Park. I talked about the Neblina and showed slides that I had taken there. It is one of the few pristine, untouched areas of virgin rainforest left on the earth. It is a treasure house of undiscovered plant and animal species. Recently gold miners have started exploiting the mineral resources of the Neblina. These developments threaten the cultural if not physical survival of the tribes that have lived there for thousands of years. Eventually, the fate of the forest itself may be at stake.

- Jean Philippe Boubli, Brazil, graduate program in anthropology

Rebekah Lee, recipient of the Betsey and W. Sheridan Warrick Scholarship with Sherry and Betsey Warrick

W hen I was accepted, I got together with Hui-Kao, the other music scholarship student, and put up a notice offering piano lessons. The response was immediate and phenomenal! Ever since then, we have been giving beginning and intermediate piano lessons to residents. In addition, I wanted to do something along the lines of performance, by launching a concert series using other resident musicians (there is a lot of musical talent in the House!) I also helped launch a "musical matinee" concert featuring the UC campus string quartet. I have my eyes open for other classical groups and soloists who might perform at I-House. They can count on a very appreciative audience!

- Rebekah Lee, Santa Rosa, California, music major

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