M arianne Likowski Alireza (IH 1942-'43), the first western woman to live in Saudi Arabia and author of At the Drop of the Veil, will teach an Elderhostel class, The Coming of Age in Ageless Saudi Arabia, June 1-6 and 8-13.

A rlene Blum (IH 1967-68), renowned mountaineer, enthralled residents at Sunday Supper in November.

D r. Eric Crystal (IH 1962-'63), Coordinator of Cal's Center for Southeast Asia Studies, will teach A Southeast Asian Cultural Sampler for Elderhostel at I-House, June 1-6.

D r. Ashok Gadgil (1973-'75), inspired residents at Sunday Supper when he talked about his invention of a rugged, low-cost water purification device that will save tens of thousands from death from drinking contaminated water.

P rof. Emeritus Gregory Grossman spoke on The Russian Economy: Pain and Progress at a Lodestar dinner program for residents and alumni in February.

H elga Moldenhauer (IH 1959-'60, 1962-3), a travel agency executive, will teach An International Travel Seminar for Elderhostel June 8-13.

J ohn Pietrzyk, founder and president of Biological Transfer Services, spoke on The Earth Summit in Brazil at a Lodestar dinner program in March.

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