THE WAY IT WAS . . . 1937

T he first time you come to International House, it may be because of the maid service, the steam heat, the hot and cold showers, and the fact that you can eat outdoors on summer days. But, after a while, something happens to you; it's a feeling that sneaks up on you before you realize it. It's partly students of all nations sitting down together to have supper by candlelight; and coming into the Great Hall on a cold Sunday evening to find logs blazing in the fireplace and half the House sitting on the floor singing. There's a really friendly atmosphere at International House. And don't imagine that the only discussions of international affairs go on at the Forum; there are some pretty good discussions in the laundry! And there are so many experiences you couldn't have anywhere but at I-House. As an effort toward mutual respect and understanding between the people of all nations, I-House is pretty near to being the realization of an ideal.

--from an unknown alumna, 1937

  • Three Sunday Suppers were held each month with entertainment and speakers on topics including The New Russian Constitution, Character: An Essential Requirement of Social Progress, and My impressions of the Situation in Europe.

  • The Mid-Week Discussion Group organized weekly discussions, led by residents, which included a program entitled Negro Youth Faces a Perplexing America. The speaker was resident, Carlton Goodlett, who went on to become a highly respected civil rights leader. Dr. Goodlett died in January. Heinz Eulau, who is still a frequent visitor to I-House, spoke on The Fascist Government in Italy.

  • The Japanese Group sponsored a Chinese-Japanese evening to promote understanding.

  • Language tables met weekly under the leadership of language leaders.

  • Half Hours of Music were popular musical performances, held weekly.

  • The Drama Group performed four plays and the I-House Chorus performed at teas and Sunday Suppers.

  • Dances included the Barn Dance, Russian Dance, Hard Times Dance and Spring Formal, folk dancing was every Friday night.

  • The Graduate Council, Men's Council, and Women's Council were the three elements of student organization.

  • Excursions included a bicycle trip in Golden Gate park and a weekend in Yosemite.

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