Alumnus Eric Schmidt, CEO of Novell, Arranges Major Software Contribution

Thanks to alumnus Eric Schmidt, International House moved a big step forward in providing direct access to the University's network and to the Internet. Schmidt, who lived in I-House from 1976-'80 and met his wife Wendy while here, is Chairman and Chief Executive of Novell, Inc.

The donated software includes the Novell IntranetWare operating system as well as state of the art communication and network administration tools. This will permit networking of administrative computers which will then be directly linked to the campus.

A fiber optic connection to the campus has been completed which required trenching across Piedmont Avenue. The entire project is expected to be up and running in September, 1998. Executive Director Joseph Lurie notes, "Bringing high-tech linkages to International House has been a long and complex process that will facilitate communication by increasing access to the campus and the world. This level of connectivity is an important resource for any organization, but especially for one which serves a global community."

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