1930-1940 Paul-Emile Bernier, professor emeritus of poultry genetics at Oregon State University, writes, "I have only the most pleasant memories of my stay at I-House. Not only did I meet my wife there, Isabelle Siracusa, but many lifelong friends. My studies in genetics were supplemented by lessons in international relations in the pre-World War II period."

Sheridan Baker's eighth edition of The Practical Stylist was pubished recently. With over 1,600,000 copies sold, the book has reached over 4 million students of English composition in high schools, colleges, and universities.

Clark Nattkemper is a nature interpreter for three state parks in Sonoma County and frequently accompanies children on nature walks.

1940-1950 Judge Ernst Pakuscher visited from Berlin. He is retired as chief judge of the Federal Patent Court in Germany and continues teaching patent and copyright law.

Tilak Lall

After speaking at the February Sunday Supper, Tilak Lall (above) writes, "I looked at all those young faces from all over the world and I saw myself in so many of them. I am pleased to say that the House has changed and not changed, which is the way that it should be. The changing of the guard is in progress and I am happy to say that we are leaving the world in good hands."

Mason Gaffney recently published an article "Water Marketing: California's New Frontier" in the American Journal of Economics and "Henry George, Fr. Edward Mcglynn, and Pope Leo XII." "In the last I ventured into Catholic theology and may get thoroughly scolded for trespassing but it sure was fun." He communicates with Bob Brewer on e-mail, noting that "B.E. (Before e-mail), it was Nan Brewer who wrote." He's also in contact with Reid Moran, Bob Schutz and Marie Hayes Schutz.

alumni, friends, and residents

Alumni, friends, and residents enjoyed a festive evening featuring alumna speaker Professor Marian Diamond. From left: Bonnie McPherson Killip (IH 1948-'49), Charlotte Ley (resident, USA), Harry Heckman (IH 1947-'53), Kate Tawse Heckman (IH 1948-'53), Jacoba McKay, Paul Salz, IH 1950-'52) Yeehwa Yang (resident, Malaysia) and Boris Staal (resident, Netherlands).

Vincent Peterson and Tess Karlsson Peterson are both retired from teaching -- Vince at the University of Hawaii and Tess at the Academy of the Pacific -- and enjoy visits in Hawaii from their five grandchildren. They write that it was great to see "Golden Agers" at the Fishers last summer.

Judge Barnet Cooperman and Roslyn Reisel Cooperman celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with many friends and family. "We thank you, I-House, for bringing us together! What a family you helped us create! And what a happy life you've helped us share!"

Congratulations to Henry Trione whose Geyser Peak Sauvignon Blanc was awarded the Silverado Trophy for Best Sauvignon Blanc at the International Wine and Spirit Competition in London.

Gibson Reaves writes that now that he is retired from USC, he has more time for astronomy than in the past 40 years.

Motee Jagtianie writes, "I-House remains the best memory in life. Before entering I-House, I was a very wise man. I-House tamed and toned me. It let me see broader perspectives. I plan to visit in 2000. Would be happy to meet IH alumni here in Mumbai, India, and show them around."

Patricia Pilling-Halbeisen started her fourth career at the age of 70 as a columnist writing "Pat's Perspectives" in MatureLife magazine.

Joseph Ehrman III is completing 45 years as Scoutmaster of San Francisco Troop 14.

Irving Tragen and Eleanor Tragen settled in Hanford CA after a 50 year career with the Department of State and Organization of American States.

Irving Tragen and Eleanor Tragen settled in Hanford CA after a 50 year career with the Department of State and Organization of American States.

Jack Davidson writes that it will be 50 years this June since he was last in I-House. "Our oldest son spent two years at the I-House in Chicago. For each of us it has been an important experience."

Willa Klug Baum reports the second printing of her book, Oral History: An Interdisciplinary Anthology, Alta Mira Press. First published in 1983, the book, which has been updated and revised, is an anthology of readings in oral history, widely used as a college text. Willa is Director of Cal's Regional Oral History Office which records oral histories of California's movers and shakers.

Charles Holloway

Charles Holloway (above) co-authored Goal to Goal -- 100 seasons of Football at William and Mary. He and Marilyn Hall Holloway celebrate their 50th Anniversary this year. They live in Williamsburg VA.

Rene Marxheimer, professor of engineering, emeritus, at San Francisco State University, was appointed to the Citizen's Advisory Committee of the San Mateo Transportation Authority. While at I-House, he founded the International Representatives Council with one student from each country represented at Cal and continued to be involved through the International House Association, organizing get-togethers with visiting dignitaries at I-House for students and faculty.

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