International House room and board scholarships assisted 72 of 580 residents with partial or full funding for room and board in 1997-'98. Forty-two international recipients represent 21 countries. Thirty U.S. recipients reflect the ethnic diversity of this country and ensure the economic diversity of International House. Helping students who have managed to overcome great obstacles to study at Cal is an investment in this global community and in the future.



Dietrich von Bothmer Classical Scholarship

Dr. Dietrich von Bothmer lived in I-House from 1939-40. Receiving an I-House scholarship was a pivotal event in his life enabling him to pursue a Ph.D. in classics and begin a 50 year career at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. This endowed scholarship will assist graduate students studying ancient art, history, or literature.

Dean Clennell Cooke Scholarship

Jean Clennell Cooke lived in I-House from 1955-'59. Her bequest provides for two scholarships, one U.S. and one international student.

Simon Friedman Memorial Scholarship Fund

This endowed scholarship honors the dedication of Simon Friedman whose volunteer commitment enabled Jonah Markowitz to be part of academic and I-House communities. A scholarship will be awarded for a physically disabled student.

US & International Financial Assistance Endowment

This endowment was established through contributions received during the "Global House for a Global Age" campaign to provide scholarships to students in financial need.



AirTouch Communications Scholarship

Created by AirTouch Communications Foundation in 1996 in honor of Arun and Rummi Sarin, I-House alumni who met here in 1978. Arun, who is President and COO of AirTouch Communications, was honored as Alumnus of the Year in 1996. Recipients are graduate students Changhan Yun from Korea (nuclear engineering) and Sandhya Sood from India (architecture).

J. D. Bonney / Chevron Scholarship

Established by Chevron Corporation in 1996 to honor J. Dennis Bonney on his retirement as Vice Chairman of Chevron. Mr. Bonney, who lived in I-House from 1954-1955, is the Vice President of the I-House Board of Directors. This endowed scholarship assists international students. The recipient is Luis Cascao-Pereira from Brazil who is in the Ph.D. program in Chemical Engineering.

Mortimer Fleishhacker Fund

Established in 1954 with a bequest by Mortimer Fleishhacker, this endowed fund provides room and board scholarships for continuing international students. Mr. Fleishhacker was a Board member and UC Regent. Three generations of the Fleishhacker family have provided dedicated leadership to I-House. The recipient is Yuping Gu from China who is a second year Ph.D. student in mechanical enµgineering.

Bernard Osher International Scholarship

As part of the I-House Capital Campaign, the Bernard Osher Foundation committed $150,000 over five years to provide room and board scholarships for international students. Recipients are: Arnab Nilim from Bangladesh (Ph.D. in Transportation Engineering), Seyda Ozcaliskan from Turkey (Ph.D. in Psychology), Leonardo Prado from Venezuela (Ph.D. in Resource Economics), Robert Wariua from Kenya (undergrad in Computer Science), Mengqi Ye from China (Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, and Neeme Loorits from Estonia (undergrad in Business Administration).

C. H. Ramsden Scholarship

Charles Ramsden, who lived at I-House from 1931-32 was involved in oil exploration around the world with Chevron Corporation. This endowment assists U.S. undergraduates with preference given to those majoring in the sciences, engineering, or economics. The recipients are undergrads Ryan Schmidt (electrical engineering and Spanish), Harold Tully (political science), and Timothy Kimball (computer science).

Rafael Rodriguez / Golden Age Foreign Student Scholarship

Established in 1989, this scholarship was made possible by I-House alumni from the "Golden Age" (1946-1952) who created the scholarship in honor of fellow alumnus Rafael Rodriguez of Costa Rica. The endowed fund provides room, board, and a stipend for "a new international student of great promise but without the resources to come to Cal." The recipient is Gizem Karaali from Turkey. (Click here to read about Gizem in this issue's Resident Profile.) For the first time two scholarships will be awarded for 1998-99.

Mark Ross Scholarship

Thanks to I-House alumnus, Thomas N. Miller, Jr., (IH 1937-1939), this fund was created in 1989 by the Mark Ross Foundation to endow room and board scholarships for students who are US citizens or permanent residents with significant financial need. The recipients are Iman Elsayid, a graduate student in Near Eastern Studies, and Elizabeth Tena, an undergrad in biosource science.

Simone Sciobereti Scholarship

Simone Sciobereti served as an international student undergraduate admissions officer at Cal for almost 40 years. Out of her lifelong commitment to international students, she established this fund to assist undergraduate international students. The recipients are undergraduates: Timotius Tjahjadi from Indonesia (Computer Science), Robert Anderson from Sweden (Chemical Engineering), Soonbok Heo from Korea (Computer Science), Umer Khan from Pakistan (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science).

Slusser Scholarship

Willis and Marion Slusser, long-time friends of International House and the University, made a gift of their home in France as part of the 50th Anniversary Campaign for I-House. By Board action, this gift funds a student position as a Program Fellow as well as a room and board scholarship. Mr. Slusser, a Cal grad, provided leadership on the I-House Board and chaired the 50th Anniversary Campaign. The recipient is Alexandre Telnov from Russia who is completing his Ph.D. in Physics.

Sheridan and Betsey Warrick Scholarship

This endowed fund was established in 1987 in honor of the retirement of Sherry Warrick, after 26 years as Executive Director of International House. The scholarship is awarded annually to a student who demonstrates financial need with preference to a music student. The recipient is Nalini Gwynne, a talented pianist from Great Britain, who is in the Ph.D. program in music.

Wollenberg Scholarships

Harry L. Wollenberg contributed funds to the Regents for scholarships which benefit graduate and undergraduate students in several campus units, including I-House. Recipients are Willy Horia from Indonesia, an undergrad in electrical engineering and computer science and Hao Liu, a grad student in biostatistics.



Kathryn H. McCrodden Scholarship

Janine and Mark Rosenzweig Scholarship

Di-Hwa & Chang-Lin Tien Scholarship Fund

University Section Club Scholarship Fund



In addition to named scholarships, annual scholarship funds assist U.S. and international students with financial need. These funds are supported by contributions from I-House alumni and friends. In addition to the 24 students who received named scholarships, 48 received scholarships from annual scholarship funds.




Named endowed scholarships continue in perpetuity with investment income awarded annually. Endowed scholarships can be established with a gift of $25,000 or more. For more information about creating an endowed fund for scholarships or other purposes, contact Melinda Carmack at (510) 642-4128.

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